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Dan stood in the doorway with a tent in his pants after watching his wife shag his best friend on the kitchen table. The slender, dark-haired man was aroused, not angry, and he even had a wry little smile on his face as he addressed his wife, Samantha. She was still on the table trying to cover up while friend Jack, buff and tan, stepped into his pants with no sign of concern.

“So now it’s my turn,” Dan said in a confident tone as he approached the beautiful blonde who sat naked on the table’s edge with her legs smack together and an arm in front of her splendid breasts, as if she had to conceal her goodies from the man to whom she was married.

“You can see I need to be taken care of,” Dan told her, gesturing toward his expanded pants.

“B-but…?!?” Samantha was agog. What was happening here? Her husband had caught her screwing Jack and eating his cum, but Dan didn’t seem pissed. In fact, he was ready for sexual action as proved by the erect prick that leaped out when he unzipped his fly.

“On your knees, bitch,” he said in an even tone, still without apparent anger. “You owe me.”

Samantha obeyed without argument. When Dan had caught her being unfaithful she had feared he would demand a divorce, and their pre-nup would leave her penniless. Now all he seemed to want was a blowjob, and she could supply that with no sweat.

She sank to her knees on the kitchen floor and took her hubby’s cock into her mouth. She rolled her tongue around the knob then began to seriously suck him.

“That’s the way,” Dan said as she bobbed her head. “You ARE my hot little bitch, aren’t you?” He tousled her soft light-blond hair.

“Aahng…aahng…ghaah,” she said as her sucking mouth moved forward and back, forward and back on Dan’s rigid shaft, his large dickhead stuffing her mouth as it skidded on her tongue.

Her wide eyes were aimed at her hubby’s face to confirm that her erotic efforts were pleasing him. When she rolled her eyes to check out Jack, she found him standing nearby watching them with a smile. That was a bit much and she wondered what the fuck was going on, but she couldn’t stop doing what she was doing. She needed to please her husband now more than ever. And she LOVED him, damn it! His friend Jack was just a hot dude who had upset her mind, but now she had to protect what was important.

“Aahng…aahng…aahng…” she sucked Danny harder, bobbing lower and lower on his dong.

“Lick my fuckin’ balls, bitch,” he panted, being deliberately crude and demanding because he had learned that she liked that when they were having sex. It didn’t mean he didn’t love her, Sam assured herself. And he STILL loved her! She needed to believe that.

Samantha let his dick flip free to stick almost straight up, and the column swayed back and forth across her nose as she licked his hanging nuts and inhaled the slight scent of sweat on them. She captured his dickhead once again and let it ride her tongue into the opening of her throat as she worked her pink lips on her hubby’s passion pole.

“Isn’t she terrific?” she heard Dan say to his friend. “She’s the best little cocksucker in the county.”

“Don’t I know it!” Jack laughed in agreement.

Samantha would have blushed if she were not already rosy-cheeked with excitement as she gave her hubby an impassioned blowjob. From the corner of her eye she saw Jack open his fly and once again unlimber the dick she had pleasured just minutes ago. He began to play with himself. Goddamn him, she thought and sucked her hubby with even greater concentration.

Suddenly Dan tensed, jerked in her mouth, and let go, splashing semen over her tongue and down her throat as she gulped, half defensively and half because she liked it. So what? She couldn’t help how she felt! She loved her husband.

Later, as the three of them sat around semi-naked and were having drinks, Dan opened up: “I’ll tell you the way it goes down, Sam. We’ve talked about threesomes and you always said no, so I set this thing up with Jack to get myself some leverage. Knowing how hot you are, I figured you wouldn’t be able to resist him, and I was right. It made me jealous sure, but I had to do it .So now that you’ve screwed Jack, I can screw Maybelle from the office. See where I’m going with this?”
It was obvious that the liquor had gotten to Dan. He probably had started before arriving in the house. Now Samantha and Jack were trying to catch up.

“Who’s this Maybelle slut?” Samantha demanded, her green eyes shooting sparks.

“I made up the name,” Dan said. “Fuck it.”

“Well, who is it you want to screw anyway?”

“You, babe.”

“Then why did you hand me over to Jack?” Samantha demanded.

“I didn’t make you fuck him,” Dan shot back. “That was your idea.”

“Easy,” Jack warned. “We gotta get along here.”

“So…just what the fuck is it you fucking want…Dann-eee?” Samantha asked through gritted teeth.

He laughed. “You! You without the condemnation. You having fun. You with another babe.”


“Yeah. You with another chick. I want to watch and then maybe join in.”

Sam was excited. “So that’s it. That’s your threesome? You, me and another woman, not two guys and me?”

“Preferably, but you doing another guy is okay too as long as he and I don’t touch. I got a hard-on from watching you with Jack just now.”

“Oh, this is too much!” Samantha said, but her nerves were thrumming. “You just want to open the house up? Come one, come all?” She took a hefty gulp of booze.

