"Hit The Lights"

This story starts one evening while I’m in my place of business, taking pains to get things ready to Close for the day:

I’m in the garage, taking care of some final things that have to be done before I get out of here for the day. So as it was in the late 80’s to the mid 90’s. Just one fucking thing after another. All of the bays are full. The No.1 bay, has a Cadillac Coupe DeVille waiting for it’s radiator to be repaired, while bay No.2 has a 1977 Chevrolet Caprice Classic having it’s engine overhauled. Bay No.3 has a 1950 Harley Davidson FL that will get it’s heads reworked and will recieve a fresh coat of paint. As with most Bikers, we’re getting our rides ready for the National Sturgis bike rally that rolls around once a year. It gives everyone a chance to show of thier handiwork, or thier Ol’ Lady …or Both. Just Catty cornered away sits my two bikes. My new one which is a 1990 Harley Davidson FLST, and my Pride and Joy.. a 1949 Harley Davidson Panhead that has just been rebuilt from the ground up. It’s sitting in the paint booth waiting for its New Paint Job. which I will take care of myself within the next two or three days. Damn! I think… It sure does look a lot different than it did when I got it in all those baskets and Boxes.
It’s been quite warm for the last three or four weeks so.. The females the come in here for one reason or another, aren’t wearing a whole hell of a lot. GOD! I Love summer in Texas. As I said… I’m in the Garage and it’s about 9:15 in the evening, and I’m alone… or so I thought. I’m sitting on the concrete floor, indian style polishing my motorcycle and engrossed in thought. I’m totally unaware when she walkes in. Slowly and as quiet as a church mouse, she creeps up behind me. I thought that I noticed movement under my arm, so I glance up, seeing nothing until she damn near steps on top of me. All of a sudden… there are two feminine hands covering my eyes! What the Fuck! I say ( probably louder than I should have) and hearing my Voice she says… Hi..It’s just me.. and I have a surprise for you. Knowing the voice and the delicate smell of her perfume, I relax and wait for her to surprise me. She says.. Keep your eyes closed. I do as she asks until she says Ok .. you can open them now.
I turn around and there she is. 5 ft. 7in. of woman that drips of Sex Appeal. Long flowing fire red hair and bright Emerald Green eyes. Beautfully proportioned body, a face like an Angel, and a pair of long , lithe, well turned legs that I swear to god… go all the way up to heaven. In one hand she holds a 12 pack of my favorite beer ..Ice cold. And in the other hand, dangling off the end of her dainty index finger, is her bra. She opens the 12 pack and hands me a cold beer and is bending over just far enough to allow for me to see down the front of her shirt. Which is a regular blue denim snap up work shirt with the sleeves cutoff and its un- snapped at the bottom and tied in a knot just below her tits.
Can I ? .. she asks. I say “Sure” and she proceeds to throw one of those long lickable legs over the saddle of my bike as if she has done it all of her life. To be perfectly honest , she probably has done it for the major portion of her life. she has been around these machines every bit as long as I have, and she is probably no less than 3 years younger than I am. ” Whats Up ? she says.. I stand up and walk over to where she is while I begin to explain that I have to prep my ’49 for paint,.. and she slowly reaches up and gently squeezes my cock. No, Silly… I mean.. WHAT’S UP?? I look into those eyes that seem as deep as any ocean, and squeezes me again. Only this time,she squeezes just a little bit harder. It’s bout this point that I begin to lose the power of speech.
While I stare at the backs of my eyelids for a minute or so, I look to see that she has untied her shirt, and unbuttoned the button on the waist band of her extremely short ..shorts. With me in one hand and her beer in the other ( not to mention, one hell of a big smile on her face ) She askes me.. my goodness… are we having a problem? I answer… Me? Have a Problem? Not me… I’m nowhere near having a problem. Unless you consider having a hard on big enough to bust the fuckin zipper on my jeans, a problem. I’m standing there with this foggy feeling somewhere behind my eyes ( and probably a really dumb look on my face ) when she climbs off the motorcycle. Immediately, I wonder what the problem is. As it was … I had nothing at all to worry about, because she walked ever so slowly up to the front of the garage, and she closes the door …and locks it.
I think your done working for this evening.. Don’t you..? she says. If you would like to work on something.. I’ve got something that I want you to work on, and with that, she fully Unzipps those sexy shorts that I spoke so highly of.
On the way back to where I was standing, Dumbfounded.. she finds the overhead light switch and starts to turn off the over head lights. But , she was slective in her choice of which lights she turned off. This left me to wonder, “what in the hell is this crazy damn woman up to?” She sweetly asks , from somewhere in the darkness.. Are you in the middle of painting your bike? No.. I reply I just put it in the paint booth, and tied it to the stand. “Good” she says as she wanders into the paint booth. She comes back to where I’m standing and tells me that she has locked the paint room door… and would I please help her with the lights. I accompany her and she informs me that she wants me to make the three overhead lights,
(which were the only lights left on in the whole shop) to point in one spot in the middle of the floor. Okay I reply.. But, just what the hell are you up to any damn way? I ask. I make sure the bike is securely locked into place when the shorts that she had Unzipped, and the work shirt land on the base of the jack, in front of me.
Like the angel she is… she glides quietly over to me and kisses me deeply. All the while she is un buttoning my shirt and my jeans. before I know what the hell had hit me… my shirt is hanging from the handlebars of my motorcycle, and my jeans are down around my ankles. In the next instant she has my cock deep in her mouth and throat. I draw in a breath so quick and so sharp that it must have sounded like it hurt because she continues to to slide my dick in and out of her mouth while she rolls her beautiful eyes up to make sure that I haven’t passed out or anything.

to be continued..

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  1. waterfairie

    I LOVE the details you’ve put into this story. I simply can not wait for the continuation.

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