Hot for a Fireman

What does a woman do when she is nearing mid-life and has had sex with only one man…ever? Then what if she finds out that her one and only is screwing around? And for some time, the wronged and neglected wife has fantasized about a man at work but has done nothing about it because she respected her marriage vows. Enter Michelle.

Nearing 40 and petite, Michelle had big brown eyes and dark hair falling to the middle of her back, when she let it. She worked out three or four times a week because her job required that she keep in shape. She was a firefighter and paramedic.

Enter Scott, her ambulance partner. Standing six feet one and weighing 200 pounds, he had sandy blond hair and the bluest eyes Michelle had ever seen. When she looked into them, her knees got weak, which is saying something because Michelle was a very strong girl.

She had reason to believe that she affected Scott in a similar way. Not only had he been very sympathetic when she had discussed her marital situation with him, but on those occasions when the two of them were alone in the back of the ambulance and she was helping him re-stock supplies after a call, he sometimes would stand very close to her in that confined space, and she could feel the energy and warmth emanating from his vigorous male body. Once, while reaching to stow something in the top compartment, she had felt his rock-hardness come into contact with her from behind and it had given her a happy shock, immediately followed by a wave of throbbing heat that rushed directly to her pussy.

Michelle wanted Scott. He starred as leading man in all of her sexual fantasies, and lately she’d had a lot of them, what with hubby gone and divorce papers lying on her dresser. They only required her signature and then her marriage would be over, but so far she hadn’t signed them and she wasn’t sure just why.

All this was about to come to a climax on a certain early morning. She and Scott had returned from a raging house fire that had involved numerous injuries. Residents suffered smoke inhalation, and several firefighters had cuts and scrapes which required attention. As a result, the supplies in the ambulance were severely depleted, and the entire unit had needed to be re-stocked. Even after the truck crews had finished re-bedding hoses, re-filling their airpacks, and had mostly gone home, Michelle and Scott were still working. As she placed the last item in a compartment and was about to turn around, she felt Scott take hold of her arms from behind and say very close to her ear:

“When are you going to sign those divorce papers, Michelle? It is now or never, and you know you need to let go.”

She turned to face the man that she secretly adored but with whom she had never allowed herself to be intimate. She looked straight into Scott’s big blue eyes, and her resistence suddenly collapsed. She just melted into him and felt his strong arms wrap themselves around her, pulling her against his firm chest. Her nipples stiffened at the contact, and her knees turned weak. But mentally Michelle felt stronger than she ever had, and she saw everything clearly for the first time. Scott was the man she wanted, and her cheating husband no longer held any power over her.

The handsome firefighter read the look of surrender in Michelle’s pretty eyes, and as he bent his head to kiss her, she parted her lips just a bit. She closed her eyes, and when she felt his lips on hers a tremendous thrill coursed through her. This was no longer a fantasy. It was for real!

It seemed the most natural thing in the world for her to open her mouth wider, inviting Scott’s tongue to enter her and to play. Michelle rubbed her eager tongue against his, and hot pleasure enveloped her. Already she felt moisture breaking along the lips of her pussy. Oh God, how she wanted this strong and handsome man! And today was the day. She couldn’t resist any longer. Why should she?

Scott’s restless hands moved down along Michelle’s back to caress her pert bottom. At the same time, she felt his hardness rise against her front. She had never known a cock other than her husband’s. How would Scott’s cock look? she wondered. How would it feel? Would it be larger or smaller than her husband’s? From the feel of it through several thicknesses of clothing, it seemed large indeed, but she couldn’t be sure.

Both she and Scott were dirty from their work at the fire scene, and she broke away from his kiss to gasp, “Let’s take a shower together. All the others are gone, and we will have the shower room to ourselves.” Michelle could scarcely believe her own daring.

Scott wasn’t offended by her forwardness. In fact, a big grin lit up his face, and he took Michelle by the arm, guiding her from the ambulance and toward the showers. Her heart thumped wildly. Her pussy was very wet now, moistening the crotch of her panties.

