Heretics (chapter four)

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Kadence led Sofie down a winding corridor to a new room. It was dimly lit, leaving only a small portion of the dismal abode visible upon entry. A short pudgy man greeted them both with a cold smile as they entered. Sofie recognized him from the festivities in the sanctuary earlier that evening. He took charge of the girl, leading her to the corner where a small stool awaited. She was then tethered by a heavy steel shackle and chain secured around her left ankle.

Once she was locked away, he escorted Kadence into the darkness. In the distance, the sound of a door closing echoed through the room. Sofie was once again alone with only her thoughts to console her, but they were of little comfort. Her mind kept drifting back to thoughts of her family. Her heart ached as she thought of how badly she missed them.

Out of the void crept Celia. She sought to comfort Sofie, knowing what the poor girl had been through. This time the sight of Celia did sooth her nerves a bit. Her stomach ached from lack of real food. It was a pain she was growing to know even better now.

“Don’t worry Sofie, he will be gone for a while,” Celia softly spoke as she pulled a small bundled scrap of material from under the tattered smock she wore. She offered the starving girl another small hunk of cake, which Sofie greedily gobbled up in seconds. She continued to watch Celia carefully as she licked the crumbs from her fingers. Despite the kindness this stranger had shown her, Sofie was still very apprehensive of her.

“It looks like they really are working fast with you. It took them a couple of months to initiate me,” Celia said as she reached out, touching Sofie’s cheek.

“Initiate?” she asked as she shrank away from the touch.

“That’s what they call it. From the looks of it they are going to make you a breeder,” Celia explained as she looked over Sofie’s disheveled body. “It’s the best one in your situation can hope for here.”

“What do you mean breeder?” she inquired.

“The breeders are girls they keep here to give birth to healthy children for the unfortunate members of the congregation who can not have ones of their own. They use the breeders like animals, but it is still better than they treat the others,” Celia paused and hung her head. “But once they are through with you… well.”

The sound of a door slamming shut resounded through the room, causing them both to fall into a paniced silence. Heavy footsteps fell in the hall, getting closer by the second. Celia tried to scamper back to the way she had snuck in but it was too late, Chester had returned from his rendezvous with Kadence. An evil smile crossed his lips as he snatched the girl by her throat.

“Ah Celia. I thought you were supposed to be chained in the bathroom as usual. I’m sure Mary Agnes won’t be happy to hear you have escaped yet again,” he said as his fingers squeezed tighter around her neck. “Looks like it’s back to the pit for you girl and you know what that means.”

Sofie’s face froze in sheer terror. He dropped the choking girl, letting her land at his feet with a loud thud as she coughed and sputtered. He chuckled as she clamored to her knees.

“Please, I beg of you, don’t tell Mary Agnes. I swear upon my life that I will do anything you want. I will not resist. Please, I can’t go back to the pit” she pleaded.

“Oh my poor deluded slut, you WILL do whatever I want anyway, or you and your little friend here will suffer even more”

His fingers became entangled in her hair as he pulled her face closer to his crotch. She limply complied. He did not say a word as she unzipped his pants. She knew she must obey or it was back to that unbearable hole. Her lips closed around his limp cock. She could taste the remnants of cum from his little encounter just moments before he caught them. The bile rose in her throat as she began to suck the vile muscle. He groaned as it began to swell in her mouth, his slitted eyes had now moved to Celia.

“Whore, get over here NOW,” he demanded.

Sofie knew if she hesitated even a second, she would be tortured even worse than whatever wicked plan he had already devised. The cruel pleasure Chester took in his position was evident in the way he was working Celia’s head back and forth, making her gag on his disgusting cock. His free hand moved, pointing at the rear of his victim.

“Eat her pussy,” he growled.

Sofie was floored by the command. Never before had she done something so wrong. The anger rose in Chester’s face as he watched her dumbfounded expression. He flung Celia to the floor as he moved toward Sofie, grabbing her by the hair and forcing her onto her back. He glared at the discarded girl.

“Straddle her face. Either she will learn to obey or she will smother. I do not care which at this point,” he bluntly stated as he watched Celia move, his cock entered her mouth once again as she lowered her hips, her tender pink flesh resting gently against Sofie’s mouth and nose. “I told you to eat her damn pussy… now do it before I have to get mean and you better make her cum.”

The scent of womanly sex made Sofie’s stomach churn. A sharp pain shot through her as she felt the toe of his boot connect with the soft flesh between her neck and shoulder. Timidly her tongue began to peek out between her lips as she tried to obey. With her eyes clenched shut, she pushed her tongue a little farther out, parting the little pink flaps and slipping inside Celia’s juicy cunt. Chester saw shivers running through the slut as he fucked her mouth harder.

