“Well, there you are, Missus Johnson, your new bed. Wanta lie down on it and test it out before we leave? Make sure it’s the one you ordered?”

Glenda glanced from one burly deliveryman to the other. They were standing on opposite sides of the new king-sized mattress they had just put down in her bedroom. There was no one else in the house. It was ten-thirty in the morning.

One mattress guy was older, had to be almost 50 with a shock of graying hair and a thick wide mustache, but he was a good physical specimen despite his age, big and husky. Glenda had heard his partner call him Mack. The other guy was young and thin as a reed but obviously strong. He couldn’t have been more than 19, and he had long scraggly hair that was the color of beach sand.. He was called Lance.

“No kiddin’, Missus Johnson, lie down on it,” Lance said. “Roll around a little and test it out. ‘Cause if it ain’t the mattress you ordered, we don’t want you to be stuck with it. The Acme Mattress Company aims to please, Missus Johnson.”

“That’s right,” Mack agreed, and they both regarded her expectantly.

Glenda Johnson glanced from one fellow to the other as the three of them stood in her bedroom, and she was getting excited. This wasn’t like her, to be turned on by a couple of guys she had just met, and mere laborers at that. And it wasn’t as if they were THAT attractive. But there was something about the situation, with the mattress and all, and she couldn’t deny the warmth that slowly began to blossom in her loins along with a telltale tickle right where she lived.

“Well, perhaps I SHOULD try the bed out,” Glenda agreed and gingerly climbed onto the bare mattress. She stretched out on her back and looked up at the guys, one on each side of the bed.

As the men gazed down at her, she imagined what they might be thinking, and this turned her on all the more. Though in her mid-thirties, Glenda was a good-looking woman, and she knew it. She had big tits which today quivered in a skimpy blouse, and generous hips wrapped in short shorts with only a string thong underneath. She had blue eyes and blond hair that was fluffy as it framed her pretty face.

She twisted a bit on the mattress, turning this way and that. Suddenly she felt very wanton, not at all like a “happily” married housewife (yes, put the word in quotes) with two “wonderful” kids (use quotes again) who were right now in school. Perhaps she was just a hot-blooded woman who wasn’t getting enough and who still yearned for some adventure in her life even though she seemed hopelessly bogged down. Where did the truth lie?

She smiled up at the guys as she wiggled about. She knew her breasts were shaking in her blouse because she hadn’t bothered with a bra that morning, and as she lay on her back the men could certainly see the creamy tops of her titties as they quivered into view above her neckline. Then there were her nice full thighs, bare and smooth, which she was slowly opening and closing. God, she WAS wanton! She kicked off her flat shoes and giggled.

Lance exchanged looks with Mack, and when the young guy began boldly rubbing himself through his tight-fitting jeans Glenda blinked. Things were about to get out of hand. Did she really want that?

Mack chuckled as his wise old eyes took in the sexy sight that lay before him, and his ham-like hand snuck to his thick loins which were also in jeans (with a skosh more fabric, as the jeans commercials used to say).

The time to call a halt was now, Glenda realized, because the men were getting aroused. Flirting was one thing, but following through was a different kettle of fish. However, her heart was thumping, and hot blood was coursing through her veins. She was even getting moist between her thighs.

She noted the front of Lance’s pants where a hump was beginning to grow. Mack didn’t seem to have the same problem yet, but he was blatantly rubbing himself as he grinned down. Somehow Glenda liked his bushy mustache, imagining how it might tickle her. She tumbled over the edge.

“Well, boys…” she heard herself say and could hardly believe it was her own voice, “who wants to be first?”

The two mattress deliverymen descended upon her, climbing onto the big wide bed from opposite sides. She got a scent of tobacco breath as they leaned close, and an even stronger whiff of honest perspiration. God, did they smell like MEN or what!

One pair of thick, coarse hands went to work on the buttons of her shirt while the other pair pawed at her shorts, apparently trying to find a way into them. But they settled for just rubbing her between the legs, and her pussy flamed in response.

“Ooooooh…” she heard herself moan, drawing it out sexily, and then Mack’s lips came down on her parted ones and his thick tongue filled her mouth. She felt his mustache for the first time. It did tickle, but it was only touching her face as yet.

Lance’s inquisitive fingers crept up a leg of her shorts to touch the skimpy fabric of her thong. Her slit was already moist on the other side of the silky cloth, and the moisture seeped through, letting the guy know what was going on.

“Oh shit…!” Glenda heard herself say as the young man rubbed her pussy, warming her up.

By now Mack had her shirt wide open and was playing with her chest-toys as they flopped about. Her nipples swelled up rigid, fit to burst, “Yeah! OOH, yeah!” she said, breathing hard.

