The rules of anal sex

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Since I submitted my first story about anal sex, I have received quite a few emails from guys and gals that are interested in the experience. First, some of my stories are fiction so don’t believe everything you read. Second, I am very lucky that I had a few partners that wanted to experiment.
The bottom line, excuse the expression is that anal sex is a sign of trust. If you macho guys want to bang some tight ass then get a hooker. If not bear with me.
One, it is a very special time between partners. But both must be on board. If you are a guy and don’t think it hurts then get a dildo and stick it up your butt. I can tell you from experience it can hurt.
And now for the rules:
1. Be patient: Your lover probably has never tried this and is scared. If you want to do it then it is a mutual decision.
2. Get excited: Your lover has to be super excited to want a probe up her ass.
3. Lot’s of lube: There is never enough lubrication for anal sex unless you are a sadist.
4. Let him or her set the pace: Don’t go in there like a race horse and try to pump the ass out of him/her.
True Story: My wife and I have been married for many years. She always told me to be happy with fantasies becuase anal sex will never happen. One day we were in the yard having a few glasses of wine when I pulled out a joint. We had not smoked pot in a long time but both liked it. After a few tokes we started to fool around. My wife was as horny as you could imagine and immediately strated to suck me. Since we were in the right position I also began to lick her pussy. She was so horny that she asked me to put my finger in her ass. Something she did when the time was right. At the same time she took me right down her throat. I was amazed and came about 10 seconds after. When we were done, or so I thought, I asked her how she did that. She just said the pot made her very loose. I did not miss a beat and said, “well what about your beautiful ass.” For a second she just stared at me and said, never means never. Then she said,” If we are going to do it, let’s try now.” Unlike the usual vision of anal sex, doggy style, she rolled on her back and lifted her legs. I spooned her and just waited. She had put a ton of lube on her butt and then put my cock close to her hole. She sid she was not ready and began finguring her clit. She got very hrony and took my cock a put it right up to her hole. I pushed a bit and she asked me to stop, which I did. Then suddenly she just took me a put me in her ass. It slipped in nicely and she groaned a bit but said, “This is nice”. As I moved slowly she began to massage her clit and then said, ” Are you going to fuck my ass or what?” I then began to pump quite hard. Her ass was tight but warm. She began to cum. when she came she immediately asked me to take my cock out of her ass. I did and she just stroked me to a great orgasm. Bottom line is, you can do it and they will like it but be a gentle lover.

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