Heros Return 4 by Screw 3

A Heroes Return part 4 by Screw3

Vicki left Dick’s house when she woke up even though he was still sleeping. She rushed home because she had the sensation that her monthly was starting a couple of days early. She made it in time to insert a tampon before any damage was done. She could only think of what she had promised him and a little more sleep. When she woke she fixed herself some lunch and started looking through her phone book for someone to share Dick with her. This created a major problem in her mind because she did not really want to share him with anyone and wished she had never said otherwise.
When she got to the esses she finally found her possibility, her Uncle Henri’s widow. Her mother’s brother had died 3 years ago and Aunt Sadie had to be around 35 and while she had kept her figure doing aerobics was not really pretty. Vicki called the library and asked for Ms Straight. “Aunt Sadie would you like to meet tonight. Maybe I could cook something for you.”
“This is pretty sudden Vicki. I haven’t heard from you in months and now you want to feed me? Are you in some kind of trouble, like pregnant or something?”
Looking down at the string hanging down from her pussy, “Definitely not pregnant, but might fit into the category of or something. You may even like the idea, you know. What would you like me to cook?”
“I even get to set the menu, how interesting. How about a spinach salad and some fish?”
“Still on your diet, I see. Good for you. I will enjoy cooking for you, better than eating alone, isn’t it?”
“OK, I get off at six, so is six:thirty good for you?”
“That will be fine. See you then.”
Sadie started wondering what this could all be about and why was Vicki involving her. Vicki got dressed finally, and left to but what she needed for dinner. Her mind was much more on how she was going to put her proposition to her aunt. She could hardly say “Do you want to get fucked by my new man?” That was what it amounted to though.
Vicki opened a bottle of Chablis that was in the house and decanted it off into a pitcher since she broke the cork opening the bottle. Then at 6:15 she started fixing the spinach salad, and prepping the other veggies to put in the steamer, asparagus and beets. The salmon would wait until they started on the salad. The doorbell rang at 6:32 and Vicki opened the door to let Sadie in. “Hi Sadie, come on in. The salad is ready.”
“Why did you invite me here?”
“Whoa, let’s wait till after dinner and then we can relax and chat. Okay?”
Sadie agreed and commented on the quality of the meal as they walked into the living room. “Sadie would you like some B&B now?”
“That sounds good to me. I didn’t know you imbibed though. You are really growing up.”
Vicki poured the liqueur into tiny glasses and brought them back to the couch. “Here’s mud in your eye.” Vicki drained her glass looking for the courage to bring up the subject and was surprised when it burnt. Sadie took a sip.
“Are you sure you aren’t pregnant? Are you still a virgin and need advice. I may be the wrong one to talk to. I haven’t been out on a date, or with a man, since Henry died.”
“No boyfriends, I find that hard to believe. I am definitely not pregnant since I am in my menses right now. I am not a virgin. I have found a wonderful lover. He made me cum often and so much harder than my fingers ever did.”
“Great, it was about time. You are 21, right.”
“Not quite another seven weeks or so. You must be horney for a by now though. Would you like to meet my friend and …..”
“Whoa, Vicki, are you telling me you want to share him with me. I think that is pretty sick. What were you thinking about?” Sadie thought that the idea had some merits, but not some lovesick kid. “How old is he? Where did you meet him? Do I know him?”
“I don’t know for sure, I think he is 27 or 28. I have known him for years. His sister was Katie’s best friend, or one of them anyway. You probably know Richard Courtney, he must have used the library in high school or college.
Dick Courtney, my oh my, the high school hero who went off to war. “I didn’t know he was even back in town. That does make your offer a little more interesting?” Then leaning forward, “How big is Dick’s dick?” Sadie giggled wondering if she really asked that.
“I didn’t measure it. It is longer than both of my hands when I put them around it.”
“How thick?” Sadie asked as she felt herself warming up just at that thought. Henry’s was only a little over 4″ and not very thick.
Vicki made a circle with her fingers. “Okay then, tell me why yo are getting someone else to share this guy. Vicki repeated the whole story (Hero Returns 3) and Sadie sat back. She had to lift her hand up as it had gone to her groin. “Okay then, call him and tell him we will be there tomorrow at 8″ Sadie said to herself, I hope I can wait for this. No I will do myself tonight getting ready for this.
Vicki called Dick and made arrangements. “Sadie can you make it earlier if he fixes or has dinner ready for us?”
“Sure, make it for 7 then.”
The plans were made and both ladies went to their bedrooms and relieved themselves as best they could. They arrived together precisely at 7 and rang the bell.
