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I stand to move and you pull me back down into your arms. Raining kisses on my neck and down my back,telling me that you love me, you love us and you want more of us. I shake my head and move out of your arms,it is time for me to go. Leaving you, I leave part of myself behind and I am left with the thought that I will be only whole again when I am in your arm.

Then the orders come,you go away and I am left with thoughts and memories of us to keep me. I wait,I wait, and I wonder if you are thinking and remembering us. Time goes by and then there is a message, you are coming home. That night I dream of us…sweating from our last cumming. I hold on to you as your cock still inside of me holds you in place. I love the feel of you as you fill me up. As I rub my breasts and nipples against your chest, my hands run through your hair as. You lift me up and put my back up against the wall as you fuck me standing as I hold on to us.You bite into my shoulder and I scream I as our cumming is so powerful breakng down our boundaries, we hold on to us. I offer my whole self to you and say so. You look at me and I see my self in your eyes and I know you can see the same in mines. I do the ultimate,I give you my asshole for your pleasure. I get on my knees and spreading my ass cheeks I wait. You reach between legs into my pussy and spread my warm musty sweetness into my asshole as you slide first one finger. I feel the pain,I feel the pleasure I feel us. Then in time you slide your cock into me and I feel pain like I have never had before. In the pain I find the pleasure as you fill me and I feel you losing your control as we become us. You ride me as I drive you as I push in to you. You pick me up with you still in me and we go to the living room and out on to the patio. Out under the stars and the night sky you fuck me as I fuck you. Somewhere in it all, it turn into us and we made love to us,for us.

The sun rises and I awake and reach for the letter. I read again that you are coming home…


I shed tears as I hold on to us.

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