First Time Partying With Friends

36 years ago I was lucky enough to marry the sexiest lady I have ever known. I was  years older and had been around the block a time or two but she was what many men would just pant for. Liv was 5’5” tall, nice firm 36C’s, hard erect ½” nipples that seemed to always be begging to be sucked, long brown hair, nice legs and a firm stomach. She was erotic just to look at and a lot of guys would turn around when we passed.

We had been married for about 6 months and she was always ready and willing to do anything I suggested in the area of sex. She especially enjoyed having her pussy licked and tongue fucked. She had only been with one guy before me and I really think I opened the door for her because she liked my cock in her mouth, her pussy and even her ass after the 1st time of me fucking it.

She invited her high school girlfriend and her husband to dinner one Saturday night and that was fine because I liked him and even if his wife wasn’t Liv she was cute and had that timid shy look about her. Before they arrived we made the preparations for the meal and got ready. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and she came out from the bath wearing a blue bra and bikini cut panties. Hell I wanted her then but she laughed and said “later”. She then put on a dark blue, sexy sheer gauze top and white shorts.

Ted and Pam arrived and he was dressed like me with jeans and a shirt.
Pam had on this cute yellow sundress without straps and her breasts (smaller than Liv’s, but nice and perky) were holding the top up. We all got some drinks while the steaks cooked and were drinking quite a lot as I remember. We talked, the girls talked about high school and life and we guys about cars, etc. The meal was great, the booze was flowing, and the evening got darker. We sat around the table, lit candles and drank more and more.

Ted suggested we play some poker and we each had some coins to bet with. The card play progressed and the talk was loosening up and sexual over tones were obvious. I did notice that Ted would eyeball Liv when she got up to get something and especially when she would bend over because her shorts would ride up and her top would fall open a bit. Pam was a bit uptight and was drinking to loosen up, when she would get up the light would shine thru her dress making her panties quite visible. I got up from the table to help Liv and she turned and planted a huge kiss on me right in front of Ted and Pam. She explored my mouth with her tongue and my hands went straight to her ass to pull her into me. After the kiss I whispered to her, “getting turned on yet” and she reached and cupped my erection and squeezed. Oh my goodness I could have fucked her in front of a crowd then but caught myself and sat down to resume our card game.

Ted and Pam had that lust look on their faces after seeing Liv and I so it was starting to become an interesting evening. We played the boring old poker game for a couple hours and everyone was drinking and the mood was getting easy going and the occasional comment about sex, lusty clothes, etc would crop up and everyone would laugh and drink more. I asked if they wanted to play something else because this was getting old and boring. Ted said why not make it more interesting and we could play “Truth or dare”. The girls was a bit hesitant but still drunk enough to say “okay” Ted explained the winner of each hand could ask the loser a question and if they denied to answer or told a lie they had to accept a dare. The girls were hesitant but still drunk enough to accept the rules.

Ted won the 1st hand and I lost. He asked me what was the one thing that turned me on about Liv and I answered, “Her beautiful breasts.” Liv blushed a bit but said “oh honey that is cute” We all laughed and the game continued.

Pam won and Liv lost the next hand and Pam asked Liv, “Okay have you ever made love on the front hood of a car?“ …“She replied, “Steve and I did at the park”………….Pam won again and Ted lost and she asked “Now what turns you on with me”..Ted smiled and said, “your shaved pussy”…….Pam immediately blurted out “it isn’t all shaved” everyone cracked up and you could see Pam turn beet red.

Ted won the next and Liv lost, he asked her when was the first time to made love to a guy, she said “18” and Pam spoke up and said “you are lying.”  Liv tried to correct herself but we all said you have to take a dare. Ted said “okay girl because you lied you have to remove your top.” Liv looked at me and I agreed with Ted, Pam said “whoa are we going to do this?” Liv said “I guess we are”, she stood up and grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it up and over her head exposed her blue bra and very visible erect nipples. Ted let out a loud gasp and Pam stared at the size of Liv’s breasts and obvious nipple arousal. She smiled and sat down and said “next hand please.”