Oh God, what am I doing? she wondered giddily. But then the answer came to her, loud and clear: I am doing what I WANT to do, for the first time in a long while. I am with a man that I respect and desire.

As anticipated, the large shower room was deserted and, as soon as Scott and Michelle walked in, he began to strip off his grimy clothes. “Come on, honey, I’ll race you,” he said with a happy laugh, and she could tell by the look in his eyes that he was as thrilled as she was. It was not just Scott’s eyes that revealed his feelings, either. When he let down his pants, Michelle could see that he had a monstrous peak in the front of his knitted briefs, proving just how strongly he was attracted to her.

Michelle got completely into the spirit of the occasion as she quickly stripped off her shirt, then her bra, to reveal her perky breasts, nipples rigidly extended. She couldn’t help but look directly at Scott as he hooked his thumbs around the waistband of his briefs, stretched it forward, and let it down to expose his standing cock. It was so much larger than her husband’s, and its swollen head was rosy-pink. Scott also had a fine pair of balls that hung low with light-brown hairs curling around them.

Michelle’s knees nearly gave way, and she sank to a bench at the side of the shower room. “Honey, let me help,” Scott said, and moved toward her, his upthrust dick bobbing as if suspended on an elastic string. He knelt before her and pulled her pants down. Michelle felt wild and free as she kicked her legs loose, and when Scott reached for her French-cut white silk panties, she thought she was going to swoon.

Scott pulled Michelle’s panties off and placed them along with her outer pants on an adjoining bench, and then he eased her legs apart. Her heart hammered. “You have a gorgeous pussy!” Scott exclaimed as he gazed ardently at it, then he lifted one of her legs in the air so that he could kiss her satin-smooth inner thigh and run his tongue along…

Michelle panicked. “Please…let’s shower. It’s been a sweaty night.” She managed a little laugh to mask her embarrassment.

“Sure,” Scott said, and bobbed to his feet. His cock seemed to stand even higher and harder after his intimate view of her, Michelle thought. Together they moved quickly to the wall where the showers were located, and she let Scott twist the knobs. One shower head would suffice for the two of them, they silently agreed.

A warm spray burst down upon the naked couple, and they used liquid soap to lather up. At first they lathered themselves, but then Scott put his soapy hands on Michelle, and she loved that. She stood there, smiling and thrilling, as he soaped her tits. He rubbed her stiff nipples and made them throb. He paused to bend his head and take a suck at each of her titties, then got more soap on his hands and worked them down her back until he was holding her curvy ass-cheeks and lathering them all over, as well as in between.

Laughing, Michelle soaped herself at the front and ben
t to do her thighs. She found herself staring close-up at Scott’s beautiful cock, whi
ch was pointing directly toward her, exposing his ball sack hanging beneath it. She couldn’t resist taking his balls in her soapy hands and lathering them all over.

“Ooh, baby!” Scott exclaimed as she moved her soap-covered, slippery fingers onto his cock and stroked them up and down his thick, hard rod, finally cupping a hand over his knob to give it special attention.

In the midst of this, Michelle came. But it was just a fleeting orgasm that momentarily rocked her, sending a burst of warmth to her brain, and in no way did it satisfy her completely. She needed much more.

She soaped Scott’s firm ass while his lathered fingers toyed with the lips of her pussy and her hard little clit. Finally they were ready to rinse off, and they laughed as they stood face to face, Scott’s massive cock sandwiched upward between them.

Michelle couldn’t wait any longer to do what she most wanted, and anyway her knees were so wobbly that they threatened to give way if she didn’t let them come to rest on the shower floor. Though it was hard, she felt she could tolerate it for awhile. Hell, she would not even feel it, considering how hot she was for this handsome hunk who stood before her, his manhood at the ready.

But Scott stopped her. “No, baby,” he said. “Sit on the bench over there.”

Michelle followed his direction and sat down as he approached her, his erect cock pointing the way. He stood directly in front of her and caressed her wet hair while she curled a thumb and forefinger as far as they could go around his dick and pointed it toward her face. Her heart hammered as she leaned to make love to him.

