Flatmates are the Best Mates

Claire got out the shower and stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror, twisting and turning looking at her body. With her pert, firm breasts and her curves still glistening with water from the shower, she had a body that most men drooled over. Without bothering with her towel she walked from the bathroom towards her bedroom and stopped dead in the living room. Seeing her flatmate on her knees giving her boyfriend a rather enthusiastic blowjob, she decided that since she hadnt been seen (Dave had his eyes shut) she would just watch quietly for a while. As she stood there it seemed Dave was getting to the point of no return, he wrapped his hands into Lucys hair and starting rammng his cock into her mouth faster and faster. Claire could see Lucys shaven exposed pussy as she knelt forward to take more of Dave’s cock and watched as she moved her hand to her clit and started to touch herself. She saw Dave start to buck and knew he would soon open his eyes, so she left the room quickly and walked into the kitchen to grab a glass of water before going through to her room.

As Claire walked into the kitchen she let out a small scream at the sight of Daves best friend Scott being stood there. He dropped the glass he was holding and she tried to back out the room as the glass smashed but found the doorway blocked by still naked Lucy and Dave.

“What the hell is going on?”, asked Lucy, looking at Claire stood naked and Scott staring at Claire. “Dunno”, said Dave, ” But it looks good to me”. As Lucy playfully hit Dave Claire ran from the room and straight to her own room, locking the door behind her. After a few moments, there was a knock at the door.

“Open the door Claire”, it was Lucy. “I know your embarrassed, but we all came home when you were in the shower and we didnt wanna disturb you, come on open the door.” Claire got up and quickly unlocked the door, as her flatmate walked in she shut the door once more. Lucy had brought a bottle of wine with her from the kitchen to apologise to Claire, she uncorked the bottle and poured a couple of glasses. As the two girls sat there, still naked and drinking wine, Lucy explained how Scott came to be in the kitchen while she was entertaining Dave in the living room. She had come home with Dave and they had started having oral sex in the living room Scott had then called and Dave had answered the door – seeing his friend was busy, Scott decided to wait in the kitchen til they had finished, and then in walked Claire.
As Lucy sat talking, Claire couldnt help but stare at her lovely breasts. Her skin was a light rich chocolatey colour – having one white and one dark parent. She couldnt help but feel horny after watching Lucy sucking Daves cock the way she had and thought she better confess while they were alone.

“I watched you and Dave in the living room before I went into the kitchen”, blurted Claire stopping Lucy in midsentence.

“You did what”?

“When I came out the bathroom, I saw you guys going for it and I stood and watched you for a while. I couldnt help it Im sorry,” rushed Claire. “Its been a pretty long time since I last got any and you guys looking so horny and well, it got my juices flowing.” Claire was now really embrassed and twisted her wine glass around in her hands, being even more aware that she was naked and breathing pretty heavily.

“You should have joined in,” answered Lucy. Seeing the look of shock on Claires face she carried on, “I wouldnt have minded at all, your a pretty hot looking chick. In fact, I’ve been thinking about waking you up one of these nights, since I moved in with you.”

Claire gently put down her wine glass and reached for Lucys. Setting her glass to one side she leaned over and took hold of her friends breast and clamped her mouth around her nipple, gently biting and pulling the other nipple with her free hand. Lucy, moaning softly, put her hands round her friend and started to groped her breasts causing Claire to bite down gently. Swirling her tongue around Lucys nipple and rolling the other in her fingers, she pushed Lucy down onto the bed and carried down her body, kissing and biting down to her pubic line. Taking a long look up into Lucy’s eyes, Claire devled down into her friends pussy and attached her mouth to her pretty little clit. Licking and stroking her tongue up and down Lucys pussy it wasnt long before Claire found her ass being lifted in the air and a big hard cock rammed straight inside it.

Claire screamed in pain and delight as she turned her head to find Scott thrusting into her ass with all his might. She turned her head back round and continued to lick Lucy’s pussy and finger her clit. Dave walked around to the front and bent to kiss his girl before ramming his rigid cock into her rose bud of a mouth and squeezing her nipples really hard. Lucy took his whole member in his mouth and started to thrash wildy as Claire shover her whole fist inside her pussy. Scott thought he was in heaven as he carried on fucking her ass and watching his friend have his cock sucked and this hot chick licking pussy.

“Im gonna cum, oh fuck, Im going to cum”, yelled Lucy. Claire began licking harder flicking her tongue round and round Lucy’s clit as she came hard. The cum hit Claires face as Lucy exploded, screaming and sucking Dave’s cock hard. Claire lapped the juices from her flat mates pussy and licked her lips, while Scott pumped her ass. Lucy got up and headed for the shower, “You guys can finish Claire for me cant you?”, she asked before leaving the room.

“With pleasure”, answerd Dave, pulling Claire up from her knees and away from Scotts member. Laying down on the bed he pulled Claire on top of him and invited her to pleasure her pussy on his stiff cock. Claire climbed on top of his cock and rode as hard and fast as she could, she could feel him right inside her at the very end of her. Scott, not wanting to be left out, tipped Claire forwards and reinserted his dick into Claires ass and rode her hard, forcing her to become more impaled on Daves cock. Claire, screaming and crying, could feel her orgasm building as Dave reached up and pulled on her nipples. She couldnt take anymore and came hard over Daves cock and felt her juices slide down her pussy and onto Scotts. She climbed off and knelt up on the bed, wanking both of the huge cocks in front of her. The two guys grabbing her nipples and pulling her hair began bucking and moaning as thier own orgasms burst, covering Claire in thier hot, sticky creamy cum.

As the three collapsed togther on the bed they heard a “beeping”, turning her head to the room door she smiled as Lucy stood with her video camera.

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