Pam lost the next and I won so I asked her, “Have you ever kissed a girl?” Pam refused to answer because she said it was a silly question. Liv spoke up and said “Pam you have kissed a girl I saw you do it on the school vacation trip.”…….. “Ohhhhhh” we all jumped in on that one and I told Pam that she had to take a dare and I told her to remove her dress and she refused saying we had more clothes on than she did. I agreed but she did have to remove her panties. She started to go to another room and Ted stopped her and said “No you have to do it here”. She was struggling but she did remove them as she sat in the chair and placed them on the table….Ted spoke up and said “whew there is sex in the air”…..

At this point Ted suggested we change the game to “Strip or dare”. I won and Liv lost the next hand. I said strip or dare and she took the dare. I told her she had to kiss both us guys and she immediately came to me and we kissed deep and passionately, she then went to Ted and as their lips met the mouths opened and I could see the probing of the tongues as they kissed, Pam sat there and stared at them.

Ted lost and Pam won, she told him dare or strip and he said Strip. He pulled his shirt over his head and smiled. I lost the next and Liv won, She asked me which and I said “Both.” I removed my shirt and Liv said I must kiss Pam because she looked as if she needed one. I scooted my chair to her, placed my hands on both sides of her face and when our lips met she immediately opened her mouth and invaded mine with her tongue, swirling it around and she had this gentle sucking as she kissed me. It was wonderful and I didn’t want it to end but time was up.

Ted lost and Liv won. She asked, “Dare or strip?” and he choose to strip. Then she said he had to stand and take off his jeans. He stood and unsnapped his jeans and they fell to the floor. He was obviously aroused and his erection was quite visible. Pam and Liv both muttered “ummmmmmmm”….. Pam lost and I won, I asked strip or dare and she said she only had one item on and we had a lot more so she’d take the dare. I smiled at Ted and said Pam you have to allow Ted to reach under the table and stroke your pussy for 2 minutes. She turned beet red but agreed, Liv and I sat together and watched as Ted reached under the table and I assume that he touched her because she instantly moaned and slid to the front of her chair and was moaning as he stroked and fingered her pussy. Liv and I were wanting to do the same but we watched and were getting more turned on as we did watch. The 2 minutes were up and Pam seemed to not care but Ted sat back and the game continued.

I lost and Ted won, hell I just stood and faced Pam and said “you remove them.” She went to the zipper and unsnapped my jeans and slowly pulled them down. She was about a foot in front of me and I really wanted her to take my erect cock and do as she wanted but she did stroke me as the jeans went to the floor.

It was really getting interesting now. The next hand Liv lost and I won………”Darling the dare or strip is your choice”, she chose dare and I said “Liv you have to reach under the table and stroke Ted”. Both looked at me and she slowly scooted over and reached under the table and I guess was stroking him because he was in utter heaven. She was smiling and her arm was moving like she was jacking him off. The time limit was up and he groaned when she finished.

The next hand Liv again lost but Pam won. Whether it was payback I don’t know but she told Liv she was changing the rules and the loser had to strip, no more dares just strip……Liv stood and removed her jeans and the wet spot was obvious from her pussy and the hair was sneaking from the leg band of her bikini underwear. She stood for a short time and turned around for us to see her, laughed and sat down.

Ted won and I lost….He said “okay old buddy stand and let’s see the cock”……I must have been red faced but the girls were hollering and urging me on so I stood and turned to Liv as she reached the waistband and pulled them down to my ankles….My cock was standing tall and hard and as she sat up she licked the tip of it for me. I almost fell from the sheer feeling I had. Pam and Ted both said “more-more” so she again licked the tip and the underside of my cock.
Whew…….. It was electrically charged in that room.

Liv lost and I won…”okay baby lets us see those breasts”…She stood and reached behind and unsnapped the bra and just let it fall to the table. Ted and I were in awe, her breasts were moving as she breathed, her nipples were erect and yearning to be licked and sucked, she reached up to stroke her nipples and squeeze her breasts before sitting down and everyone was staring even Pam.

Here we sat, me nude, Liv in her underwear, Pam with a dress on and Ted in his underwear. I spoke and said “okay guys, here’s the deal. You are going to get naked so why not now?”

