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After chatting with you for a while, I felt this ache deep inside of me. An ache of unsatisfied longing, like having had an entire night of rough sex and having now an vaginal muscle ache. Only, nothing did happen but thinking about things and what could be.

Yes, I admit, I am a prude and I am not comfortable in my body. Plus, this thing of being separated from a cheating husband, but still being in the bound of holy matrimony keeps me from doing the things any other woman might have done long before.

I honestly did not believe for a moment that you’re really so well equipped as you said you are…big and long, and hard like a rock. I was thinking about impalement when you described your lovestick to be 8.5 inches long with a thick head and a shaft of almost 2 inches in diameter. But then again, just considering to get taken by you and stretched to accomodate you caused again this deep and low ache inside my belly.

When you said you’d come to town, I first thought it’s again one of your teases. You like to tease me, using a lot of double minded phrases and ideas. You called me before on my cell, and I really liked the way you sound, and the way how you talked to me. Gentle, but dominant, respectful, but demanding. Just a guy who knows what he wants, or better, knows how to do things to get things in the way he wants it. I like it…the guidance, the subtle domination,while feeling equal and important. Not just as a piece of pussy.

You managed your stay on a weekend where husband was going to have the kids.Imagine my surprise when I got a call from a local motel on Saturday morning. Wondering if it could really be you I picked up.

“Hello Sweetheart…good morning…Did you miss me last night online?”
“Oh…hey baby…yes…but tell me it’s not true…where are you???”
“Close, honey! I came to take you out! I told you I would when I am in that part of the country! So here I am now. I was wondering if you would like to accompany me to the Museum and afterwards for dinner in my hotel? No strings attached, nothing expected, nothing warranted?”

Your last sentence again gives me the security I so desperately craved. Nothing expected, nothing warranted…sounded to good…plus an educational trip with you and a nice four star dinner…heck, sure, which woman would be so spoiled to pass on that?

You give me the name of the hotel and it’s address to meet you there in two hours. Completely flustered I hang up and stare at my phone. Did I really just agree to meet you, in person? In real flesh? I glance at the clock and hurry into the bedroom and started digging in the closet for some appropriate apparel. Should I dress sexy or casual? What am I gonna do with my hair? I rush to the shower, shave my armpits and perform a trim down under.Using the amber scented bodywash and lotion afterwards. I glance into the mirror, thinking about if I am really ready to spend the night with you if it should come to that. I feel the ache again, and suddenly think, what the heck? I apply carefully my makeup, which I haven’t done in a long time for anyone. Then I start curling my long hair into some nice waves, dab on a bit of Shalimar perfume. When I went to my car, I felt as pretty and beautiful as I hadn’t in a long time.

You’re expecting me in the hotel lobby, and I am feeling a bit uncomfortable in that luxurious, rich surrounding. Dang, that must cost a pretty penny to stay here! You see me at once, and your face lits up in an approving and open smile. You give me a kiss on my cheek and say: “Hmm…you smell nice…shall we leave?” You guide me by the little of my back to a waiting limousine. Now Iam really stunned…I look questioning up to you, and you say it’s ok. We drive with a little talk to the Museum of Natural Sciences, and we have a great time looking at the exhibitions. All the time you squeeze and touch me a little…a hand on my shoulder here. A rub over my neck there, a seemingly accidental graze over my chest. Your eyes twinkle, and I know you have decided what you want. Now it’s up to me. We laugh and we joke a lot on the way back to the hotel, about some interesting things in the human anatomy. Our topic switches to sexual related matters. Did I know that there are really people out there who enjoy to mutilate their private parts to the extreme? I am thinking ouch…thoughts of japanese bondage and SM coming to my mind. He sees my shock in my face and say: Good…I am not in that kind of crazy stuff myself.

At the reception we order the food to be brought up to the room. Now I am nervous…the decision will be made soon. Am I ready for it? Will I be able to let it happen?

