Thought it never happen to me again!

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As i quickly forgot about the ride in the car, and occasionally thinking about one of my daughters friends I would find myself jacking off just thinking about her. Just as I thought it would never happen again I once again found myself in a position that I didn’t quiet feel comfortable with. So I was invited to this party, and as I arrived I saw this girl, and as she saw me she ran to me and gave me an embrace, thinking this was not good, and as she left she said she would see me later. So as the party continued I found myself just walking around, and then I decided to go outside and head towards the go-cart track and finding a place to just watch the cars, and then noticing this girl, just thinking about her, got me hard as a rock. Trying to leave the area, I heard a voice behind me telling me to stop, so when I turned around it was this girl, and as she came towards me she makes the comment about how thirsty she was, and with her two top buttons down on her shirt and seeing some cleavage and fantasing about her tits, I said lets go get something to drink. As we headed up towards the resturant she grabs my arm and telling me that I should know what she is thirsty for, knowing exactly what she is talking about, we headed toward the picnic tables and when we arrived she gave me a kiss, and as we continued to suck each others face I began to rub her tits through her shirt, and as I unbuttoned her shirt, and now exposing her bra I quickly removed her bra to see her tits, now with her nipples standing at attention. So as I worked my tongue down her neck and getting to those hot tits, I began to suck on each, not wanting to stop, she drops my pants down to the ground and as she saw my hard cock she begins to rub me into climax, but before I could cum, she tells me that she wants it inside of her now. So turning her around on all fours I quickly slide my cock into her wet pussy and I begin to pound her hot box she moans, ummmmmmm harder,harder, so as I pound even more she tells me to put in her ass, telling me she has never had it in her ass, so sliding it out I slowly slide my cock into her ass and then gradually pick up speed, feeling how tight she was I could tell her ass was still a virgin, and feeling the tight hole I picked up speed, hearing her yell,ummmmmmmmmmmm so good that she thought she was about to cum, and as I continued she lets out a yell ohhhhhhhhhyelllllllllll and just as is yelling I shoot my load all inside of her ass, trying to shoot my full load I still pound her ass until I am finally drained, and as I pull out she pulls me down beside of her and we embrace again and as our tongues explore each other, she makes the comment on telling me that it’s her birthday and she has turned 18.As I leave I tell her Happy Birthday.

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