“No-no. Just a quiet little party–two babes and maybe two guys. What do you think?”

“I think it’s crazy,” Sam said, but her imagination had begun to soar.

“That’s not a no,” Dan observed. “Jack, you’ve got a chick who lives around here, right?”

“She’s an older gal…but hot,”

“So invite her over Friday night. You, me, the older gal, and Sam. Is that okay with everybody?”

Samantha’s nerves were jumping. Another woman? And Dan was hot to see the two of them together! Sam couldn’t decide if she really wanted to do that. But she WAS excited.

“You’re on,” Jack said, “provided Erica agrees. I’ll have to talk to her.”

“You can persuade anybody, especially females,” Dan said. “You’re a fucking salesman after all.”

“And a fucking stud!” Samantha added, her eyes alight.

Dan looked at her. “Let’s all get it on again.”

“Can you?” Samantha asked, looking at his limp condition.

“Work on me a little and find out.”

“Work on me too,” Jack said.

“Ooh, God! What have I let myself in for?” Samantha wondered aloud, but the booze had kicked in and all of her inhibitions were down.

The party moved to the master bedroom, and the men stretched out on the king-sized bed. The beautiful but slightly drunk and disheveled blonde knelt between them. She began licking their dicks. In moments both cocks were sticking sky-high. Two cocks for Samantha! This was a first!

As she bent over first one guy and then the other, they took turns cupping and squeezing her titties which hung straight down. The men tweaked and tugged at her rigid nipples, gently shaking her boobs. She took first one cock and then the other into her mouth and sucked them, bobbing her head down and up, down and up on the sturdy stalks. Oh God, I’m in cock heaven, Samantha thought. Her pussy was wet and throbbing.

It wasn’t long before she had to straddle one of the studs and take his stiffness deep inside her. She favored her hubby, of course, because that was only fitting. As she rode him like a cowgirl, Dan stood up on the bed and offered his cock to her mouth. He hadn’t gotten real good head from her during their first go-round, and this was his chance.

Samantha wrapped her fingers around his rod to steady him, and she kept bobbin
g slowly up and down on her husband as she began to lick his good friend’s dick She licked Jack’s pecker up and down, underneath and along the sides, and then he moved closer, holding his schlong stra
ight up. His dangling nuts collided with Samantha’s pretty face, and she gripped the sack so that she could better lick his balls all over.

Dan watched and his cock throbbed happily inside his sexy wife while she moved slowly up and down, up and down, polishing his boner with her warm and slippery cunt, all the while putting on a show for his pleasure. It didn’t get much better than that!

Jack was a happy man, too. Dan’s hot and gorgeous wife was a fantastic playmate, and the fact that Dan was watching with total acceptance was an added fillip. Now Jack backed up just a bit to end Samantha’s fascination with his nut-sack and offered her the end of his cock. She swirled her tongue around the helmet-shaped knob and sucked the big thing into her mouth. Her eyes aimed up at the blissful man as she began to glide her o-shaped lips forward and back, forward and back on his shaft.

“That’s it, babe,” Dan said, his head on a pillow and his cock deeply sunk inside Samantha as she posted up and down and twisted too. She knew all the moves. “Isn’t she a terrific cocksucker, Jack?”

“Oh definitely!” Jack averred as he swayed a few inches forward and back, forward and back, stroking his thick prick in the circle of her pink lips. “She’s a blowjob queen, that’s for sure!”

Samantha was just slutty enough to enjoy those compliments, and she knew they were sincere because the dicks of both men were throbbing inside her, one in her mouth and the other in her pussy. A guy couldn’t fake his feelings when his cock was rock-hard like that. The woman knew. And when it was TWO cocks, she was doubly sure.

Sam needed to taste her husband’s dick after it had spent some time inside her, and she climbed off him causing his wet red pecker to sway to and fro. She lost no time in kneeling at his side on the big bed and wrapping her lips around the head of his dong. She licked and sucked at the same time, which produced a sexy slurpy sound, and she enjoyed the rich taste of her own pussy on her husband’s cock.

“Stick your ass in the air, babe!” Jack ordered as he knelt behind her. He worked his cock into her slippery sexual socket and drove it home.

“OH!” she exclaimed because his cock was really long and hard. But in moments she happily adjusted to it. She replaced her mouth on her husband’s dork to resume sucking him while friend Jack began to fuck her doggy-style. In and out, in and out his big long boner surged, spreading her vagina and stuffing her with his throbbing lust.

Samantha moaned against her mouthful of hubby dick while she enjoyed Jack’s long, hard tool stroking in and out of her from behind. She screwed her cunt around his lusty thrusts, and he slapped her asscheeks to watch them quiver, liking the springy feel and the sound of flesh on flesh which was very sexy. Hubby Dan enjoyed the sexy sight and sound as well.