A jumbled moan worked free as Chester continued to stuff his rigid tool down Celia’s throat. Her hips were rocking as Sofie tried to make the ordeal pass as quickly as possible. With that tongue darting in and out of her, Celia was pushed closer and closer to succumbing to the impending orgasm. Her body tensed as she squirmed, causing the trapped girl’s nose to press against Celia’s throbbing clit.

He yanked his cock from the warm, wet confines of her throat as he tightly gripped it. A loud scream of pleasure rang through the room as she convulsed. He pulled her roughly off Sofie’s face as he aimed his cock toward it, stroking it furiously. The torrents of thick white cum splattered all across her glazed mouth, dribbling down her cheek. Chester laughed cruelly, as he milked the last drops from his quickly deflating cock. He watched Sofie’s mortified look, as she lay there, unable to do anything but cry.

Suddenly a stream of golden piss began to coat Sofie’s skin, washing away some of the mess before his aim traveled down to her tits. Celia sat there watching as the poor girl was bathed in the acrid urine. She could see the tiny bit of hope inside the girl quickly shattering she was covered in the waste. Chester coldly glared at Celia for a moment. He knew that though she had been punished many times by being forced to be a toilet slave, that the taste still sickened her. He enjoyed watching her wretch as she tried to keep from vomiting when she was forced to clean it up.

“Clean that up Celia,” he said, watching her start to stand up. “With your tongue girl. You know better than that.”

Celia stared at him for a moment, the bitter hatred clear in her gaze. She crawled over to Sofie and began to run her tongue softly over her skin, starting at her cheek. Slowly, she licked up every visible spot that the cum and urine had coated on her face. Sofie continued to sob softly as she was given the torturous tongue bath. She shuddered as she felt Celia’s tongue pass over the soft curve of her neck and down the center of her chest. Under any other circumstance, the gentle lapping would have greatly turned her on. Every caress of the girl’s tongue on her flesh caused goose bumps to rise.

Chester had put his cock back in his pants and stood watching with a disinterested look upon his face. His eyes followed her tongue as it circled the candy pi
nk center of Sofie’s firm breasts, noticing the slight jiggle to them as her breath caught in her throat.
Despite how hard she tried to fight it, her body was reacting to the delicate touch of another woman. Inside, Sofie knew she had sunk to a new low as the feeling spread through her. She despised herself so much for it, that she could not stop herself. Her body jerked, knocking Celia off her as she sat up, vomiting on the floor. Chester laughed and shook his head as he watched Sofie’s panic set in.

“You stupid girl. Now you have to clean that up. Get to it,” he amusingly answered.

Sofie could not move, she knew he could not mean what she thought he meant. He crouched down, wrapping what hair of hers he could around his hand and forcing her face into the pile of vomit. The smell of it nearly made her throw up again, but she fought it back with all she could. The nasty liquid smeared across her face as he held her head down forcefully.

“You heard me, now start licking. I don’t have all day,” he commanded before looking to Celia. “Give me the steel bead flogger.”

Celia reluctantly rose to her feet, retrieved the metal flogger, and offered it to him. She knew that the pain it inflicted was much worse than the tools they had already used on Sofie. He drew back his hand and let the strands attack her flesh. Her screams resounded through the room as she squirmed. Thin red welts quickly formed across her back as the small beads bit into her flesh. Celia could not watch another moment as Chester cruelly beat the girl.

“Please stop. I will do it. If you must beat someone… beat me instead,” Celia pleaded.

“Why would you want to do that Celia? Hmmmm?” he inquired. “Why would you want to save this wretched little piece of trash?”

“Please, I can’t watch you do this to her. Punish me instead,” she begged.

“Fine. Lick up that mess,” he answered.

Celia quickly obeyed as he dragged Sofie out of her way. Sofie was completely shocked that the girl who barely knew her would do something so disgusting just to save her. It made no sense to her at all. Celia lapped up the foamy mixture of cum and soggy bits of cake as quickly as she could. Chester laughed as he watched her clean every speck of it from the cold stone floor. When she finished she looked pitifully up at the man, hoping that no further punishment would be inflicted on either of them.

“Now Sofie, give your friend here a nice big kiss to thank her for sparing you,” he said.

Sofie was reluctant but Celia knew if they did not kiss, he would grow angry and more pain would be distributed. She moved in closer, mashing her lips to Sofie’s as she forced her tongue inside the resistant girl’s mouth. This was met with an approving nod from him. Reaching in his pocket, he fished out the key to unlock the shackle from Sofie, releasing her from the tether. He started toward the door to the musty little cell, stopping to turn and look at the girls for a moment.

