Giving all for my husband

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This is a story of how I hope to totally fufill all of my husbands fantasies together
in one day. He says I please him enough already, especially with my 36-C breasts and thin
petite figure, but one day I’m going to be extra nice.
So here’s how I picture it: Jason gets home from work one day, and I’m waiting
for him in my stupid little french maid halloween outfit he bought me as a gag gift a while
back. He knows whenever I wear it, that means he’s gonna get laid, so I’m sure that’ll
perk him right up. Literally. I’ll grab him before he can get his suit off and just start kissing
him deeply and passionatly. I’ll tell him I wanna fuck him right away, and lead him to the
living room. I’ll go wild on him, just like he likes it, practically ripping off his clothes, and
barely giving him a chance to keep up with me. Then, I’ll gently push him onto the couch,
and pull off his boxers, allowing his hard cock to come popping out. All modest 8” of it.
He loves a good blow job, which is a rare treat for him, I’m still getting used to it.
But that future day will belong totally to him. I’ll kiss my way down his chest and run my
tounge from his navel to his dick. Then I’ll slowly circle my tounge around the head
before taking his meat all in my mouth. I proceed to lick and suck him, using my hand to
massage his balls, until he finally builds up to his first (and not the last) climax. I quickly
shove his whole 8” down my throat, slightly gagging, while he shoots his hot sticky load
down my throat, for what seem like forever. I choke it down, and go for more. When he’s
done, I’ll use my tounge to lick up the rest off his quivering rod.
Then I’ll lead him up to our room, where I’ll have another surprise for him:
Melinda. She’s a girl-friend of mine that I’ve heard him mention (or should I say cry out in
ecstasy) in his more “lively” dreams. I can just imagine the shock on his face, and then the
understanding smile that will follow when I walk up to her and undo her blouse. He’s
wanted to see me with another woman for a long time, so this should be good for him. He
sits down while Melinda and I start making out. I’ll kiss her down her neck and just suck
on her for a while. Then I’ll un-snap her bra, reavealing her gorgeous breasts, only slightly
smaller than mine. I’ll lick and suck her tits before going down on her and kissing her
black silk panties. Removing those, I’ll lick her inner thigh, slowly working toward the
prize. I’ll use my tounge on her clit, tasting her as I work. I shove my tounge deep inside
her, repeatedly, faster and faster, licking and licking until she forces my face into her
mound as her hips buck in excitment. Finally she orgasms, and as with Jason, I’ll swallow
all her pussy juice lapping it up.
Then, I think I’ll invite Jason over and kiss him, making sure he gets a taste. We all
start in on each other, He’s kissing her, while I watch. Then she kisses me and Jason grabs
a boob from each of us. We all lay down on the bed while. Melinda and I make out while
Jason lubes her ass for what is about to happen. He’s always wanted to fuck me from
behind, but I just can’t stand it. He fingers her ass just a little, long enought to get it ready,
before suddenly thrusting himself all the way in. She sqeals in pain for a bit, but slowly,
those squeals become moans. “You like that bitch?” He asks “You like it?” She can only
moan. Now I know my husband and when he gets athuorotative, he wants real answers.
He spanks her ass with all his might, making tears well up in her eyes as he relentlessly
ass-fucks her. “I said do you like it?” “Yes, she replies, “Oh god yes!! Oh, fuck my ass,
fuck my ass!!!! He obliges her and continues to ass-bang her, until he’s about to cum.
Quickly pulling out, He makes her lie down on her back and jerks his cum on our bellies.
He then has us lick it up. Her first, licking his sticky cum off my belly, and then I do it for
her. We all collapse for a good nights sleep. Wonder if he’ll like that, I know I will!!

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