What I Learned About Me

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What I learned about me

My name is Sid and I’m 23, my girlfriend’s name is Felecia and she is 19. Felecia is 5’5″ and weighs 112 pounds, long dark brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, dark skin, very, very sexy! She is the kind of girl that turns heads when she walks down the street with her tight blue jeans on! So my story begins on a Friday night about 6:00 PM at my house. Me and Felecia were sitting and watching a movie on television when someone knocked on the door, I went to see who it was. It was my friends Kenny and Darrell, Kenny is 20, and Darrell is 18. Anyway they had a little something to drink with them so I invited them in. Felecia, myself and Kenny had all grown up together and had always been friends, Darrell had became our friend a couple years before this evening. Kenny fixed everyone a drink and we sat around for about an hour or so drinking and watching television.

Kenny said, “I’ve got a movie in the car we can watch if you want to?” I ask him the name of it, and he said it’s called “She wants them all.” So we decided to watch his movie. It started out with a girl and her boyfriend making out on the couch, and just as she got naked two more guys came walking in, they were friends of the girls boyfriend! Anyway you know how those movies go, it wasn’t long before they were all naked and going at it. This girl on the movie was really getting it from every direction, and of course we guys were making comments about how well this girl on the movie was doing! I guess our comments made Felecia a little jealous and she whispered in my ear and said, “I can do anything that bitch does, only better!” I looked at her and then whispered to her, “Have you ever been gangbanged before?” (Knowing she had’nt) She simply said, “No, but I could be if you wanted me to.” I said, “Ok, go for it!”

Well she stood up and started stripping right in front of me, Kenny and Darrell were fascinated as she girated around doing a little strip tease dance as she pulled her clothes off, all of them! She was standing right in front of me naked, and she bent over and shoved her hot bottom into my face, I responded by licking her moist pussy! she said, “UMMMM, that’s good, anyone else want some?” Kenny and Darrell just sat there. I said, “Hey guys, the girl ask if you wanted some of this yummy pussy pie?” That got them going, anyway it wasn’t long before we were all naked, Felecia had me lay down on my back, and she straddled me, and told me to fuck her hot pussy with my 8 inch cock, she told Kenny to lube his 8 inch cock up and fuck her hot little asshole, and she told Darrel to feed her that 7 inch throbbing cock he had! Well, we did as we were told! So here was my girlfriend with huge cocks in every hole, she was getting fucked from every direction!

It wasn’t long before things went really crazy, Felecia told me she wanted me to lick her hot dripping pussy, she knows how well I love to lick pussy! Anyway we switched positions and Felecia straddled my face so she could ride my tongue! As I was licking her sweet, hot dripping pussy, she told Darrell that she wanted some throbbing cock in her pussy with my tongue, this was different, but I didn’t mind, we were all having a good time so I figured anything goes! So Darrell comes around behind her and I stop licking Felecia’s hot pussy long enough for him to slide his cock into her, and then I start licking again. There is no way to lick a pussy that has a cock sliding in and out of it without also licking the cock! Now I had never had my tongue on a cock before, but to my my surprise I discover it was a big turn on, so I was licking her pussy lips, and licking her juices off of Darrell’s cock as it slid in and out of her wet dripping pussy! She was moaning, and I heard her say a few words between the moans, something about Kenny’s hard cock, and tight asshole, I wasn’t sure what she was trying to tell Kenny, but I soon found out when he spread my legs and started lubing up my asshole! I knew what Felecia was wanting him to do, I had never been fucked up the ass before either, but if Felecia wanted me to get it up the ass, then I would take it up the ass! Now I was laying on my back with my face between Felecia and Darrell’s legs, licking dripping pussy, and throbbing cock. Kenny spread my legs and slowly slid his cock into me, I wasn’t sure at first if I could take it, but once he had the head of it in me it wasn’t bad at all, actually it was a big turn on! So Kenny proceeded to slide his cock into my virgin asshole, as I run my tongue around Felecia’s cock filled pussy!! Kenny and Felecia were kissing as Kenny fucked me up the ass, and Darrell fucked Felecia’s hot pulsating pussy, and I licked her pussy lips, and I run my tongue around Darrell’s throbbing cock and licked his balls!

This fuck fest went on for some time, and then Darrell exploded into Felecia’s hot pussy, he pumped her full of hot cum, it was running out around his cock as he pumped into her, I lick and lick as he pumped and pumped, it was delicious, female cum and male cum mixed has a taste like I had never tasted before. He finished squirting into her hot eager cock loving pussy, and he pulled out of her, as he did I put my hands up around his hips and pulled him down so his cock would slide into my mouth, I took all of him into my mouth and sucked, and licked every drop of fuck juice off of his cock, talk about good, I loved it! The first cock I ever had and it was great! Then after cleaning up Darrell’s cock, I pulled Felecia’s hot dripping, cum filled pussy down to my mouth and started licking, and sucking on it, It was delecious, You would have to lick a fresh fucked, cum filled pussy before you would understand what a fucking turn on it really is! So as I was licking Felecia’s sweet fucked pussy, Kenny was pumping my hot ass, talk about good, I had known Kenny all of my life and I never knew he could fuck like that, it was fantastic, if I had known this sooner me and Kenny could have been fucking years ago! But I didn’t know I liked a hard throbbing cock sliding in and out of my hot ass until tonight! Felecia was cumming again as I licked, and tongue fucked her hot pussy! Kenny said he was about to cum, and Felecia told him to cum all over my stomach, and so he pulled out of my ass and shot off all over my stomach, that was a turn on too! After he unloaded on my stomach Felecia bent down and licked Kenny’s cum from off my stomach, and then worked her way down to my throbbing cock and began to suck it! It wasn’t long before I was exploding into her mouth! After She had drained me she raised up with cum running down her chin, she had cum on her lips, and a mouth full of hot cum, Darrell leaned over and licked my cum off her chin and lips and then started french kissing her as he wrapped his hand around my cock and started slowly stroking it! Then Kenny said, “You get it up the ass next Darrell, and Sid can fuck me as I fuck you, and Darrell you can lick Felecia’s hot cock loving little pussy as I fuck you! So here we went again, this fuck fest lasted all night.

We have been thinking about inviting Roger and Joey up for a night of fucking, now that would really satisfy Felecia’s cock loving pussy!! And, my cock loving ass too, not to mention the cock I could suck, and Darrell could get some more cock up his ass too, and suck more cock. Darrell knows a girl that enjoys eating pussy too and Felecia said she is interested, so we may be inviting us another pussy to the party!!

I really enjoyed my girlfriend getting fucked in every hole at the same time, between the three of us she had 23 inches of cock in her at the same time, she loved it! Talk about a hot little cock lover, my girlfriend Felecia loves the cocks, so now we all get together at least once a week and fuck, and when we do anything goes, and there is not much we have’nt tried so far. Perhaps I will tell you about the other guys and girls we invite to the party sometime, we will see.


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