Hot in the Harem Part 1

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Hot in the Harem

The warm, scented water lapped against my body, as I sat in the marble tiled bathing pool. I was a guest here. Mostly by the good graces of my older brother, who couldn’t make the trip and regretfully gave me his travel tickets. Two beautiful servant women moved about the room, setting things around the edge of the pool…..perfumed bathing oils….a comb…. A long crystal like phallic object……a razor…. Candlelight lit the room, casting soft shadows about. A bubbling fountain of clear water trickled nearby. Orange flames danced in torches along the walls. The woman on my right, her name was Sari, handed me a blood-red drink in a crystal glass. I didn’t recognize the sweetness; the odor and taste unfamiliar. I took a sip and felt a warm flush over my body. Sari smiled, her dark brown eyes hinting of unknown secrets….She dipped a sponge into the water and began to wash my back. She rubbed from shoulder to shoulder and down the length of my back… skin tingled….I drank more of the strange beverage, and felt the warmth move through me…and it settled between my legs…. Pulsing there. I was acutely aware of my pussy lips…and they seemed to swell with the heat…… My opening also felt hot and tingly. All of my skin felt more sensitive….
.Sari encouraged me to drink more and I did…..another powerful rush of heat to my loins and over my body. What was this stuff? Sari brushed her long, brown hair from her face, and leaned forward to dip the sponge in the water. I could see the swell of her full breasts, straining against the fabric of her gown…nearly spilling free from the top. Her silky gown was damp and clung to her skin. …her dark, hardened nipples poked through the thin material…..I wanted to touch them. Instead, I caressed my own breasts….cupping the warm water in my hand and letting it fall over my breasts. I tweaked my own nipple…..and immediately felt pleasure between my legs… if the pleasure crawled down my belly until it stopped there. Sari squeezed warm water over my shoulders, and it trickled down and between my breasts. I felt my nipples growing rigid……
The other woman, Dona, a petite little thing with golden hair and golden eyes, smiled slightly as she watched us. I was warm and relaxed, and hardly noticed when Dona refilled my glass. It seemed the more I drank…the more the heat rush and pleasure rushed straight to my pussy lips and my clit began to throb. Dona loosened her gown and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts were not large, but firm and round, with rosy nipples that stiffened as I looked at her. She had a gold belly ring, and a thin layer of light golden hair on her mound. She stood there by the side of the pool and rubbed a finger back and forth over her clit. She slipped into the water in front of me….. She soaped up a sponge and began massaging my breasts….I tingled under her touch…..and I felt pleasure in my clit as it pulsed…..I wanted her to touch me there….Sari had moved from my shoulders and upper back to rubbing the sponge between my ass cheeks…..spreading my ass cheeks apart more and more with each pass of the sponge…. Dona occasionally brought the sponge down over my nearly naked pussy…but lingered there only a second or two before moving back to my breasts…. Sari slipped the sponge she was using between my legs and rubbed my pussy….. then brought the sponge back up my ass. She repeated the motion….. I trembled. My cunt lips were pulsing and hot. Dona put her sponge aside and gently took my breasts in her hands and pulled me toward her. She squeezed and caressed me and moved to a position on her knees…pulling me up with her to my own knees…..Water dripped down both our bodies….off the tips of our nipples and down our bellies, sparkling in the candlelight….. She told me to finish my drink….I hadn’t paid much attention….but I did as she bade. Again, fire coursed through my limbs and concentrated itself in my pussy and clit. My clit really began to swell and throb, and my pussy lips were full and hot. Since the water only came to my thighs in this position, I felt my own juices around my slit…..I touched myself there…..I was lubricating heavily….my skin was hot…. I couldn’t remember my pussy gushing wet like this before…….the drink had definitely done something to me….. I heard Sari slip into the water behind me….She soaped my back and ass with her sponge….and then pressed her body …..up against me….her full breasts against my skin…..rubbing sensuously and slippery against me…..I never realized female breasts felt so good on the skin….I could feel her pussy was hairless as she pushed it against my ass…..grinding her pussy into me……slippery skin to slippery skin….I wanted my pussy touched……it ached to be filled… now, my vaginal opening twitched and pulsed…..begging for a big long cock to pierce her. …to be licked….sucked….stroked……
