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Hillary and I approach my apartment at quarter past midnight, and I am very excited. I can’t recall when I ever wanted a woman as much as I want her. It is not only that she is gorgeous, but she has the kind of personality that really turns me on. She is sweet and sexy at the same time, and so natural about it.

This is our third date, and she has agreed to come to my place for a nightcap. I am not sure that we will do anything more than have a drink together. It is her call. She is an aspiring singer, and as one of the top agents in Hollywood I am in a position to do her career a great deal of good, but I know she won’t give into me for that reason. How do I know? Let’s just say I know women.

Call me C-Man, and I guess you know what that stands for. My actual name doesn’t matter. C-Man has lots of names and lots of professions. The main thing about me is, I know how to please women, and that is my central purpose in life. Why? Because by pleasing women, I inspire them to please me. Sure, it’s a selfish attitude, but it works for everyone.

So now we enter my upscale apartment, and Hillary looks around. She seems impressed, but forget the apartment. Let me describe her instead:

Hillary has long black hair, green eyes, and is five-nine, I judge. She has exquisite curves. Her breasts must measure 38-D, and there is nothing phony about them. All evening, I have discreetly observed the subtle quiver of the creamy mounds which are partially exposed at the V of her little evening dress, and I can tell for certain that her tits are real.

Hillary’s ass is shapely but firm, and she has killer long legs which show to perfection below her short skirt. Also, she has one hell of a singing voice, and that is how I came to know her. She has made only one CD which hasn’t had much of a play because no one knows who she is. Problem is, her piss-poor record company can’t afford the promotion. That is where I come in. My first order of business will be to arrange a buy-out of her contract by one of the biggies.

Hillary and I made a deal first, and only then did we start going out together. Now that I have discovered what a sweet and classy girl she is, I want her so bad I can taste it! But what does she think of me? Just a fun date or someone she could really get close to? I wish I knew.

As Hillary glances around the apartment and at her escort of the evening, here is what she is thinking and this is the way things are happening, from her viewpoint. She has written this for you in her very own words. (I have asked her to just call me “him” or “he” because I must protect my anonymity. Anyway, I am C-Man.)


“Wow, you have a lovely apartment,” I tell him. “You really know how to make the whole place flow.”

“That’s what decorators are for,” he replies. “I told her my lifestyle and she meshed it all into this. I’m pretty pleased. So can I offer you a drink?”

“Sure, I would love a Jack and Coke if you have it. None of that diet bullshit, though. Never could understand why people drink it,” I say laughingly.

“Jack and Coke it is then. I myself am a gin and tonic kind of guy.” he says.

As he returns with the drinks, I watch the way he walks across the room. He swaggers a bit (very sexy) and has an air of arrogance about him, both of which turn me on. I notice the tingling between my legs.

Wow, I say to myself, this man is getting me wet without even touching me! I wonder if he’s interested in me. I’ve caught him looking at my breasts from time to time tonight. Maybe if I put a move on him, we can find out. Nothing too bold though. I’m still a little new at the California game.

He slides in next to me on the sofa and I feel the sexual energy start to emanate from both of us. I wrap my fingers around his hand as he passes the drink to me. His eyes glisten and the corners of his mouth curve up. I see the outline of his semi-hard cock through his pants. He takes his hand and brushes it against my tits.

“I have been admiring these all evening,” he says. “Would you mind if I touched them some more?”

“N-no, I don’t mind at all,” I stammer. My thong is soaking wet at this point. I’m still not sure if I want to sleep with this man who is supposed to be helping me get my career off the ground, but maybe that’s how a girl gets to the top in Hollywood…


I wrap my hands around Hillary’s shapely tits, squeezing them gently through her dress. She isn’t wearing a bra. She has only the top of her dress for cover, and her tits obviously do not require support. They are firm and full, but soft on the surface and pliable–just the way I like them.

My cock becomes a bolt in my boxers and I wish Hillary would put her hand on it and stroke me through my pants. But she is a bit shy. I wonder how much experience she has had. Her lime-green eyes are wide and glistening. God, she is beautiful! And that lustrous, long black hair–I want to rub it all over my face.

I lean close to her and slide my hands from her breasts up to her smooth cheeks. I pet them, then take hold, framing her lovely face between my hands. She has pouty lips–perfect for sucking cock, I think. And then I wonder if she has ever done it. She seems kind of conservative. But that is what I like about her. She has true class.

I press my lips to hers. Her mouth doesn’t yield at first, but then her lips gradually part and I find myself tasting her. It is so good! I kiss her harder, her lips open more, and I am thrilled to my toes when I feel her asp-like tongue slither between my lips just for a quick little visit to my mouth, and then she retreats. My tongue follows hers. I feel her hands take hold at my back, and we are kissing with mutual desire. My cock throbs like it is fit to burst. Jesus, but I want this woman! I can’t remember when I have wanted anyone so much.

