Virginal Fun

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‘Ding dong’
Jenni heard the front door bell.
“I’ll be right there”
‘Ding dong’
“I’m coming!”
Jenni climbed out the shower, hair still dripping wet as she quickly wrapped a towel around herself and ran towards the front door.
‘Ding dong’
“I’m here!!”
Jenni opened the door to see her dad’s friend Dave.
“Oh sorry. Is this number 42? Jenni…?” Dave looked at the 18 year-old beauty standing in front of him. “Jenni is that you?”
His eyes wondered down the girl’s body.
Jenni was 5″8, with long, slim legs, smooth curves, a firm-looking ass and a 36″D chest. Her long, chestnut brown hair lay on her shoulders as her brown eyes looked up at Dave.
“Yes Mr Holloway it’s me. You’ve only been away for six months and you don’t even recognise me!”
“Oh… of course I do” Dave stuttered, still in disbelief that his friend’s child had changed so much in such a short time. “Is your dad in?”
“No sorry, you’ve just missed him”
“Oh I’m sorry then Jenni” Dave could not take his eyes off her, the towel she was wearing was far too short at the bottom and at the top her huge breasts pushed out.
“You can come in and wait” Jenni suggested innocently. “He shouldn’t be long”
“Really? I mean I don’t want to put you out”
“It’s no problem, come in!”
Dave cautiously entered the house and followed Jenni, watching her hips sway from side to side in an almost hypnotic motion.
“You can wait in the sitting room and I’ll get you a beer”
Dave sat down and could feel his heart racing. He kept telling himself how stupid he was. She was his best friend’s daughter, a student at the school he taught at, he’d known her since she was a child. He couldn’t believe how quickly she had grown up.
“You want a cold one?”
“Just whatever you’ve got will be fine”
Jenni appeared back through and Dave’s heart-rate increased again.
“There you are” Jenni passed him the beer, but in doing so her towel slipped right off to the ground.
Dave’s jaw dropped at the sight before him, it was more beautiful than he could ever imagine.
“I’m so sorry!” Jenni grabbed the towel and ran out.
“It’s ok. It was an accident, I didn’t see anything” Dave lied.
Jenni ran into her bedroom, upset but strangely aroused. She had never thought of Mr Holloway like this. He was in his mid-thirties, 6 feet tall, blonde and had worked as a football coach at Jenni’s high school, before going off to travel the world. Maybe this was her chance. Jenni was a virgin and was pretty unpopular. Although she was beautiful her dad was strict and never let her go out. She was always teased about it at school. But maybe this was her chance. She’d make everyone jealous getting with Mr Holloway. She walked back through.
“Listen Jenni, don’t worry about it…”Dave started, but then Jenni turned to him and dropped her towel again, but this time it was no accident.
Dave felt his cock hardening as he saw this naked goddess in front of him, but he new it was wrong.
“Put your towel back on, what are you doing you stupid girl”
Jenni picked up the cold beer and took a sip. She then pulled the bottle away from her lips letting the cold amber trickle down her body.
Dave felt even hotter, but had to resist.
“No!” he shouted, as he tried to stand up.
“Please” said Jenni, as she pushed him back to his seat. “Please, I don’t want to be a virgin anymore”
Dave felt he couldn’t cope. This beauty was a virgin too, asking him to take her virginity! He was close to giving in, but then realised he could use this to his advantage.
“No! Get away from me hoe!”
He pushed Jenni away.
Pulling herself up she pleaded again.
“I can’t do this!” He replied. “Not to your dad, but why would I want to anyway, what’s in it for me?”
Jenni looked puzzled, people at school said that guys always wanted to do it. She wasn’t willing to give up though.
“Can I at least give you a blow job?” she asked.
“Alright” replied Dave as he sat back in his chair with a sly smile, making sure Jenni didn’t see.
Jenni knelt down in front of him and began to unbutton his jeans and slip them down to his ankles. She could feel his hard cock as she slipped down his Calvin Klein boxer shorts. She took the tip of his cock in her mouth and began to gently suck. Her tongue caressed the head as her hands slipped down to his balls. Taking a little more of his cock in her mouth she circled it with her tongue, rubbing all her tongue’s textures round his hard shaft. Her hands began gently caressing his balls as she took more cock in his mouth. Still circling with her tongue she could hear Dave begin to moan. She tightened her lips’ grip around the cock as she swallowed more of it back into her mouth. Rubbing his balls, she pulled back with her mouth and tightened again before pushing back down and swallowing more of his rock hard dick. Her tongue still caressing the shaft, but faster she began to tighten her mouth’s grip and started sucking faster, slipping her lips up and down the shaft faster and faster. Her grip tightened again as her hands rubbed his balls. Dave moaned loudly, and in one motion pushed forward, pushing Jenni to the ground. He had a knee on each side of her shoulders and began to push harder and deeper into her face as she lay on her back.
“Suck harder bitch” he screamed as he could see tears in her eyes.
Jenni did as asked and sucked him harder and harder, tighter and tighter until finally… he pulled back, spraying all over Jenni’s face and in her mouth. She didn’t need to be asked, as she hastily swallowed the cum in her mouth.
Jenni lay still and breathed heavily. She was tired.
“Roll over” demanded Dave.
“What?” Jenni asked dazed.
“I said, fucking roll over. I thought we had a deal!”
“Oh yes” Jenni replied, remembering that she would finally no longer be a virgin.
She happily obliged and turned and waited facing the floor.
Dave took off his shirt and removed his jeans. Jenni looked up in awe. He was well-toned and was tanned all over.
“Face the floor” shouted Dave.
“Yes” replied Jenni smiling in excitement.
Dave lay on top of Jenni and he felt so hot. He knew he could do as he pleased with her and he planned to. He began to kiss her neck and upper back as his hands slipped under Jenni and caress her huge, pert breasts. His cock quickly hardened as he rubbed it along her slit.
Jenni moaned and begged. “Please fuck me, I can’t take this anymore!”
He was right, he could do anything he wanted to, so taking one of his hands he slipped it down towards Jenni’s ass. He caressed her cheeks before gently slipping a finger in her asshole. He slid it in and out and round the rim and positioned himself above it. With one motion he pushed his cock deep in her tiny asshole and Jenni let out a deafening scream. He kept pushing harder and harder into the tiny hole and stretched it with his wide, hard shaft. Jenni let out screams every time he pushed deeper. With great effort he pushed all the way in and pumped the girl hard, with his balls hitting off her firm ass. He pushed in her faster and faster and he could hear her begging to stop.
“No!” Dave shouted, “We had a deal!”
Jenni shut up and let him keep riding her, until finally he stopped, and she could feel a hot stream of cum filling her ass.
“Turn over”
“Yes” replied Jenni.
Dave pushed his cock in her mouth. “Clean me off” and Jenni did as she was told.
Jenni lay back once again trying to get her breath back.
Dave stood up and began to put on his clothes.
“Where are you going?” asked Jenni “The deal? I’m still a virgin!”
“Another time yeh?” Replied Dave. “You better not tell anyone about this, or I do that again. That clear?!”
Jenni nodded and looked up at him, her beautiful eyes and long black lashes had him smitten. Finishing buttoning his jeans, he bent down beside her and kissed her sof
tly on the lips. Jenni blushed.
“Don’t tell your dad.” Dave picked up the rest of his stuff and walked out leaving Jenni on the floor, wo
ndering if they’d meet again.
(Anyone interested in chatting about the story, wanting to know why I wrote it, part 2 etc, e-mail me)

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