His Arrival Part III..the next morning

Since going to bed extremely early the nite before, i awoke at 3am. Lite my usual morning joint and proceded to make a pot of coffee. Wondering if my dominoes partner would be on that early. Well ofcourse she wasnt there, no one with any sense would be online at that time of the morning. So that gave my mind plenty of time to wonder, jumping from one game to another.

Knowing that he was leaving in the morning, i felt we still hadnt had enough quality time together. What can i say,,,,i get horny when hes gone so i like to take advantage of what time we do have together. But this time was different, i wanted the special treatment. I was dying to get his sweet mouth on my pussy. He got up shortly after me, around 3:30am and greated me with his morning smile and kiss. It feels good to be kissed by him. And then he proceeded to wake himself up with the news and coffee. After about an hour or so of waiting for my friend online i decided to leave and give him a chance to play if he wanted to. He didn’t.

I joined him in the diningroom and we had coffee together. And also had wished that we would have done the tilling the day before, because it was pouring down outside now.

The morning proceeded on and he had checked his emails and played a couple games, when i announced that i was going to take a shower. Would he like to join me. Ofcourse there was no hesitation, we love taking showers together. I love the feeling of our soapy bodys sliding against each others, and the gentle kiss that comes with it. But this morning was different. I needed the time to shave. I wanted my pussy lips shaved clean. I love the feel of my soft pussy when its shaved. So he did his business, and then headed to bed awaiting on me. After i was sure i was all slick shaven and smelling of his favorite scent, i joined him in bed.

He was a sight, laying flat naked on the bed, with his cute inviting smile. I crawled in next to him and we started kissing. His hands were all over my body,,,starting at my breasts. He knows exactly the kind of attention my breasts need, and loves sucking on my hard long nipples. His hand trails down to my stomach then lightly touches my wet spot between my legs. I whisper in his ear i want you to eat me. At which point he stops fingering me and scoots me up to the corner of the bed.

His hands spread my legs apart and he looks up at me and smiles, his tongue reaches out and i hear alittle mmmmm. He parts my lips and drives right in for my clit. Oh god it felt so good to finally have him sucking my pussy. His tongue slides up and down slowly like hes licking a ice-cream cone. I spread my legs wider and grab his head between my hands. My hips rocking slowly up and down to meet his tongue. He flicks his hard little tongue faster over my clitty, and i reach down and feel my slick wet pussy lips. He sucks my fingers into his mouth and licks the juices off of them. I start feeling something build inside me, and i start squeezing his head between my legs. My head tossing from side to side i cant control it. He starts sucking my clit faster and faster and licking up the juices that he has caused.

I once again take his head in my hands and let out a big ohhhhh yessssss, and feel his fingers starting to probe my pussy. Ohhh god it felt so good, his fingers inside me. Pumping in and out deliberately while hes still concentrating on my swollen clit with his tongue. He makes me cum again, then gives me a big smile and straightens up on his knees and spreads my legs apart. I ask him if i can suck on his cock and he says maybe later, and spreads my legs wide and slaps his cock against my pussy before entering me. His body towers over mine as he slowly starts pumping my pussy with his hard dick. He drives deeper and deeper inside me. Im losing all senses again. At this point he knows hes driving my body wild, and takes his cock out and starts lapping at my wet pussy again with his tongue. He inserts 3 fingers into my pussy and 1 into my ass. He pumps harder inside me and i explode all over his fingers. His tongue wipes me clean. He lays down beside me and im thinking now its my turn.

I love feeling his cock in my mouth. I crawl between his legs and gently grab his cock with my hand. Slowly stroking him from his balls to the tip of his head. He lays back and closes his eyes and enjoys the feeling of my hot breath on him. My tongue reaching out to lick the tip and licking all around the head. I hear him cry….yes baby yes,,,,suck me. My mouth closes around his hard cock, he takes a deep breath as my mouth slides all the way down to his balls. I love seeing and hearing him enjoy himself. He reaches for my breasts and gently pinches the nipples, as my mouth slowly slides up and down on him. He looks down at me and lifts my head off his hard member, and starts slapping his dick on my nipples. Ohhhhhh this really turns me on so i put my leg on the other side of his, and straddle his knee. My pussy rocking back and forth on it, getting my gooey slick pussy juices all over him. I suck his cock back into my mouth and start sucking him harder. He’s pinching my nipples again and rubbing his wet cock all over them, Oh baby! im cumming again all over his knee, my mouth devouring his cock until the feeling subsides within me.

He grabs my hips and puts me on my knees. He knows i love doggy style. He takes his cock and rubs it all over my wet cunt. The head gently plops in and i hear him take a deep breath…and mumble something nasty, but it felt so good i wasnt sure what he said. Slowly he takes long deep strokes inside my dripping pussy. His balls gently hitting against me. OHHHH YESSSS im moaning outloud, and i feel his hand slap hard against my butt cheek, and then again. I start grinding my ass harder against him. He reaches forward and pinches my nipple and i feel his other hand come down hard on my cheek. He releases his grip on my nipple and straightens up and grabs my hair and pulls hard. This makes me arch my back more and i start screaming with delight. He has hit the right spot and i start screaming for him to fuck my pussy harder. His strokes are deeper and he’s pounding me faster and faster,,,,im screaming im about to cummmm and feel his cock throbbing and growing inside me, when both of us let out a big oohhhhh myyyy goddddddd yessssssssssssss. He holds onto my hips tight and i feel his hot cummm squirt inside me…..not letting go it starts to run down my legs. He leans forward and kisses my neck and whispers….i love you baby.

We both fall to the bed in exhaustion, and lay in each others arms, knowing that he will be leaving again in the morning. We never did get anything done that weekend, but we both had smiles when he left!!

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  1. WillardS

    Very descriptive story, from a woman’s perspective. It excited me.

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