fun in the kitchen

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‘bye honey’ mom said to me as she finally left. ‘See ya mom’ i said half heartedly. I gave it two minutes just in case anyone forgot anything before i begun my fun escapades.

i took my dressing gown off revealing my horny nakedness. i looked in the cupboard and saw olive oil. i then looked in the fridge and saw a cucumber. i then layed on the floor and rubbed the olive oil over my body paying extra attention to my crotch and breasts.

i then slowly insert the cucumber into my wanting vagina. i instantly moan as the excitement of using a ‘foreign’ object kicks in. by now the cucumber is pressing firmly against my cervix( i lost my virginity 2 years ago). i then withdraw the cucumber untill around half an inch remains inside me then thrust it in me as fast as i can. it quicky brings me to orgasm. i qucky tire after my 3rd orgasm and lay spead eagled on the floor as i catch my breath.

i then smear the olive oil on my ass paying extra attention to my hole at which point my finger quickly slips into it. i moan with ecstasy (by the way i am an anal virgin). as my hand is now coated in the oil i then slip another finger in and quickly finger fuck my ass as i moan and moan at this new found pleasure. after awhile i feel my ass has adjusted to the intrusion by the two fingers and insert another. my moans are more frequent now as i can’t help but show the excitement of these new experiences. i then squeeze in my fourth. at this point i can’t help but finger my pussy with three fingers as i orgasm at least 5 times.

as my ass has become accustomed to the penetration by the fingers i decide to put in my thumb. by now my ass is sore but i am determined to see this fantasy-come-true through. i squeeze my hand through the hole as slowly as possible so i dont rip the now tender tissue. at this point i pump my fist slowly at first then slowly build up speed and am now vigourously pump my very raw ass. as i tire i collapse on the floor and am too tired to take my fist out.

as i regain strength i then thrust 4 slippery fingers into my pussy and finger fuck my pussy as i come for my 12th time. i then slip my thumb in and am then terrorising my pussy as much asi did my ass. i come quickly and frequently and, with the other hand shoved the cucumber up my ass until it hurts. and leave it. as i continuously fist fuck myself i tire easily.
i am so tired of all the orgasms at this point that i ahve no choice but to collapse on the floor and fatt to sleep.

as i regain consciousness i see the figures of my folks looking at my body in horror.

to be continued. let me know if you want more.

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  1. deffently

    YES YES YES kept me hard the whole time make morrrrre

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