Impulsively I grasp Hillary’s hand and carry it to my lap. I break the kiss and back up, fearing I have gone too far and shocked her. I look into her clear green eyes, seeking an answer, but the answer comes from somewhere else as I feel her delicate fingers trace the hard outline of my prick through my pants and boxers. I catch my breath. Hillary looks down at what her hand is doing, and she does not stop. She keeps stroking me through my clothes…


“Goodness, did I do this?” I ask with a slight flush to my cheeks.

“You sure did, Hillary. You are so wonderful! I just want to touch you everywhere. Will you let me?” he asks.

“I uh, am not very experienced in this area,” I blush.

“Let me show you how then” he says.

He slowly brushes aside my dress to reveal my tits. I can see his eyes widen. Slowly he starts to lick my nipples, and they instantly harden to the touch of his warm, wet tongue. My fingers snake up into his hair and delicately stroke it. I can hear his groans of pleasure, and I know his cock is hard because it is pulsating against my leg. I notice my pussy getting wetter and wetter.

“Ohh God, that feels so good!” I exclaim.

His hand slithers up my short dress and pulls the tiny elastic on my panties to the side. He dips his fingers under it and brings them to his lips. My eyes widen because no man I’ve known has ever done that before.

“Ooh no, don’t do that!” I say in embarrassment and try to pull the wet fingers away from his mouth, but he silences me with a kiss that carries some of my own juice.

My pussy instantly becomes a river. He breaks the kiss and starts to get off the couch. I begin to pout, but I can understand if he doesn’t want this to go any farther. Just as I start to stand up, he pushes on my legs for me to stay down. He sits in front of me and pulls my legs apart, just staring at the moist crotch of my black thong. He hooks his thumbs under the sides of my thong and slowly draws i
t down over my hips.

“What are you doing?” I husk

“I’m going to show you just how excited I am that you are here with me.” he

After he slips my thong over my feet, he brings the moist panel to his lips and licks it. “My God, you taste so good, Hillary! I need to have more of you,” he groans out.

I don’t even have time to respond because, as soon as the words are out of his mouth, his tongue is dancing all over my sopping slit.

“Uhhh…!” is all I can say. My hands are fisted in his hair while my hips writhe in pleasure under his tongue.

As his tongue swirls around my clit, I can’t take it anymore. My back arches up and I let out a low moan as I start to cum. I am trying to pull his head away so he won’t have to drink it, but he buries himself deeper between my thighs. This man is amazing. NO one has done this to me before.

As I lay on the couch trying to steady my breathing once again, C-man rises off the floor. He has already undone his pants, and his throbbing cock is sticking out from his boxers. As I gaze into his eyes, I see a look of mischief. I wonder just what he is going to do with that thing…


I shuck my shorts down, letting my dick leap free, and it locks upright, hard as a fence post. Its rosy knob is swollen to the max, and a barely perceptible strand of clear lubricant dangles from the slitted tip.

“Ooh, I WANT it!” Hillary declares heatedly, as if she is afraid that I am not going to give it to her.

Silly girl! I get onto my knees on the couch, lifting one of her legs up onto the back of it and spreading her thighs open wide. I move up, lean forward, and twist my hips a little so that the end of my cock gets caught in the split of her luscious pussy.

“OOOOOH!” she cries, feeling the prod.

Suddenly a shock-wave hits me. As improbable as it may seem, what if this show-biz girl who just burst upon the scene in Hollywood, is a VIRGIN?

I have to ask her.

“No,” she gasps. “There was a boy…just one boy…just one time.”

“Good!” I exclaim, and start pushing into her.

“B-but…I’m not protected,” she says anxiously.

“Don’t worry,” I assure her. “I’ll take care of that.”

I sink my 9-inch whang slowly into her coochie until she has all of it. Her green eyes are wide as they gaze up at me. Her cherry lips are parted. Looking down into her lovely face, I begin to fuck her…slowly at first, then faster and harder, slamming my belly into her wide-open crotch.

“Ooh…ooh…ooh, my God!” Hillary cries, and begins moving with me, her legs high and locked around my back. I can tell that she loves getting fucked.

I pound my hard meat into her receptive fuck-hole–plunging, driving, going deep with every thrust. She moans and smashes her wet pussy against me. Our bodies make a liquid slapping sound. Her taut titties tremble as I send lightning bolts up her slippery snug twat.

I can’t last long at this rate, but I don’t need to because I can tell that Hillary is close to cumming. I fuck her even harder and faster. She screams. And then she cums like a runaway freight train, jerking and bobbing against me as her head tilts back, her mouth wide open. I feel her cunt muscles milking at my plunger.

At the very last moment I pull out, and my cock spews its warm, sticky product all over her tummy and up as far as her tits. One little white glob lands on a rosy nipple.

When I am fully spent and my ecstatic groaning has stopped, and when Hillary has stopped climaxing also, I swipe the tip of my index finger across her white-capped titty, taking up the cum. I carry my finger to her lips and ask, “Taste?”

She hesitates for only a moment, then puts out her rosy tongue and licks my finger clean while her eyes look right up at me. I lean down and kiss her. And let me tell you, at that moment I am the happiest man in the whole State of California!

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