Lance’s fingers were inside her thong, rubbing the lips of her pussy. She squirmed, wanting him to stick a finger in her. No, two fingers! She could even take three!

The fingers entered, one then two then three, slithering between her lathered pussy-lips and up her hot hole. Shit, the young guy’s middle finger seemed as long as a dick, and the next two stretched her cuntal orifice wide. He twisted his fingers inside her. By that time, Mack was nuzzling her bare boobs and tugging at her sensitive nipples. His mustache scratched her titty flesh but she liked it. Wrapping her arms around the guy’s shaggy head, Glenda held him against her titties like a suckling infant. But what a big, rough, rooting baby he was! Glenda had never felt anything quite like this before.

Lance was pulling her shorts off, and she helped by flexing her legs and kicking free of them along with her flats. Her knees drew back and her thighs opened like a book. Like a book by Jackie Collins which she loved.

Lance stared at her tiny undergarment which had a bit of fabric at her front, tapering down into her crotch, then becoming just a string the rest of the way, traveling between her buttocks and up to another string around her waist.

“Take them drawers off her, boy!” Mack husked. “Strip her down!”

Drawers, Glenda thought. How quaint! Even as she appreciated the humor in Mack’s remark, she quivered with excitement. She could hardly wait to have her string undies yanked off, so she would be totally bare before these two crude men!

Lance curled his fingers around the top of the stretchy little garment and yanked it down, baring her plump pussy which was shaved smooth as a baby’s cheek. She kicked out of the thong and spread herself wide for the young man who knelt between her flexed knees.

“Well, whattaya say, are you gonna have some?” Mack challenged his young partner as Lance slowly rubbed the expanded front of his pants while gazing at Glenda’s blatant exposure.

“Shit yeah!” Lance said, and unzipped his jeans, flipping out the longest and skinniest cock Glenda had ever seen. The lovemaker locked into rigid erection, pointing upward.

“You ain’t gonna EAT it, man?” Mack demanded.

“Naw, I don’t do that,” Lance replied as he slowly stroked his dick while eyeing Glenda’s unfurled flower.

“Then you suck her titties for awhile,” Mack said, “and let me at her. This is
eatin’ stuff!”

The young man moved to the side and Glenda thrilled as Mack bowed his shaggy head between her up-tilted, spl
ayed thighs and began greedily to lick her pussy up and down, up and down, in and out, and all over. He not only licked but took her fleshy lips into his mouth and chomped on them. He seized her protruding clit and sucked on it. All the while his big bushy mustache tickled her like crazy. Glenda went wild, yelping and panting as she quaked inside and her entire snatch tingled.

Mack’s thick fingers invaded her happy hole – two of them – and began stroking steadily in and out, in and out, while he sucked her clit and slobbered all over her cunny. Now Lance knelt beside her and did as his partner suggested, capturing her titty tips in turn and sucking them up to let them snap back, rosy and stiff, gleaming with his saliva. But this didn’t satisfy the kid for long, and he moved up next to her head with his dick sticking out and upward from his fly. Of course Glenda grasped his rigid prong and tilted it down so that it pointed toward her mouth.

Lance leaned forward to brace himself on the head of the bed and hovered above her face while Mack continued to root between her thighs, eating her warm and tasty cunt. Glenda’s excitement soared. She stuck out her tongue and licked the smooth rosy head of the young man’s dick .

Oh yes! The taste of young cock was good, or maybe it was just the fact of his youth that thrilled her. She hadn’t had anything like this since her school days. She seized Lance’s dickhead in her mouth and sucked pleasurably. She was deriving pleasure at both ends, and it was better than anything she had experienced in all the years of her dull marriage. Love was something else, and so was family…but this was a crazy treat. Yes!

Lance began to fuck her mouth with slow strokes of his slippery, rock-hard cock. He still had all his clothes on, and his dingus was just sticking out through the fly of his jeans. That made the blowjob extra naughty and totally different than the head she sometimes gave to her husband when he was all fresh from the shower, nude and lying on his back on the bed. The cock she now sucked was wild. It tasted a bit raunchy, and in her present mood that was a major kick. But the biggest kick was the way Mack ate her snatch like he couldn’t possibly get enough. The old bastard loved it!

Finally she raised her hands and pushed Lance so she could free her mouth. “Take your clothes off and lie on your back,” she said to him. “I want to ride your cock.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Lance enthusiastically agreed and hopped to his feet. As he ripped his clothes off and kicked free of his tennis shoes, she gazed down at Mack’s bushy head which was still rooting between her thighs, licking her from clit to asshole and back again, over and over. Damn but he loved poon-tang!

When Lance hopped out of his briefs, his stiff cock bobbing up and down, she began pushing Mack away. “I want to be on top,” she told him.

