Holiday at the breakwall

I got the cold shoulder again from the wife so after she took her customary sleeping tablet, i waited until she was asleep, got into my running gear and headed out.

The holiday was supposed to have been a way for us to get back in touch with each other.  Guy talk for more sex than was happening up to that point.  Or so I had hoped.  We were in the south of France, great weather, great beaches, great views (tried hard not to be too obvious at perving at the amount of bare flesh on the beaches) but it wasn’t really happening for us.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing really wrong with us, she still looks great and can turn heads and we still get on (no divorce courts or anything) it just that she has gone off the boil in the sex department.

Anyway, I thought I’d go for a walk or run down by the foreshore near the hotel where we were staying.  It had just gone 10PM, so there were a few bars still open along the waterfront and one nightclub was just starting to fire up, with a few nice views of it’s own, if you get my drift.  I looked around for a quiet place to go and noticed that the breakwater extended a fair way out.  Turns out that the seawall was well over 2 km long.  Long enough to get away but not too far to be totally away from things.  I also noticed that the street lighting didn’t extend the whole length, nice opportunity for me to find a quiet spot and release some tension.

So, I start to walk along the seawall and it actually starts to widen out into a long narrow park, with a few trees and secluded spots when I happen to notice a really fit guy come walking toward me.  Just to fill things in a bit more, the days had been nice and hot, around the mid-30’s and the evening was still clear and the tempurature had only dropped to the mid-high 20’s.  Perfect walking temp for me.  Anyway, this guy is walking toward me, without a shirt on, and his bare chest looks almost chisled in the dim evening light and the tight shorts seem to accentuate his long lithe legs.  He smiles and nods as he walks passed.  Now that was something to fantasize about I thought to myself.  Playing with his firm pecs and nipples while I stroke his hard cock before either sucking it down or letting him fuck me.

Whoa boy, I say to myself.  My cock had sprung to life and even though it was dark, it was pretty noticable.  I look around trying to get my thoughts off sex for a moment when in the near distance I can see another couple in silhouette.  Someone was giving a guy a headjob.  In public.  On the seawall.  Again, it was dark and no chance of being seen by anyone from the main thoroughfare or waterfront, but that was something I didn’t really expect.  Now my hard-on really had no chance of subsiding until I did something about it.

I walked around the cocksucking, being able to hear the soft moans and sucking sounds above the gentle lapping of the seawater against the breakwater.  I stopped about 20 metres further along the path and found a place to lean against a railing and looked back to the couple I had just passed.  The guy being sucked seemed to have an enormous dick.  I was looking back toward the lit section of the breakwall and every time the sucker came up for air the monster cock seemed to dwarf his head.  I sat there and started to stroke myself getting very horny watching the suck session when I heard another soft moan off to my left.  I looked and saw a couple of guys, naked, one leaning over the railing I was leaning against with the other guy fucking him from behind and reaching over to stroke his hard cock.

This must be a local beat, I thought to myself.  I wonder what is further along the track.  Trying to calm myself from all of the rampant sex I could see happening, I started to walk down the path.  Luckily I had brought my wank pack with me which contained a small bottle of poppers and as I walked I pulled out the bottle and took a sniff.  Immediately the rush hit me and along with the warm night air, the soft moans I could hear and now the moon rising low in the east, I thought to myself, what the hell, and took off my t-shirt as I walked down the path.  The heady mix of location, warmth and now the buzz in my head meant my cock was rock hard and ready from something.

Just then the path turned slightly and I was looking out over the water and saw what I took to be a well-endowed, naked woman lying stretched out on a rug near the breakwater.  There was another two guys taking it in turns to pleasure her below and ravish those tits.  I got closer and saw that the woman actually had a large and glistening cock.  I quietly moved closer and by now had my stiff prick in my hand slowly stroking in time with the guy sucking on that fabulous cock.  The woman shifted slightly and saw me standing close by.  She motioned me over and when I got close enough she reached out and started to stroke my throbbing member.

Pre-cum was leaking out of my cock and she teased the head with her fingers then pulled me in close enough for her to suck on my dick.  I leaned into the action and playfully twisted a huge nipple before leaning in to suck on a nipple.  As I was bent over I felt a strong hand slide up my back then push me down so I was lying on top of those great tits.  The same strong hand became two, holding me down while my legs were parted and a probing tongue lashed my hole.  Before I knew what was happening I had a hard cock plowing in to me and hearing, “Oui, oh oui….oh oui….prendre ce bite”  to which I responded “Oui…..baiser moi….baiser plus….”

It felt so good to have my arse filled with hot French cock.  Then the voice in heavy accented tones grunted, “Fuck yeah…mmmmm….lick ze bitches tits…zen…lecher cette bite” the thrust of the cock pushed me toward her throbbing member, so I had little choice than to suck the monster in as much as I could.  It stretched my lips it was that wide.  It was like trying to swallow a coke can it was that big.  I couldn’t help myself but to get as much of it down my throat as possible, gagging on the size as it insisted further down.  I came up for air with a huge strand of spit trailing from my mouth, retching involutarily as the massive invader pushed further down my throat.  Fuck, I thought, the cock in my arse feeling like a toothpick compared to this thing, as I slobbered more over the enormous cock.  The heat took me as I realised I had to be filled by that monster, to have it thrust inside my aching guts.

I stood up hearing the slurping noise of my fuck-buddies cock as it exited my hole then I sat down and eased the massive pike into me.  My fuckbuddy came to face me and stuffed his soiled member into my throat and i cleaned it knowing it was me he had just come from.  I savoured my own flavours from his hard pole as his balls slammed into my lips.  More spit erupted from my mouth drenching the cock and I could feel spittle dribbling down my chest.  Fuck I was in heaven with hard fucking cocks in my mouth and arse being ravaged in public and I loved it, loved the power I had over these sluts letting them use me and fuck me.

Then it erupted.  The monster in my guts thrust inside me harder and deeper and I could feel the hot seed breeding my hole.  Fuck it felt like I was have a colonic rinse, hot jism spewed from my arse as the torrent continued.  I could feel the woman spasming beneath me, each small thrust releasing more jism leaking into and out of my ravaged hole.  Then the guy in front of me pulled back and holding his cock right in front of my nose, spat or probably launched would be more apt, another torrent of hot cum onto my face.  I couldn’t keep up with it, trying to get some sprayed into my mouth but failing dismally and having the load slide over my face and drip onto my chest.

The woman pushed me off and I was almost saddened at the cavity forming beneath me.  A loud sucking sound and a wet ‘plop’ told me she was out. “Lecher moi” she ordered, so I turned around and with cum dripping from my face she pushed my slimy face on to her massive pole again, “Oui chaton, lecher cette bite….” telling me to clean her up so I licked along the length of that huge member up over the monstrous bulb head and looked into her eyes as I held that cock in my mouth, tickling with my tongue.

She looked and said in sultry tones, “Not normal for the rossbeef to ave so much cream!” she laughed and stood.  Only then did I realise how tall she was, well over 2 metres, she reached down and took hold of my chin and said, “Oui, yes….this one can stay….would you like more?” she asked, and in my cum soaked haze I could only wish for more of that cock, already drunk on it, I wanted more.  But that might be another story……..

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    What a Night …….

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    O what a Night !!!

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