Helping Out The Widow Ruth By Rick

Helping Out The Widow Ruth
By Rick

Ruth and her husband were friends of mine and when her husband , Bob , died at 45 years old everyone was shocked . Like every one at the funeral I offer to help Ruth any way I could . They had no children and she made most of the money as a Real estate sales lady . I didn’t think she really needed any help once she got over the shock . It was three months later when she called me at work . Rick Could you help me fix my clothes washer it doesn’t do anything at all and the circuit breaker is on . Sure I said when would you like me to come over and look at it ? Tonight say 7 ? she replied . Fine I said it’s probably just an internal fuse I’ll bring some tools . Great she said .
Ruth was never a beauty and time had not been kind to her . She was so skinny that she could hide behind a broom stick . Her hair was salt and pepper mostly salt . Her face looked much older than she was because of all the wrinkles . Her nose was long and thin and her glasses made it look bigger than it was . She is the most flat chested woman I have ever seen . Hell I have bigger tits than she does . Her lips are so thin as to be not there . Quite frankly I never understood what Bob ever saw in her . Her voice was shrill and very annoying . But she was Bobs wife and I respected that .
I arrived at her house at 7 P.M. and knocked on the door . Ruth opened the door and asked me in . She had a martini in her had and from the way she spoke and walked it wasn’t her first . Like a drinkie ? She asked . No thanks I said I have to drive home and I don’t drive if I drink . Good for you she said . Where is the clothes washer ? I asked . Where it always is she said with a stupid look on her face in the laundry room ! Where is the laundry room I asked . Oh ! Sorry ! She said silly on me ! She showed me the laundry room . I looked at the washer and could see the problem right off . The plug wire was bent so badly that it had to be broken internally . I unplugged the machine and sure enough that was the problem . I cut the wire and replaced the plug . The washer worked fine as soon as I plugged it in . Thank you Ruth said . No problem I said . I was packing my tools up and I asked if there was anything else I could help her with . Just one thing she said wait a second and she went to the bathroom . I hope you can help she said through the door . I thought that she was going to bring out a hair dryer or an electric tooth brush . When she opened the door she was naked . Her tiny tits looked like they had not changed since she was 10 . She had a hairy pussy with a hair line that went up to her navel . I need to be fucked she said . I haven’t had any since before Bob died and I’m horny and I need it badly .
Ruth ,I lied , that’s the best offer I’ve had in a long time but I didn’t bring any condoms . Don’t worry I bought some this afternoon . She said . Shit I said to my self I didn’t want to get involved with her she had a big mouth and I didn’t want everyone to know my business . But any port in a storm and what the hell a cunt is a cunt . I said lets get going then . Follow me she said and went to her bedroom . I took my clothes off . We started to kiss and fondle . My cock got hard . I licked her tiny nipples and she started to moan . They got hard almost as soon as I touched them . I slipped my finger into her cunt and started to finger fuck her . She was wet and moved her tiny hips in sync with my finger stroking . Damn she said I need this . I slid down the bed and spread her legs and sucked on her clit and she came within a few seconds . Oh ! Shit ! she said . Don’t stop ! Her bony legs locked around my head and she squeezed as hard as she could . I stuck another finger in her cunt and sucked harder on her clit . OH ! MY ! GOD! She said and came so hard that she lifted my head up along with her hips a good foot off the bed . She shook so hard that I though she was going to pass out . I pulled my head out from between her legs and turned her over so I could fuck her doggie style . But I still didn’t have a condom on . I spread her ass cheeks and put one finger in her cunt and another in her ass . OH! OH! OH! She said that feels good . I finger fucked her ass and cunt at the same time . She shouted fuck my ass ! I found a condom and put it on and spit on her asshole to lube it a bit and stuck my cock in her ass slowly . OH WOW ! she said I’ve never done this before but I love it . It took me a few seconds to get my cock all the way inside he ass but when I did she pushed back hard and ground her ass around in a circular motion . Damn that feels good she said . To me too I said ! I humped as hard and fast as I could . She came several times before my cock went limp . I pulled it out of her ass and took the condom off . We were laying on the bed and she said Thanks Rick ! No problem I said . But don’t tell anyone please I hate having everyone knowing what I do . She laughed and said I don’t want everyone knowing my business either . I have a position to uphold in the business community . Ok I said sounds like we both have the same idea . Rick she said you can come over and fuck my ass anytime you want but I want it in my cunt to ! She started to suck on my cock and it got hard quickly . Well I said lets make your cunt happy to . I licked it a few times to be sure her cunt was wet and then put on another condom and she got on top of my cock and did all the work her skinny ass bouncing up and down. She was squeezing her own nipples and came twice before she got tired . I move her around so I could fuck her doggie style . She loved it . When I came and went limp and pulled out she fell forward on the bed . Shit she said I’m glad I called you . So am I ! I replied . For a skinny woman you have a tight pussy I said . Well she said Bob was very small and you are only the second guy I’ve ever fucked !

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