Heart of Stone – 2

Isabella Fiorillo giggled as she hung up the phone. “It seems a most peculiar thing has happened to my ex-husband,” she said in mock surprise.

Her boyfriend raised his eyebrows. “Oh,” he asked, “and what might that be?”

“It seems one of his statues has come to life,” the woman giggled.

“Really! Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Nothing serious I hope.”

The woman giggled again. “It seems that his precious, little statue wants to have nothing to do with him.”

“Oh, that is a shame,” the man said in mock concern. “I hate it when that happens.” He grabbed the woman and he pulled her into his arms and his tone changed. “I did my part,” he told her, “and now, I expect you to do yours.”

Isabella grinned as she wrapped her arms around her boyfriend’s neck and then she kissed him. “You certainly did do your part,” she told the man, “and now, you’re going to get your reward.” She kissed the man again, “I can’t believe it actually worked,” the woman said even as she kissed the man again.

“Most people underestimate the black arts,” the man said as he felt the woman begin to open the buttons on his shirt. “They underestimate it and yet they fear it. Rather discongruous don’t you think? They should fear it, but if they fear it, then they should never underestimate it.”

“Shut up,” the woman told the man even as she pushed his shirt off his shoulders. “I don’t care about that right now. All I care about is giving you your reward.”

The man groaned as the woman’s hands worked at his belt and then she was opening his jeans and she was pulling the jeans down over his hips. She knelt in front of the man and then she was tugging on his underwear and then she was pulling it down around his ankles.

The woman wrapped a hand around her boyfriend’s cock and she looked up at the man. “This is what you want,” she told her boyfriend, and then she pushed her mouth down on that cock.

Were it not for the fact that her mouth was full of cock, she would have grinned when she heard her boyfriend moan.

One of her hands held the base of his cock even as the other fondled his balls and then she shoved her mouth down on that cock yet again. She loved sucking that big, hard cock and what was more, she loved the way her boyfriend loved having her suck his cock.

The man groaned again.

The woman smiled to herself as she sucked on that cock. She knew what her boyfriend wanted. Her mouth made slurping sounds as she sucked on the head of that cock and the man groaned again. She knew he loved it when she sucked his cock.

The woman pulled her mouth off of the man’s cock and her hand stroked that slippery shaft. She looked up at the man but she knew what he really wanted. She tugged on his cock. “Come on,” she told him. “Get your ass down here and I’ll give you what you want.”

The woman was pulling the man to the floor even as she was reaching under her skirt and was pulling off her panties and then she was pushing him down on his back. She crawled over the man’s body and she sucked on his cock and then she just kept on sucking on him and the man kept right on moaning.

The woman slid even further up over the man’s body and then she was straddling the man’s body and she was reaching between her legs. She seized the man’s cock and then she rubbed the man’s cock against her cunt. “I know what you want,” she told the man again, and then she plunged her pussy down on that cock.

The man moaned again as his girlfriend’s pussy took his cock and then he groaned again as the woman plunged her pussy down on that cock.

The woman pulled her top off as she rode that cock. She moaned even as the man moaned again and then she was taking off her bra. Her hands cupped her tits and her fingers pulled on her nipples as her pussy continued to ride that cock. “Yeah, you want this,” the woman told the man. “You like it when I ride your cock.”

The man just groaned in response.

“Yeah, you like this,” the woman told him. “You like it when I ride your cock.”

The man groaned again. “You know what I want,” he told her. “You know what you promised me.”

“What’s that,” the woman asked even as she shoved her pussy down on that cock again. “Are you telling me you don’t like it when I ride your cock?”

The man groaned again. “You know I do,” he told her, “but that’s not what you promised.”

Isabella ground her pussy against the man’s cock. “Are you sure? I know you like this. Are you sure you don’t want to cum in my pussy?”

“Oh fuck, that’s good,” the man told her, “but you know what I really want.”

The woman grinned at him. “I know exactly what you want. You’ve told me about it often enough. Oh what the hell, now you’re going to get it.”

The woman pulled her pussy up off the man’s cock and then she turned herself around. She looked over her shoulder at the man and she wriggled her ass at him. “Come on, you brute,” she told him. “Use me the way you want to.”

The man was already climbing to his knees and then he was kneeling behind the woman. He put his hands on her ass and then he wedged his cock up against her pussy. “You want this,” he told her, “then you’re going to get it.”

The woman groaned as the man gave his cock a shove and then she moaned again as her pussy took that cock.

The man already had his hands on his girlfriend’s hips and he was already pulling her back against him.

The girl groaned as she felt the man’s cock slide even deeper inside her and then he was pulling back only to plunge himself inside her again. He was pulling back and then he was thrusting forward again and Isabella moaned as she took the full force of that cock inside her cunt.

The man pulled his cock back only to thrust it inside her again and again and again. “Yeah, this is what you want,” he told her as his cock pummeled her pussy yet again. “You want this cock.”

“Yeah, I want it,” the girl told him. “I want it so bad.”

“I know you do,” the man told her. “I know you want this cock, but you know what I want.”

The woman groaned as she felt the man pull his cock out of her cunt and then he was moving his cock upwards. She felt the man press his cock against her tiniest hole, and then she moaned as she felt him press it even harder.

“Yeah, this is what I want,” the man told her. “I want to fuck this ass.”

The woman moaned as she felt her ass relent. Her little, anal opening gave just a bit, and she felt the head of the man’s cock push its way inside her.

“It’s too big,” she groaned. “It’s too big.”

“Nonsense,” the man told her even as he pushed his cock even further into his girlfriend’s ass, “your ass isn’t too big at all.”

The woman just groaned as even more of that cock pushed even deeper inside her. She whimpered as her ass took even more of that cock. There was nothing she could do but stand there on her hands and knees and let her boyfriend take her ass.

The woman groaned again. Her boyfriend was pushing even more of his cock inside her ass, and incredibly, she was starting to like the feel of that cock in her ass.

The man was moving even more of his cock inside her ass and the woman groaned. She knew this was what her boyfriend wanted and she knew this was what she deserved.

Her pussy was going to cum. There was no doubt about that. Her pussy was going to cum, and then Isabella moaned as her pussy succumbed to that cock.

Even as that pussy stood there on her hands and knees, the man pulled his cock from the woman’s ass. Even as the woman started to scream, the man was fisting away on his cock. Even as the woman started to cum, so too did the man, spraying his cum all over the woman’s butt.

Isabella stayed where she was until her boyfriend had stopped cumming and then she reached behind her and ran her fi
ngers through some of the cum pooling up on her backside. She brought her fingers to her mouth. “Mmm,” she moaned, “tastes good. I would have loved to have this in my mouth but … this
way is good, too.”

The man squeezed the rest of his cum from his cock. “You got what you wanted, and now I got what I wanted, too.”

The woman still stood there on her hands and knees. “You got what you wanted, but as far as my ex is concerned, I’ve only just begun.”

to be continued …

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