“When I return I expect her to be spotlessly clean Celia. I will check EVERY orifice,” he stated before slipping into the hall and locking the door behind him.

Celia let out a sigh of relief as they both settled down for a moment. She rose to her feet once again, feeling along the wall for the light switch and flicking on the lights. The brightness hurt their eyes as they squinted, trying to adjust to it. Her hand extended, reaching for Sofie’s as she helped her to her feet. She led her toward the table in the corner of the room. Sofie’ finally broke the silence.

“Why did you do that?” she inquired.

“I knew what they would do to you next if you didn’t obey. I had to protect you from that,” Celia softly answered in a soothing tone.

“Why would you do that? You don’t even know me,” she replied.

“I was in your position once. I know how terrifying it is. I couldn’t bear to watch you go through it,” Celia said.

“Is there any way to get out of here? I need to see my family, to let them know I am ok,” she asked.

Celia shook her head. She paused for a long moment, not wanting to completely destroy any hope Sofie had left. Finally, she decided to just let her know the truth of the matter. She busied herself, preparing the enema Sofie was to be given. She helped her up onto the table, trying to find a way to comfort her.

“There is little hope of that. By now, they have probably informed your family that you are dead. The church has no intention of ever letting you go Sofie, unless they will greatly profit from your release. They have probably told your family that you were in a horrible accident and offered them comfort. The church covers up every disappearance. No one will come looking for you again now,” she hesitantly stated as she watched Sofie’s heart breaking. “No one has ever escaped them. If you obey and do as they wish, eventually you will get privileges and treated slightly better, but that is nearly impossible to accomplish.”

Sofie broke into a heart wrenching sob as the words sunk deeper in. She realized that now there truly was no hope of ever escaping this nightmare. The girl did not even resist the dreadful invasion of the nozzle into her anus. The news was truly breaking her. The warm water flooded into her quickly, causing massive cramps to ripple through her. Sofie assisted her to the toilet and back to the table when she finished expelling the waste. After several cycles, it was done, allowing the girls to move on to a more pleasant part of the process.

The large tub in the corner filled with warm soapy water, invitingly waiting for Sofie. This was the first time she was allowed to relax in the slightest but it was of little comfort to her. Sofie cupped her hands under the running water and drank down several gulps of the liquid to wash away the bitterness in her mouth. She sank into the tub, the warm water stinging her ripped skin. Celia caringly tended to washing her, her touch was so light compared to anything else she had felt while she had been held captive. Her hand caressed Sofie’s abused body softly as she cleansed her, making sure every inch of her was immaculately clean. As her fingers dipped down and brushed against Sofie’s clit, she noticed the girl gasp slightly. She circled it with her fingertip, watching Sofie’s face change from desperate sadness to a slightly calmer mood. Her fingers continued to attend to the swollen little button as she watched Sofie’s disgust slip away.

The tenderness of Celia’s touch seemed to dissolve her inhibition, despite the fact that she knew it was wrong to feel that way about a member of the same sex. She could not help herself though. The sensation was numbing her mind to everything else that was going on, leaving her helpless to resist Celia’s advances. Nimble fingers quickly sought out her slit and pushed inside, as her clit was continually stroked by Celia’s thumb.

Sofie’s gaze fell upon Celia’s face, searching it for meaning, still confused about the girl’s motivation. She could not understand any of this, why the girl saved her, why her body was reacting so vigorously to her touch, or why she was feeling so close to Celia all of a sudden.

Sofie’s eyes fluttered nearly shut as she felt herself slipping deeper. She bit down hard on her lower lip as the fingers that teased her delicate flesh continued to work their magic. It was quickly coming before she could bear, her hips began to rock mindlessly as her muscles relaxed, her entire body reacting to the womanly touch.

Celia watched the water ripple as Sofie’s body began to tremble. The skillful way the fingers delved in and out of the velvety folds, and manipulated that throbbing little button forced Sofie to succumb to the pleasure. Her voice quivered as she let out a soft moan, another quickly following. It did not take long for the girl to break into a string of what felt like endless orgasms, her fingers gripping the edges of the tub as a little water splashed out.

As the climax subsided, Celia pulled her fingers slowly from the limp girl’
s body. A soft smile graced her lips as she washed Sofie’s hair, rinsing it carefully. She was very comforti
ng as she helped Sofie out of the tub and dried her wet skin before leading her back to the stool and securing the tether around her ankle once again. This time, when she stroked Sofie’s cheek, she did not resist, instead she smiled.

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