He backed off, stood up, and began removing his clothes while Glenda got to her feet. She was giddy and really charged, so close to an orgasm that she could almost taste it.

The young guy flopped onto his back, and Glenda swung astride him. First she straddled his legs and bent to lick him some more before she mounted up. After pumping her mouth up and down on his dong, though that hadn’t been necessary to keep him hard, she scrambled forward and grasped his long coupling pin to fit it between the slavering lips of her pussy. She sat on him, letting his stiff dick slide all the way up her cooch. Damn, that felt good!

She began to fuck the boy, bobbing up and down and letting her big boobies bounce. He grasped one of her tits and brought the rosy nipple to his mouth. He sucked her titty while she moved her hips up and down, up and down, her wet warm pussy polishing his pecker and thrilling every nerve end that it stroked.

Finally Lance pulled her down to lie atop him, and began banging upward into her while Mack knelt behind her ass, and she felt his rough hands on her quivering buttocks. His thumbs were in her crack, and he spread her asscheeks wide apart. Next she felt the wildest sensation yet as he pressed his face right into the division of her soft billowing ass, his mustache tickling the tender flesh of her inner buttocks and his warm breath teasing her little rear orifice. Oh no, she thought as his wet tongue began swabbing her asshole. But she didn’t mean no, of course. She loved it!

What happened next was something she hadn’t imagined when deciding to give in to these guys. While Lance’s skinny cock worked in her fun hole, not quite stuffing it the way she liked but certainly reaching deep enough, the head of another dick twisted at her rear entrance, which was really only an exit or supposed to be. But Mack obviously had a different idea, and if it weren’t for the fact that he had greased her up with his saliva, it would have hurt like hell when his very wide cockhead breached her muscular barrier, spread her asshole wide open, and plunged inside her where she had always believed cocks shouldn’t go.

“Aaaaawwwww!” she bawled because it did hurt as the middle-aged mattress man staked his possession to her bunghole while Lance, underneath, maintained his total presence in her snatch.

“You okay?” Mack growled.

“Y-yes,” Glenda managed.

“You like it?”

“God, yes!”

“Then here we go,” Mack said, and began to pump his very wide prick in her narrow opening, easing her resistance with every stroke, and Lance resumed stroking in her cunt.

“OH…MY…GODDD!” Glenda cried as both men fucked her. In and out, up and down, she had two pricks plowing her pasture at the same time. She had never been so totally possessed.. This was wild. It was crazy. But she fucking loved it!

She writhed and bumped between the two men, her titties shaking and her blond hair whipping about. She climaxed, and was it a big one! But the two men just kept fucking her. She squealed and gasped, wanting them to stop – but not really. Oh no!

She yelled, “Shit! Ooh fuck! Yeah, fuck me! Ooh, fuck meeee! You dirty sons of bitches!”

The men laughed and continued to stroke their horny cocks inside her until she reached yet another orgasm, squeezing both dicks with her intimate muscles, seeking to milk the juice from them. But they would not give up their liquid charge. Not yet.

Finally Mack pulled his prick out of her asshole with a sucking pop and stood up next to the bed. Lance tossed her onto her back and sprang to a kneeling position on the mattress. Each man gripped his dick and aimed it at her face. Oh no, she thought, but then it was too late as they stroked and splattered their thick, creamy cum all over her cheeks and nose and mouth – INTO her mouth, in fact. Then she was sucking both cocks like a mad woman, drawing every last drop of jism up from the men’s satiated balls.

“Well, we gotta take this puppy back,” Mack remarked a bit later, after the three of them had gotten dressed. “This mattress is damaged goods. We gotta bring you a new one.” He pointed to the spots of semen and pussy moisture on the brand new merchandise.

“Ooh yesss,” Glenda agreed. “Bring me another mattress. How soon can you come back?”

“Missus Johnson,” a voice said, and she opened her eyes to see the mattress salesman shaking her arm. He smiled with satisfaction. “I no sooner walked away to take that phone call, remember?, then you dropped off to sleep while you were testing the mattress. I didn’t have the heart to wake you for awhile, but…time was passing…”

“Yes. Oooh!” Glenda was suddenly drenched with shame as she remembered her lusty dream. Her cheeks turned beet-red.

“Anyway, since you found the mattress so comfortable, I’m sure you want it.” The fellow cocked his sales book and began to write. “Did I tell you we offer free delivery?”

“Yes, you did. Oh, yes you did!” Glenda jumped
up. “But I don’t dare buy it. I mean…”

The salesman was nonplused. “You don’t DARE? I don’t understand
, ma’am.”

“Just never mind,” Glenda said, and she hurried from the store, her panties sopped. But there was a smile on her face. What a dream that was!

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