The gentleman you are, you let me enter your suite first. It’s like a little apartment. A separate bedroom area, a living room with entertainment center, a bar, an office area, and a gorgeous bathroom with hot tub. While I freshen up, the food arrives. You want me to have a taste test and ask if it’s ok to blind me with a silk scarf. I nervously lick my lips, and nod. The scarf really is making it impossible to see anything. You guide me to the table, and start feeding me one piece at a time. You want me to be comfortable. You brush your finger over my nape, and I instantaneously start to get goosebumps. I hear you chuckle. I feel you closer,and then your mouth is there, featherlight trailing the part your fingers just went. I suck the air in and hold still. You find your way to my mouth, and start sucking on my lower lip, wanting me to open up and let you explore the moist inside of my mouth. Not able to hold my breath any longer, I exhale and allow you to deeply kiss me. Your hands are on my shoulders and my back now, and you begin to unzip my dress in the back. You only let the top of it fall down, exposing my big boobs which I stuffed into my white lace bra. Your thumb rubs over my nipples, which are already hard and erect. Your kiss trails down to the top of my boobs, while you unhook my bra. “You’re beautiful and sexy’, you say. You start kneading and kissing my breast, now set free of the bra and weight them in your hands. You make me stand up now, and the remainder of my dress just slides off of me. Now I am standing there, just in panties, pumps and the blindfold.

You guide me to the bedroom and put my hands on your chest. I start to undo the buttons, but I don’t seem to be fast enough, because suddenly your shirt is gone and I feel your firm, well tone chest under my fingers. I am trailing my finger around your nipples as well, and then gently start to suck on them. Your approving moan shows I do the right thing. You pull me close, and I can feel a hard erection through your pants poking at my tummy. It feels huge. I back off, but you just chuckle again. I hear you unbuckle your suit pants and hear the fabric sliding down onto the floor. You first make me sit on the soft bed, and then make me lay back. My hands search for you, for your body to touch. And suddenly you’re laying next to me, holding my both hands together with one of yours. You start kissing my boobs again, and soon the kisses trail down my tummy. Your other hand strokes my legs, feather light touches first the outside, then the inside of my thighs. You’re getting closer to the deep aching area, and I willingly open up my legs a bit. Your fingers push the fabric of my panties, discover and feel the moisture who started to build beneath it. You withdraw, but only to remove my underwear. My hands start searching again, and this time you make sure that I grab your dick with my hands. Hot and velveety smooth, and BIG. Dang it, it really feels huge! You weren’t lying, I say. I think we should stop here! But then suddenly I feel your finger enter me. I don’t think you mean it, you say. You slowly start finger fucking me a bit, and that’s enough for me to shoot all warnings in to the wind. I arch my back a bit, trying to get your finger deeper. You shift over me, and your dick is now at my mouth. Lick it for me, baby, you say. Make him a
s wet as you need it. Because you will take all of i
t deep into your little pussy, my sweets, and I promise you, taking it all you will.

The thought of it made me shudder in anticipation. I slowly started to lick the thick shaft, and your attention returned to my pussy, gently licking and sucking and penetrating me with just one finger. I want more, and you feel it wet and slickery there. Without a word, you turn around and position yourself between my legs, and removing my blindfold. I want to see your eyes when I enter you, you say, and start to push your big dickhead against my pussy lips.You rub some moisture of it along the slit, and have to try several times before you’re able to enter just the head. The whole time you’re watching me, seeing me go from fear and pain to astonishment. Once the head is in, you slowly start to move….each time a little deeper, to allow me to stretch to accomodate you. Suddenly, you ram it all the way in to the hilt. It hurts, but it also feels so great. You look at me and say, baby, NOW you’re ready for it. You slowly withdraw almost entirely, just to ram your dick again hard and to the hilt in. You do this a couple times, and then started to have a more gentle rythm. I feel so filled out, so stretched to the limit, and it feels SO GOOD. After a little while I am matching my hips to fit your rythm, and I start to feel tightening up around you.

You suddenly withdraw and turn me around, lifting my hips up and enter me in doggy! Hell! What a whole new sensation. So big, so hard…SO DEEP. I pant and moan in between bouts of pleasure and pain. You kiss the back of my neck and nape, and your hand starts to stimulate my clit while you fuck me steady and deep. I am about to come when you withdraw again and turn me back onto my back. I wanna see your eyes, honey, when I make you cum, you say. You kneel between my legs and again just enter with the head of your dick. You first lift just one of my knees onto your shoulder, and it’s getting soo tight. After a few strokes, you lift my other leg over your shoulder. It makes me feel you’re gonna rip me apart right in the middle, so hard and deep. And then you move closer, enter me entirely. Over and over again…faster, and always deep, and you become harder with each time. I pant and moan, and really can’t hold back anymore. With a couple more hard and deep strokes you take me over the edge, and it’s the best orgasm I ever had. You keep going until also you finally reach the point, and release yourself with a final, but painful slam to the hilt into me. You release my legs from your shoulders and start kissing me again, while your still stiff prick is still in me.

We cuddle up, and soon I am asleep. I woke up a little while later, just to realize that you were ready again. Smiling you admitted: That was one good fuck…lets see if we can top it…

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