Strip Her and Then Rip Her

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Gary and his wife Amy seemed more like buddies than lovers, he was getting tired of her rebuffing him whenever he wanted sex. So he started visiting strip clubs,
the more upscale ones where the strippers were knock-outs. He was staying away from home a lot and coming home very late, and he seemed like he was only there to eat, shower, sleep a few hours and then he was out again. Everytime Amy asked what was going on he used the same excuse, “Work. I have been really busy with work.”

One evening Gary came home to an empty house and a note from Amy telling him that she had it he could get ready because she was divorcing him. He was upset but he still went back to the stripclub. His favorite dancer Samantha was there and she told him she wanted to give him a private dance in the back room, he had told her about his marital problems and she felt terrible, Samantha had a heart of gold and she adored men, esppcially nice ones like Gary.

He sat back on the chair as she draped her long dark hair over his bulging,in his pants hard on, she swung it over him, it brushed on his forearms. She stood up and with her arm moved it over her face and shoulder. She stood up and removed her top revealing her perfect breast implants, they were really big and full, but almost natural looking, well he couldn’t tell but other women definitely could. She shook her breasts in his face rubbing the sides of his nose with her hard nipples and soft breast skin. She stood back and swayed he watched her breasts move and jiggle. She turned around and put her thonged sexy ass
in his face,he was as close as could be,he wanted to push his face into her crack between those perfect symmetrical cheeks. She bent over and looked back and told him to pull her thong off, he reached into her crack and plucked her thong it spanked her butthole and she moaned he kept doing that and then he stood up and holding onto the thin sides of her thong he pulled it slowly
down over her hips, her thighs, her lower legs,he left it around her ankles. Her pussy lips were very big and puffy and no hair. He touched her slit and then lips, this was their first real skin to skin contact and they both really got off on it. His dick was hard as hell inside his pants and her pussy was so slick and shiny between those big lips that it was begging for dick action.

“Wait a minute.” Samantha said and she took off the thong around her ankles, she still had on her black ankle strap stillettos and she went to the door and locked it and pressed a buzzer, that buzzer let others know that the room was being used and no interruptions ( unless an emergency) were allowed.

“There now we will not be bothered, mmm back to the fun.” she said as she smiled a sexy grin at Gary.

“Mmmmm take off your clothes Gary, no need to keep those on.” so Gary removed his shirt to reveal a nice taut lean and defined chest.

“Ohhhhh nice!” Samantha murmurred as she studied his masculine hard upper torso.

Gary loved hearing that, like most men he loved knowing that pretty women were attracted to him. He leaned over and took off his shoes and socks, now he was just in his pants, he unbuttoned and Samantha quickly reached over and unzipped him while saying, “Allow me!”

“Ohhhh you big boy! Mmmmm what’s this?” she
smirked as she reached in his underwear and pulled out his hard and very horny cock. “Ohhh he loooks dirty I think he needs a good bath!” and with that she immediately put his hard,veiny,beautiful cock in her pretty, soft, warm,sweet mouth and sucked him. At first he looked up at the ceiling since it hurt a little because his cock was sensitive to her wet mouth and plus he had not had any sex in so long this erotic sensation was driving him wild. He looked back down and saw her beautiful, feminine face and she looked up at his eyes, her pupils were so big and black in her gorgeous light green eyes, she looked like she was possesed,but in a good way, possessed by pure, horny, sexy lust for him.

“Mmmmmmm…mmmmmm.mmmm” she kept saying as she moved her pretty face back and forth over his cock, he saw her saliva made his cock shine, he felt a little pre-cum get sucked out of his head by her and he moaned. And he felt the vibrations from her “Mmmm’s” as she sucked him, his shaft was being massaged by those “Mmmmm’s”.

He could not hold back any longer, her sucking combined with the “mmm’s” and her occassional out of the mouth long tongue licks just turned him on too much and he came he grabbed two fists of her long soft dark hair and lightly tugged it as he shot in her mouth,he looked down to see his cum spilling out from the corners of her mouth, two dribbles of gooey cum,but she swallowed
the rest.

“Damn you are so fucking hot!” he said as he looked down at her. He lifted her up and looked to see her big, bare pussy lips were now bright red, he pushed his finger in the slit and she was just saturated. That turned him on more, knowing that just by sucking his dick she got that wet.

But he was not done, hell no, he wanted to lick and kiss and nibble and suck on her puffy juicy pussy lips. He walked her over to the couch, a one-armed couch and laid her back. Her head was against that one arm, she laid there nude before his nude body. He got on the couch and opened her thighs wider and he gotin there. First he just smelled her, he commented on her sexy scent. Her pussy muscles puckered. Then he opened those big lips and looked in, just staring,she saw him looking and she was so excited especially since she felt his dick stiffening as it was on her lower leg. Then he licked her inner lips running his tongue up and down in there, she was moaning and rubbing his head. He started tongue-fucking her, his tongue was so pointy and wet and stiff and he plunged in her hole, he could feel how silky wet she was in her hole as well as just how narrow she was.That made his dick really swell. He sucked on her clit a few times and then he leaned up and kissed her, she could smell her scent and taste herself on his breath and tongue and lips that made her pussy ooze out juices.They kissed and kissed and he pulled back and said he wanted to fuck her so badly. She told him to go for it.

He looked at those big pussy lips and getting them to open and wrap around his dick he entered her hole and fucked her hard. It was almost rape it was so hard, but she loved every minute. There is nothing hotter than a very horny eagr guy that wants pussy that much! As he fucked her her pussy slurped and the leather on the couch was squeaking from her wet body being rubbed back and forth on it.

Gary quickly pulled out and flipped her over, there was her delightful ass and even bigger than before pussy lips, he saw her tiny little pinched in asshole sitting there right above her full excited pussy lips. He was wondering if she’ld let him fuck her ass when she reached back and took his cock and guided it right to that teeny asshole, he slowly pushed in, it was dry and hot in there but tight too, he glided in waited a few seconds, breathed hard and starting fucking her asshole,her big pussy lips were getting spanked by his balls, ocassionally he would get in her asshole all the way as deep as possible and his balls would be against those big pussy lips and he’ld move his hips in circles giving her swollen lips a good massage. He fucked her asshole a long time, he enjoyed pulling out and looking at how red and wider that teeny asshole had gotten, she’ld beg him to get back in, he’ld tease her pushing only the head up to the very start of his shaft in, she’ld push back but he’ld hold her ass cheeks and keep her away. She was groaning waiting for his sexy dick plunge and in no time he would get back in her ass. He’ld pull her back by grabbing tight on her hips and guiding her back, he’ld be feeling that asshole gobbling up his hard, passionate cock.

He fucked her until he came, but he pulled out and looking at her red and opened asshole he came right on it, this
made him so turned on that he jerked off getting every last droplet of
cum out of him and on her. He used his fingertip and massaged her swollen just fucked asshole rubbing his sex cream in her and as he did that he reached around and massaged her clit, she orgasmed and he plunged his finger in her asshole and the other finger in her pussy hole from the front and he bit her shoulder, light but firm bites a series of them. She felt filled up by his fingers and his biting made her do another mini orgasm. He stopped biting and breathed on her ear and said, “Who needs a lap dance when I can have this?”

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