Ted stood and faced Pam and asked her to do the honors. She reached up and just pulled his underwear down exposing his erect cock, Live told him to turn around so all could see and he did an improv turn. He sat and told Pam to do her turn….She hesitated but stood and pulled the dress up and over her head. As the dress rose to her pussy we could see the shaven and the non shaven pussy. It was actually cute the way she did it, as the dress went over her breasts I saw the rose colored nipples which looked like two pebbles, pink and hard, her breasts were smaller than Liv’s but still nice and firm. She turned for us to see and sat down. Liv was being stared at at this point and she stood and turned to Ted and said “why not help me” He about fell from the chair. He looked at Pam and she nodded yes so he placed his fingers at the waist band and pulled them downward. Liv’s eyes were glazed a bit and she must have felt the cool air on her hot wet pussy because she sort of moaned. His fingers went upward and to the inside of her thighs as they stroked her pussy before he quit. She stood there for a minute before she took a breath and sat.

I said “well everyone is naked so what happens now?” Ted said” well we can all go to the bedroom and see what happens”. Liv said “Hey I don’t want to be with anyone but Steve.” Pam said, “I don’t think we should switch either.” I said, “Okay let’s all get in the bed and do what we want with our partners”. This was agreeable so we headed to the bedroom, lit some candles and got in bed.

The girls were in the middle and us guys on the outside. We all began kissing and hands were wandering, I sneaked my kisses down until I was between her legs, I spread her legs and started licking Liv’s wet pussy, her legs were gripping my head as I watched her eyes and body move to my tongue. She was moaning and withering on the bed as I used my fingers to open her hot pussy lips and snake my tongue deeper into the wetness.

Ted was still kissing and fingering Pam and Pam’s hand fell on Liv’s breast and her fingers began to stroke Liv’s nipple. Not flinching Liv moved her hand to Pam’s breast and also began stroking Pam’s nipple and breast. I was loving the show as I was licking and kissing Liv’s pussy, Ted glanced at me and I nodded. I moved upward to again start kissing Liv, he took Pam’s hand and moved it to Liv’s pussy and I did the same with Liv’s hand. They hesitated but both girls started sliding their fingers in the others pussy while they moaned and groaned. He and I were kissing the girls and watching for all we were worth.

This went on and he and I rolled back to watch and each girl began to climax and Liv yelled out and Pam collapsed. They both laid back and were breathing very hard until they came to their senses and both seemed to be blushing but neither said anything. Ted and I were smiling for all we were worth.

Liv told me to lie down and she got between my legs and started teasing my cock with her lips and tongue. She was on her hands and knees sucking me, licking my balls and massaging my cock at the same time. Pam just took Teds hand and placed it underneath and at Liv’s pussy and he began to finger fuck Liv as she sucked me.

Pam leaned down to kiss me passionately and I responded gleefully. Liv rose from my cock to tell Ted to please finger her ass which he did without stalling. His finger was ass fucking her and I was being sucked and kissed. Pam was kissing me as I slid my fingers deep into her pussy. Everyone was having a good time and I asked both girls to suck me. They lay beside me and each took a turn sucking my cock and licking my shaft and balls. After a few minutes Ted had his turn from the girls as I finger fucked both girls until they came again.

Ted was really turned on and said he was going to cum and did so, spurting both girls faces with cum. Liv licked the cum from her lips and smiled at me as she rolled and motioned me to fuck her. I immediately entered her wet pussy and stroked her long and hard. She was actually throwing her pussy into my cock as we fucked. Ted began sucking Pam’s pussy and she leaned to suck on one of Liv’s nipples. Seeing this I instantly shot my load deep in Liv’s pussy, making her cum at the same time.

Ted pulled Pam onto her knees and elbows as he entered her from behind. She was moaning “Oh God fuck me baby” and Liv and I watched the show while still stroking the other.

He and I fucked our wives again after we all rested. We all talked about switching partners, but the girls were hesitant so he and I asked them to lie beside one another and to masturbate until they came, which they eagerly did. We rested and the party ended with hopes of a repeated evening.


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    Very hot. I would have cum but I’m reading this in the same room as my wife, who, sadly, is not a player.

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