What I thought couldn't happen that did Part I

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My older brother demanded that I learn how to give him a blowjob when I was 10 years old. Since I was a usually agreeable boy I mastered the lesson learning by experience, years and years of experience.

He was four years older than me and he left for college when my appetite for cock was huge. I counted the days while waiting for him to visit home over a weekend so he could “make me” take all he had to give. I was hot and hard everyday but too scared to ever let another guy know that I would gladly suck his teenage cock, so I kept it as secret as I could.

As the years rolled by I learned that there were other guys just like me. I learned that when our giggles and hard ons told us for sure what we wanted, either guy could go for cock with out ever saying a word. When I was 19 and partying outside at a friends I met his younger neighbor. As soon as I saw his smile when he said hello I imagined he had to be as horny as all guys his age always were.

It was summer and he was only wearing a pair of blue jeans, and I imagined the bump in his pants meant he had no briefs underneath. But I quickly ruled out my thoughts as my own fantasy, no way would he be interested in sex with another guy. And it was unlikely that he had sex with anyone besides his own hand yet. I didn’t give it another thought that day.

Next time I went to my friends and it was just me and my friend, his neighbor boy strolled over to say hello. He made small talk and told us how much he liked each of our Corvettes that were parked under the trees. My friend and I smiled but didn’t say anything to him. We just wanted to be alone so we could fire up some herb and get wasted. The boy said he had to get back home so his parents didn’t get mad at him. As he was saying goodbye he stretched and leaned back with his arms above his head. He was standing and facing where I was sitting. For a moment I thought he was pushing his crotch towards my face so I could see the outline of his cock up close. My heart started to pound and I felt my body go weak. He smiled and walked back home and I watched him every step of the way. My cock was rock hard and I was picturing what could have happened if only my friend wasn’t there. I imagined the boy leaning with his back against one of the trees with his cock showing full hard in my face. As I pictured rubbing his cock through his jeans and when he didn’t flinch at my hand on his crotch that would be the unspoken agreement for us to enjoy more. I wanted that to happen and thought I’d have to use my friends bathroom to get rid of my throbbing hard with a quick jerk off session. But again I told myself that I was crazy and had to stop thinking with the head of my cock. I quickly put him out of my mind and instead got buzzed and drunk with my friend.

But the very next afternoon I went to my friends house to party and as soon as I parked my car I could see the boy leaving his house and heading over to us. He brought up the cars again and this time added that he sure would like to go for a ride. Then he frowned and said he guessed he wouldn’t get the chance since there were three of us but the Corvette’s only had two seats. We said, yeah, it wouldn’t be comfortable for three of us to sqeeze in, but maybe someday we’d take him for short ride. I forced myself to not look at him and to seem as if I barely noticed he was still there. He again said he’d better get back in his house so he didn’t get in trouble.

That night, naked in bed like always, I found myself rubbing and stroking my cock and huge balls. I swirled my pre-cum around the head of my cock with my finger and was acting as if I could feel the boy pumping a strong big load of cum in my mouth. I was fantasizing big time and I got off like it was real. I always shot a ton of cum with the first squirt or two going over my head and finishing with cum on my chin and neck. But from my fantasy of my friends neigbhor boy I shot even stronger and longer. As I grabbed my joy rag from under the bed and was cleaning up my cum I sort of felt guilty. Like I was too turned on about something I knew couldn’t possibly happen. I told myself that even if the boy did want to have sex with me, he could never risk letting me know. What if I told his friend and someday he would be drunk with other people in the neighborhood and refer to him as a faggot. No way would he take the chance. And hell, I wouldn’t take the chance that the boy might tell my friend what happened with me even if the boy came right out and asked me to suck his cock, which I knew the boy couldn’t want anyway.

On Saturday’s I worked at a garage doing minor repairs on cars. I was usually in kind of a fog from partying the night before and maybe having a cute friend staying after everyone else left. Whenever that happened I would start to think he had a reason for not leaving. Like maybe he wanted to be alone with me while we both had a major buzz on. I learned that some guys used being drunk and high as the excuse for them “giving in” to the urge to share cock with another guy. But unless the guy somehow made the first move I never went there cause it was real important that I not risk being found out by anyone.

If the guy was buzzed and made a move that I knew for sure was his way of telling me he was hot for cock, I would start by checking him out in a way that could be unintentional and innocent. Like slowly spreading my legs till my thigh touched his, or reaching over to retrieve the lighter that fell between his legs as I was passing it to him. All kinds of subtle explainable touches just so neither of us would risk getting caught by saying anything about it.

99% of the time the guy wouldn’t flinch or pull away. Best was when the guy would sigh or groan at the touch, better when he pushed back so there was no question about him wanting the touch. Anyway, those Friday night parties where I thought a friend was hinting for sex but I wasn’t sure enough to check him out would horn me up to the max.

Saturday at work I would wish I wasn’t such a chicken shit and tell myself I missed a hot time. I’d jerk off in the bathroom at work between working on cars but that just had me wanting it for real even more.

One Saturday a little before lunch break I was getting ready to put new tires on a car. I went to the stock area to pull the tires figuring that after lunch I’d be ready to put them on the car. I rolled the tires to the garage and I was bent over with my eyes looking at the floor. I stacked the tires next to the tire and when I stood up the boy who lived next to my friend was standing there smiling at me.