For Samantha this three-way was something totally new, and she was exultant. It didn’t seem to matter whose cock was in her mouth and whose dick was in her cunny. She had two lovers now and both of them were hot!

The threesome kept changing positions, each cock switching from Sam’s mouth to her pussy and back again until finally Dan asked, “Are you a back door guy, Jack?”

“I presume you mean GIVING?” his friend inquired pointedly.

“Yeah. Of course. I ask because Samantha lets me do that sometimes, and she might let you also if you ask her real nice.”

Sam jerked her mouth off her husband’s cock to say, “I don’t know about that,” but her nerves were tingling. The men had fucked her to a high level of excitement and she was wound tight.

“Come on, baby,” Dan coaxed as he toyed with her tits. “You know you like it.”

“But Jack’s so biiig!”

“Thanks a lot for drawing a comparison,” her husband chided. “But even if it’s true, and I haven’t noticed, you’ll expand to accommodate him.”

Without waiting for a further response from his wife, Dan snatched a squeeze bottle of lubricant from the nightstand drawer and ordered, “Onto your belly, bitch, and stick your ass up!”

“Oooooh…” whined Samantha. But she did as commanded.

Spreading her ass-cheeks with one hand, her husband spritzed her with the other and set the plastic bottle down. He stroked his middle finger along her ass-crack across her puckery little rear hole and gradually worked the tip of his finger in. Jack, watching closely, picked up the spritz bottle and Dan removed his finger long enough for his friend to put the lube on target. Dan pushed the slippery substance into her rear and worked it all around, enlarging her grabby little gate. He sank his finger deeper and began to stroke the digit in and out, in and out of his wife’s now very pliant asshole. She moaned with pleasure. Oh yes, she did want Jack’s prick up there!

Dan added a second finger and extended them both to their full length. “Ready Jack?” he asked his buddy.

“Oh yeah, let me at her!”

Listening to the men talk in such a crude way about buggering her made Samantha feel more and more like a slut, and right now she didn’t mind. In fact, she reveled in it!

Dan pulled his fingers from her bunghole and Jack hurriedly got into position before the rosy little opening had a chance to fully close. In one motion, he shoved the wide head of his pecker up Samantha’s butt.

“Oooooowwwwww!” Samantha bellowed because Jack indeed was big, and he gave her at least half the length of his cock in one thrust up her rear. However, the lube helped a lot, and her desire to accommodate her new lover also helped. As she relaxed, the shock and pain became a crazy kind of pleasure, and she was ready for Jack to continue.

He began pumping his prick in and out of her corn-hole, moving vigorously and sinking deeper with each thrust until she was taking his entire eight inches where the sun don’t shine. Her hubby was slumped in a nearby chair, stroking his stalk as he watched his friend plunder his pretty wife’s ass. Samantha watched Jack pleasure himself and that added to her perverse turn-on. She shoved a hand down her front and played with her pussy while she got her ass fucked.

Jack speeded up. So did Dan. It was kind of fun for Samantha to watch her hubby jacking off, and it certainly was fun to feel Jack pumping away in her tight rear hole, but she wanted more. She needed her hubby’s dick in her mouth right now.

“Fuck my fucking face!” she drunkenly demanded, her eyes hot and her lips slack as she gazed at Dan.

He sprang to his feet and stood at the side of the bed. Samantha raised her head a bit, and he fed his dick to her eager mouth. She clamped her lips around the head and sucked vigorously, moaning in her throat while Jack fucked her hot ass faster and faster. His thick piston pumped in and out, in and out of her greased asshole, giving her a greater thrill than she had ever gotten from that act before. At the same time, she pinched her throbbing clit and slapped the hot little love button. She gasped and wailed against her husband’s mouth-stuffing cock.

The guys speeded up, fucking her face and ass. Then suddenly they groaned in unison while one pumped his product into her mouth and the other squirted his hot cum up her rear. Sam was catapulted over the precipice into ecstasy. She gulped then moaned, jerking her mouth free, and the final shot of her husband’s joy-juice struck her full in the face. She didn’t mind. Nothing could bother her now. She had never felt more warm and wonderful!
“So you’ll speak with Erica?” Dan asked his friend later, after everyone had tidied up and got dressed.

“Yes indeed,” Jack assured him.

Listening to this, Samantha was not yet sure that she wanted to invite another woman into the three-way that had just been created or whether she wanted to hook up with a woman at all. It might spoil everything! She had thought about lesbian love, as nearly every woman has at one time
or another, but most women never act on the idea and Sam didn’t know if she was up to it. However, it seemed the decision was alr
eady made. The boys were full speed ahead.

Samantha’s life had changed so much, and it was going to change even more. Was this what she really wanted? One way or the other, it looked as if she was going to find out……..

(Author’s Note: Thanks to all readers for their comments on my stories that appear under the bylines of funwryter and justaguy531. A special thanks to lady readers. You are my inspiration, so please keep the comments cumming.)

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