the session,part 2

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He had a cock that,even limp,looked as big around as a soup can,and he placed it a fraction of an inch from my lips.
`My,it is big isn`t it?` Claudia was about to get into it.
`I know that you secretly enjoy this,my dear. I`ve seen how you react to my little collection of toys-the dildos,butt-plugs. You have longed to play the slut,haven`t you,always sticking that firm ass of yours into the air,holding your cheeks apart when I bring my monster dildo close to your ass. Well,now you get to feel it for real,my dear.
I started to shake,and felt my stomach go queesy. I was about to cross a line ,and was not prepared for it.
`One more thing,slave. You will not be able to simply submit to george`s wishes. No no no. You will beg for it as I continue to punish you. And you will beg loud and clear. You wil say,with each stroke, `Please Mistress,let me suck the cock.` And count,too.
She strolled over to her tool rack,and selected another flogger.
`Ready !!`
Wack! ` One. Please mistress let me suck the cock.`
She was using a thick leather paddle,which had heft.It hurt,and bruised.
`Wack!` Please mistress,let me suck the cock.
This continued for twenty strokes,and my ass was a mound of fire. At twenty, the strokes stopped,and I started my work.
My hands and feet were tied to the saw-horse,so George controlled how he would feed the cock to me.
He started by rubbing it across my lips.then all over my face,and back to my mouth. I opened up,and he thrust his enormous dick in my mouth.
I could barely breath,but I still managed to move that massive piece of meat to the side of my mouth,where I lapped between my inside cheek and tongue. I felt every rib,every curve of his gargantuan head,circling my tongue around and around that knob,feeling it swell up to where I could no longer contain it.
He withdrew the head and placed the shaft beside my lips. I went at it again,up and down the shaft,to the base,licking his balls,sucking gently on them.
Then he stopped. Claudia had tapped him,and he took his cue.
` that`s very good,slave,well done. Now,we will get to give George what he really wants. And do you know what he wants ,hhmmmm?`
`I think he wants my ass,Mistress.“
`That`s right,he wants to fuck your virgin ass. You know what they call george,don`t you ?`
`Well,they call him Horse. And,you are about to find out why.
`Oh and one more thing. George likes to make sure that you`re good and ready for`ll see.`
With a chuckle,she walked out of my vision. Then,I felt a leathery touch on my ass.It lingered a little,then withdrew.
A series of brutally sharp smacks landed on my ass,on the middle,the sides,the bottom,without let-up. I couldn`t count how many I took,but it must have been at least thirty wacks from his belt.
By his breathing,I could tell that he was exerting himself. Also,that he was enjoying the activity,watching my skin turn red,then purple,kowing how I would beg for relief.
`Please,please,stop,pleae,I`ll do anything,please.`
He stopped.I heard the belt drop to the floor.I heard him walk over to the saw-horse,from behind.
A pause.
One second.
Two seconds.
I felt his hands on my hips,holding me solidly,firmly. His grip was so huge that he was able to cover my entire ass cheeks,with his thumbs groping my asshole,probing it stretching,while the rest of his hand kneaded my sore,bruised ass,enjoying the feel of skin in his fingers,knowing he would soon fill it,that the welts were his doing,the smooth feeling skin was his for the taking.
He squeezed together my cheeks,and placed his cock between them,making sure that I was totally involved in making his cock as hard as it could be,rubbing,up and down,again and again,and I felt it getting very,very swollen.
After what seemed ages,he stopped. Then,he laid his hands on my cheeks again and pulled them apart,leaving the anus fully exposed to the air. I waited for the invasion.
It didn`t take long.It felt like the blunt end of a Coke bottle trying to enter my hole,trying to force its way in. I yelled in pain.

Claudia entered again,and I felt something in my mouth- a pair of recently soiled panties.
Now the action was really under way.I was lying across the saw-horse,and George was fully into my ass I was being forced,rocking back and forth,with his gargantuan cock in my asshole,my god I`m getting ass-fucked I`m getting a bum fuck I`m going to diehere,it`s too big it`s too big o pleaseplease make it stop I can`t take it please nononono my asshole myasshole myasshole.
Then he stopped. He pulled out,and came to face me again. His cock was there again,in my face, and it was opening up,ready to shoot the load.
He yanked the gag out,and as I gasped for breath,he shoved the dick of his in my mouth.
I got a good taste of my own shit. Also,of his cum-warm,part sweet,part salty,and lots of it. I was forced to keep my lips closed around it,and swallowed all of it. Every drop. And then ,it was over.
George went to a phone,and punched up a number.
`Hey,Sal. Guess what I have here.`

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