I was still hung over a bit and mad at myself for not going for sex with my little blonde haired friend the night before. I kept asking myself how much more my friend needed to do for me to know I could have it. Christ, there he was the last guy partying at my house. Drunk and stoned laying on the floor giggling with banana shaped bulge running up his crotch. Guys don’t usually lay there with out trying to hide their raging hard on from view unless they want it to be seen. Damn, he used to get hard sitting next to me during swim class. We had to swim nude back then, we’d first line up and then sit on the edge of the pool while the coach told us what to do. Ronny, that’s the blonde haired friend of mine, would end up tucking his hand under his legs and quietly giggle. I’d look over at him, he’d be looking straight ahead but I’d notice he was sitting on his hands so I’d look down. There I would see the smoothest good looking rock hard cut cock I could ever dream of. He’d giggle more cause he knew I was looking, then he’s turn his head a litte towards me and look down with eyes at my cock. That’s all it ever took for me to pop full hard in front of another guy. It felt hot seeing that our cocks were hard right next to each other. But as soon as we got the signal to hit the water, we couldn’t slide in fast enough trying to make sure no other guys noticed we were hard. We never touched each o
ther, not even in the pool, and we never mentioned

And there I was the night before with Ronny at my house and we were safely alone. He wasn’t nude like in swim class, but he sure as hell was hard and giggling. And as bad as I wanted to slowly ease his cock out of his pants and feel him tremble as I played with it, I chickened out!

And now this kid just shows up and I know he’ll tease the shit out of me, even if he doesn’t know he is teasing me. And it ain’t possible for anything to happen and he probably came right before lunch hoping I’ll offer to let him ride along in my Vette.

I said hi to him but was real casual about it. I started to wash up for lunch hoping he’d leave but instead he moved closer and leaned against the support pole that went from the floor to the ceiling. One of those steel poles about 6 inches around. He had his arms wrapped behind the pole, his legs slightly spread, leaning with his upper back against the pole but his ass pushed away. I couldn’t help looking at him, I looked at his face first and he was all smiles and relaxed. I figured he was inviting me to take a good look so I glanced down then away quickly.

That quick glance made me realize he had cut off jean shorts on, I didn’t notice when I first saw him in the garage. But more, I could see his cock running down the inside of his thigh, and I mean could even see the rigde of his cock head. I was embarressed about my interest in his cock. And turned away telling myself no way is what I am thinking is happening could possible happen. The boy probably doesn’t have many friends and he is into cars, just like I was, and was since I was like 12. He’ll get his license in a few months so he just wants to be around cars.

I get ready to leave for lunch and when I turn around he is still there. I think he spread his legs more, I think his cock is probably harder but no way will I risk him seeing me stare at his crotch. I walk to the back of the garage to leave through the overhead door, he follows me. I get outside and he is closing the garage door for me. I get in the Vette, the T Tops are off, and he leans against the passenger door and asks what time I’ll be back. I say a little before one and he says that’s great and he’ll be back then.

I drive off nervous as hell, and kind of mad too because the boy is teasing me to death and I think if he somehow knows that I suck cock and moan as a guy feeds his hot thick cum to me that it could be the reason this is happening. But again, I convince myself that nothing is happening.

I grab some burgers at the drive through window, park the Vette and sit there nibbling at the burgers. I keep thinking how shitty I feel from partying so hard the night before. How I just want to get off work and go home so I can go to bed. And am bitching myself out cause I am so screwed up over this kid and hating myself that I am such a wuss when it comes to making a move for sex.

I go back to work, cool the kid isn’t out back and I think he maybe had to get home so his mommy and daddy didn’t get mad at him. Christ, how could I even imagine the kid is wanting me to take his cock when he is afraid he’ll get in trouble for being next door at my friends house. I laugh and shake my head at what a screwed up oversexed guy I am.

I open up the shop, turn on the radio and set about pulling the old tires of the car. I remove an old tire and am mounting the new, I am at the tire machine and for some reason I look up. And there is the kid, leaning against the wall the same way he was leaning against the pole. All that sex I have on my mind, all the fantasies about sucking cock and maybe even a guy wanting to suck my cock and then thanking me for giving him such a big load after I get off, was just too much for me that day.

I saw his smile, I smiled back and then looked directly at his crotch not caring what he might think about me for looking. I swore he must have pulled his shorts back as his hands were behind him. It seemed like as soon as my eyes were dead on his crotch that his shorts pulled tight so I could really, really see what was happening behind his zipper.

I knew I was staring but I didn’t care at that point. If he wanted to tease me it was working big time and then I just wanted to finish that car and go the hell home. I knew that as soon as I hit my room I’d strip and be stroking my cock. Besides, I was staring openly at this kids cock and was then hard in my pants. If he stayed so relaxed and smiley knowing that my eyes were locked on to his cock I could end up on my knees right there. I already promised that if I was ever safely alone with Ronny again and he giggled and didn’t hide his hard on that I would put my hand right on his cock, no more Mr. Wussy for me. And here I was taking a risk so openly staring at this kids cock that if he was just playing with my mind he’d surely tell my friend about it. But wait, this wasn’t happening for real anyway, just my lust for exciting sex tricking me. Hell, I’d end up jerking off four times in a row when I got home, no big deal.

So I go back to working on the tires, and the don’t even realize when the kid decided to leave. I finish my day with a smile, knowing I’ll soon be smelling my cum in the air.

To be continued in part II

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