Glory Hole

I was walking down the main street of Sydney on my lunch break one day, when I was tempted to go into a adult book store, and watch some hardcore in one of their private viewing booths.

I chose one showing a video of street sex. The booth had a very strong smell of sperm and semen, so I knew plenty of guys had enjoyed the video already.

The porno had already started when I closed the cubicle door behind me. I whipped out my Johnson and started working up an erection with my right hand.

On the TV, a “lady” was walking down a busy street with two guys, when suddenly they turned down a quiet lane, and the lady leaned up against one guy, while standing about a meter away from him. This pointed her arse at the guy who was now behind her who had already whipped his average, 5” cock out, and was hitching up her already ridiculously short, red leather skirt up to reveal her pantiles bare arse.

She had meanwhile leaned over more to begin giving the guy in front of good-looking blow job, his 6”er making her cheeks bulge. The guy in back started pumping into her cunt, and she had two dicks enjoying her talents.

My hand was smearing my own pre-cum all over my cock-head, and I was imagining I was getting the blow job, when something firmly brushed my thigh. I pulled away reflexively, but looked down and saw two fingers pull back through a small hole in the cubicle wall. I had never even heard of a glory hole before, so I leaned down to look through at who was trying to touch me. All I so was an open mouth, apparently waiting for something.

Now I knew what that mouth wanted, so I thrust my 6½” cock through it, and it was greeted hungrily by a warm, soft mouth. Suddenly, I was watching someone getting a great blowjob, and it was coming real for me. My dick was massaged and rubbed and probed by this female (I hoped it was female!) tongue, and I just thrust against the wall, watching two guys get their rocks off with some slut in a street.

I was very close to cumming in this fucking mouth when she withdrew. On the video, the guys were swapping whore holes. I leaned down to see where my orgasm had gone, and the open mouth had been replaced by a Brazilian waxed pussy, sopping wet and waiting! Again I thrust my cock through the hole. Standing still, she (phew!) banged herself against the wall, trying to get all of me into her. Pressed hard against the hole, I gave her as much as I could.

Her pussy was replaced with her hand, as she guided my cock around her anus, transferring as much lube as possible to her tight pink ring, before slamming herself cruelly against my long shaft. She was tight all the way, and I shot my load deep into her arse, not knowing even what she looked like. Maybe this is how ugly girls get some dick?

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  1. glory hole

    I am so fucking horny now and the story is over, write more glory hole stories make the cock bigger and get sucked off by a guy, don’t worry you can’t get too nasty,make me cum , i am so wet now, got to go masterbate, bye

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