Dick welcomed them into his home and ushered them into the dining room where Vicki introduced Sadie to him. The food was sitting on chafing dishes. They started to help themselves when Dick said, “Strip.” A one word command that left no choice but obedience. Vicki started first then looked at Dick. He was wearing a speedo and a spandex shirt that showed of his body. Sadie was surprised that that one word from him had started her to dampen herself. She stripped to a bra and panties while Vicki was nude. Sadie, strip completely, now.”
Sadie was so excited she had trouble unhooking her bra. Dick came over and cut it into two with a carving knife and then split her panties elastic and they both fell to the floor. He squeezed her nipples which were tender to his touch. “Nice tits, C cup?”
Sadie nodded speechless at this treatment. Henry had always been so respectful of her and she was the only man Sadie had known, other than the books she had read. She felt the juices escaping from her that must be as apparent as her extended nipples. She looked at her niece and saw that she was also excited by what was going on between her and Dick. Sadie had never seen the excitement of another in a woman’s tits before. They sat down and ate the spicy Chinese food laced with garlic. They were all eating it so no one would smell the other. Dick served the women with the mixture of Southern Comfort and apple juice while he drank green tea. When dinner was over he led them to his bedroom.
“Vicki remove my shirt. Sadie on your knees and remove my shorts with your teeth.”
Vicki went and started on his shirt while Sadie walked on her knees and elbowed Vicki to the side while she started tugging on his pants. She had never had a cock in her mouth before since Henry knew if he let her she would want him to do her the same way. Dick had a real cock, Henry’s was a tiny penis, not worth another name. Sweat was getting into Sadie’s eyes making her tear while she did it. She finally got the speedo off and put that cock in her mouth as quickly as she could. Vicki was also feeling teary watching his cock disappear into Sadie’s mouth. “You, Vic, suck my balls.”
Vicki maneuvered herself under Sadie and started sucking on Dick’s scrotum. He pulled her leg up towards his head and began fingering her clit. “Vic, now you do that for Sadie.” When Dick felt he was going to cum he pulled out of Sadie’s mouth and maneuvered himself so that his cock was over both their faces and with a few pulls on his prick he sent a torrent of cum over them into their gaping mouths and onto their faces. Then they took turns licking his gism off the other’s face. He had them arrange themselves on their sides with their legs bent away from his body. Sadie on his right and Vicki on his left and his fingers in Sadie’s pussy
and Vicki’s asshole keeping them both excited.
“Dick, it has been over 3
years since I have been fucked. Please fuck me, please.”
Sadie had a better body than Vicki even though she was 15 years older. Just the smallest of a pouch in her abdomen, her face though was strange. In profile, either right or left, she could almost be called beautiful, but they did not match exactly. This made her plain when seen from the front. “Sadie, when was the last time you were taken in the ass?”
“Never and I am not sure I want that.”
“What I that is the price for getting your pussy fucked?”
“Sadie, I thought it would be horrible, but it wasn’t.” chimed in Vicki.
Dick took his damp middle finger and stuck it into Sadie’s asshole. “Don’t fight it, bitch. That only makes it hurt more.”
Sadie was able to relax a little and his finger entered her. “Vicki suck her pussy, you bleeding slut.”
Vicki had never considered this but Dick wanted it, so she did it. Vicki also realized as she did this and tasted her aunt’s pussy juices that it was more pleasurable than she thought. Vicki’s tongue was driving Sadie crazy because she had never had anyone do this to her before. Sadie never even noticed Dick was stretching her asshole and had 3 fingers inside her. She felt the head of his cock entering her driving her snatch into Vicki’s mouth. As he went in and out Vicki could feel every thrust of his cock into her aunt. She began playing with herself. The three of them came almost simultaneously with Dick shooting his load into Sadie’s rectum. Sadie ran to the bathroom while Dick had Vicki suck his cock clean of Sadie’s remains and some cum of his.
Dick went into the bathroom and saw Sadie trying to put lipstick back on. “Wipe that red stuff off on my cock.” Sadie took his flaccid dick into her mouth and found that it was shooting a load of piss into her mouth. Dick had her by the hair so she couldn’t pull away. “Swallow it bitch, then you can have a drink of punch to chase the taste. That is if you want to get your pussy fucked.”
“Ha, you have come twice already. Do you think you can do it again?”
“Ha, yourself. Your late husband must have been a real wuss. I am going to fuck your pussy until you cry from pleasure and pain. You will beg me to use another hole.”
To be continued

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