When Michelle’s tongue touched the head of Scott’s cock, such a tremor passed through her that she feared she was going to faint. But then she felt a surge of pleasure which gave her added strength. She began to lick Scott’s rampant cock, holding it with one hand and cupping his big balls with the other, and suddenly she had to catch her breath. A cum? Yes, another fleeting one. She needed more.

Michelle’s tongue circled the bulging head of Scott’s erect organ, and she felt him quiver with delight. She licked his cock-head all over, then closed her eyes and parted her lips very wide, taking the entire swollen head of Scott’s cock into her ardently sucking mouth. She thrilled as she made love to him in the flesh, just as she had done so many times in her fantasies.

“Ooh, my darling…my sweet lovely lady…” Scott crooned as he petted Michelle’s cheek and her damp hair, and she pumped her mouth up and down on his stalk of desire, her snug lips stretched to the maximum, her tongue lapping at the underside of his dick. This was what she had always wanted to do since she had first met him, and finally she could do it with a clear conscience, knowing that her marriage was over and she was free at last.

Michelle sucked Scott’s cock with sweet abandon, and she came yet again, this time with a jolt. Heat rushed through her, and her pussy throbbed. Scott’s finger was there, twisting its eager way into her. After several strokes in and out, he added a second finger and stroked them both in her slippery, hot vagina while she sucked his cock, bobbing her head and making muffled little pleasure sounds.

Scott finally eased her away from his rod, which whipped in mid-air, trailing a strand of her saliva, and he let her down onto her back on the bench. He knelt and arranged her legs at either side of his bushy blond head, which quickly dipped between her satiny thighs and made straight for the object of his desire.

Scott licked Michelle’s cunt all over, then stuck his tongue deep into her slippery, wiggly folds. He groaned ecstatically, slurping a bit, even blubbering against her wet flesh as he licked and sucked at her sweet pussy. His tongue flapped up and down across the tingling head of her clitoris, and she gasped, tensing. She grasped Scott’s shaggy head and held him tight against her as she spasmed, hot bursts coursing up to her brain. They were like firecrackers, exploding one after another. THAT was more like it! Spurting on Scott’s tongue, she felt and heard him swallow.

He tongue-fucked her and stroked her clit with his thumb. He sucked at her pussy-lips, then at her clitty, and she came yet again. Oh, God! Michelle had never been so multi-orgasmic.

Her brain was aswirl, and she hardly knew when the oral loving stopped and the fucking began. But fuck her Scott did! At first, he fucked Michelle while she lay on her back, pumping his thick prick in and out of her tight, slippery cunt, his balls swinging against her asshole. He stroked in and out of her a zillion times as she gasped and moaned and scissored her legs against his sides, finally knotting them over his brawny back and cumming hard, bumping her belly against his deep-reaching thrusts.

Finally Scott pulled free and arranged Michelle over the bench so that her head was hanging down on one side and her ass was in the air. Scott bent first to lick her bottom all over. He stroked his thick, hot tongue between her ass-cheeks and tickled her tingling anus. Then he spread-eagled himself above her, bracing one foot on the bench and the other on the floor, and he drove his thick, hard dick as deeply into her hot pussy as it would go. Michelle gasped and squealed. As he vigorously stroked his long cock in and out of her very tight and slippery vagina, she was in heaven. She never wanted the fucking to stop.

“Cum, baby…cum, baby…cum one more time…for me!” Scott panted as he screwed Michelle hard. Bracing himself on his forearms, his hands were underneath her, one toying with her titties and the other twiddling her clit. She gasped and tightened. Her body jerked. Michelle nearly passed out as the most delicious wave of satisfaction swept through her. She shook and moaned.

Scott whipped his jerking penis out of her deeply satisfied love-hole, and he shot up and over her back, sending spurt after thick creamy spurt arcing into the air and showering down upon her. When he was through, he lowered himself gently atop her and they embraced, kissing. Scott’s lips were at Michelle’s ear, and he whispered, “I love you, darling! I want you! You are mine forever!”

As they ran to take another shower, laughing and holding hands, Michelle knew that she had truly found the man of her dreams…in the flesh…and she would never let him go.

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