It had been an unusually hot winter here in the south and I was wishing to see some snow, so I headed up to our family cabin in the mountains. I loved to go there and get away. It was very secluded, and I heard on the weather channel where they were calling for more snow. As I was driving up there I heard a special weather statement. Seems the storm was going to be more like a blizzard. Oh well we usually had the cabin pretty well stocked on everything, plus I had brought a few more things.

When I arrived I noticed another car there and smoke coming from the chimney. Who could it be? No one was planning on coming this weekend and I thought I would have the place to myself, I didn’t recognize the vehicle so I knocked on the door. No one answered so I let myself in. It was my cousins best friend, Kate, and her boyfriend. They had talked to my cousin and she thought no one else would be there this weekend. Since the weather was getting so bad Kate and I decided we would just all stay there, it would be too dangerous to leave anyway. She said she would introduce me to her new boyfriend, Chris, when he got out of the shower. A few seconds later the power went out. We were having a hard time finding all of the lanterns. She decided to look in their room and see if they might be in that closet. She had just left the room when I suddenly felt someone come up from behind me and grab me in the dark. It was her boyfriend Chris and he didn’t realize I was there. He slowly started kissing me on my neck. I went to explain that I wasn’t who he thought I was but he started to slowly kiss me on the lips. His hands roamed all over me and my nipples peeked from under my shirt. Slowly he let his mouth roam down to them and took one in his mouth. It had been a while since someone had kissed me like that. Slow and passionate. I let out a low moan and then pulled myself back together. I pushed him away and said stop. He said, “Your not Kate.” I chuckled and said, “No!” Kate came in with the lanterns and introduced us. I felt kind of awkward after what had just happened. Chris let his eyes scan over me and I felt like he could see right through my clothes. I grabbed my bags and told Kate I would be in my room unpacking to give them some time alone.

When I went upstairs I decided to pick the first room on the left. I figured it would be warmer in there and it also had an old wood burning stove so I could heat some water and sponge off a little. I brought up some water and put it on to heat while I undressed. I forgot to shut the door all the way but figured the lovebirds downstairs would be occupied a little while. As I undressed I suddenly felt like I was being watched. I tried to peek at the door without looking too obvious. There was Chris watching me get undressed. Instead of bothering me I kind of liked it. I slowly let each layer fall to the floor and pool around me feet. I bent over and got the metal washtub and filled it with the hot water. I reached for the soap and slowly started to rub it all over me. I could feel blood rushing to all of my erogenous zones. I peeked over my shoulder to see if Chris was still watching. He was. He had opened the door a little more and was propped in the doorway. He asked if I needed any help. “What would Kate think of you being up here?” I said. “Nothing much probably, she might like to watch also.” he said. He slowly rubbed the soap over my body. His warm hands felt so good. I slowly rinsed off. “Maybe you could hand me a towel.” Chris walked over and went to get a towel. As I reached for it he pulled me close and whispered in my ear, “This could be a long weekend.” and left the room. He shut the door behind him. I didn’t know what to think, I could feel my heart beating. I was also very horny. I decided before I went downstairs I might need to let off a little steam.

I lay on the bed feeling all of the cool air on my naked body. I slowly rubbed on my breast and felt my nipples go erect. As my hands slowly made there way to my aching pussy my mind wandered back to Chris. He had this certain look in his eye. Like he could see what I was thinking, and wishing he would do. My fingers plunged inside of me and I could feel my wetness. I was rubbing faster and faster and I needed it more and more. I could hear someone coming down the hall but I didn’t care. I was on the edge of climax and nothing was going to stop me now. I was moaning softly in the pillow and I heard the footsteps stop outside my door. Then I reached my peak and felt my whole body shudder. The thought of someone listening made the climax twice as good. I quickly put on some clothes and went downstairs to see what they were up to.

They were mixing up some drinks and we all sat around the fire to talk a little while. After a few drinks we all seemed to be loosened up quite a bit. It was so relaxing sitting there listening to the fire crackle. I was getting so sleepy and felt my head nodding. Next thing I knew I was asleep. I don’t know how long I slept but when I started waking up I could hear soft moans coming from the couch. I peeked and saw Chris and Kate on the couch going at it. She was riding him long and hard. I tried not to let them see I was watching. Chris was running his hands all over her body. Suddenly she stopped and started licking his long hard cock. Chris blew his load all over her. You could see it gleaming in the firelight. I could tell my panties were getting wet from watching them. I slowly slipped my hand under my skirt and started touching myself. Kate lay back on the couch and started to drift to sleep. Then Chris looked at me and asked if I needed any help. I was startled because I didn’t think anyone would notice me. He stood up and I could see his still wet cock go rock hard again. He came over to me and tugged at my underwear. He yanked them off and started to eat me out. His tongue kept darting in and out of me. I was going crazy and so in need of a good fucking. All of this playing around wasn’t getting me anywhere. I was silently begging him to fuck me. Then I felt him ram his nice long cock deep inside of me. We were going at it pretty good when Kate started to wake up. She started to giggle; I couldn’t believe her reaction of seeing me and her boyfriend fucking. Then she said, ” We had a bet going to see who would fuck you first. Looks like Chris won.” He motioned for her to come over. She bent over and started licking on my nipples. I felt like I was going to go crazy. Chris was ramming me harder and harder and Kate was sucking on my nipples harder and squeezing my breast. I shuddered as he came inside of me. Then Kate threw me back and licked all of his juices off of my pussy. “Do you want to taste your pussy on my lips? ” she said. Then she started kissing me. I started feeling on her and decide to try something different and slowly started kissing my way down to her shaved pussy. While I was eating her out Chris started to lick me from behind. I could feel her pussy tightening on my tongue and as she cried out she pushed me away. She went into her bedroom and brought out a strap on dildo. “Look what I found while looking for the lanterns she said,” She tossed it to me and told me to try it on. I strapped it on and started fucking her real hard. Chris bent over me from behind and started giving it to me. All three of us were pounding each other and then we all came at the same time. As we all lay by the fire spent from our encounter, I couldn’t help but think of the next three days we had ahead of us. :)>

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