Dona moved closer to me and pressed her breasts against mine…soapy skin to skin…..slick…sexy…soft…..Sari kissed the back of my neck and continues to push the sponge between my ass……harder and harder….her breasts sliding against my back….I was sandwiched between them. I felt intoxicated and drugged, but was aware and sensitive to what was taking place……my senses heightened as every touch or stroke brought me shivers of pleasure…..I had never been with a woman….but as I looked at Dona….as she rubbed her delicate tits to mine….glimpses of her lovely blond pussy….. I slipped my hand below and ran a finger up and down her hot, pink little slit. She moaned and my desire rose within me. Up and down I moved my finger…..touching her love button as I did so….. then I slipped a finger into the warm folds of her womanhood and she pressed down on it….wanting more….. I inserted another finger and slowly began to finger fuck her……She ground herself down on my fingers moaning….her breath coming faster….. I felt her hot juices on my fingers…..I put all four fingers inside her…it felt tighter…. And my fingers were covered with her wetness and her scent….My cunt was on fire……needing to be touched…..I had almost forgotten about Sari,. until I felt her slide a finger into my tight ass. My knees went weak. She moved her finger in and out of my ass…. Drawing groans of delight from my throat…. I was very aware of the feel of her finger up my ass…..teasing me so… and out…wiggling around…. They were preparing me for the Master, whoever he was…… and neither would touch my hot, throbbing pussy…… Dona began to tremble as I rubbed her clit and fucked her with my fingers…. Then she grabbed my shoulders, moaning loudly and cried out as she came, riding my fingers to orgasm. …. She smiled at me and moved away. I tasted her juice from my fingers. Sari motioned me up on the edge of the pool. They had me lay on a thick, soft, towel and had me spread my legs. I felt my own wetness trickle down my crack. Dona poured something warm and scented over my mons and pussy. She rubbed it in, then began shaving the little hair I had on my pussy. The razor against my skin….just anything touching me there made me feel as if I’d cum any second……Sari moved next to my face and leaned over to kiss me. Her lips were soft and inviting and I kissed her back. Her breast touched my cheek and I turned to suck on her nipple…. This was all so taboo to me……but I took a guilty pleasure in it….. She sighed as I rolled her nipple between my tongue and lips, sucking on them……pulling them into my hot, hungry mouth…. I felt Dona pull on my cunt lips…spreading them open….she set the razor aside and touched me……. I squirmed…wanting more…..
I felt something soft, warm and wet on my clit. It was Dona’s tongue, and she drew little circles around my clit with her tongue. Again, I felt the taboo feeling…of being with another woman….but it felt good her tongue on my pussy and I wanted it to continue. She gently suck
ed my inner cu
nt lips into her mouth….pulling and tugging them…..then ran her tongue up and down my crack……I shoved my cunt into her face…wanting more but she pulled away and turned me over on my stomach. She pulled me toward the edge of the pool til my ass was hanging over. Sari poured warm, scented oil over my ass and rubbed it into my skin. Some of it trickled down between my ass cheeks. Dona started fingering my ass. Then Sari sat in front of me and moved close enough to see the folds of her pussy. I had never tasted pussy, but had an uncontrollable urge to lick Sari’s pussy clean……
She must have known what I was thinking, because she scooted closer to me…close enough I could smell her…..I could reach her….. I rubbed her pussy with my fingers first…..spreading her juice over her lips….. inserted a finger into her folds…..felt the wetness and heat inside…. I wanted to stick my tongue inside her hot, wet cunt…. I wanted to know first hand how good pussy tasted….. I spread her lips and tasted her…. I licked up and down her pussy like Dona had done to me….. I stuck my tongue into her canal and lapped up the nectar I found there……I buried my face in her… pussy liquid all over my face….. I didn’t want to miss a drop of her….. I darted my tongue in and out of her ….ran it in circles around her hole…I must have been doing something right…she started pressing into my lips and breathing faster….. I pulled the hood back from her clit..exposing it to my hungry mouth…. First I licked it up and down…..watched it quiver and twitch as I did so….then I sucked it into my mouth…she started groaning now…encouraging me….. I wanted more of her juice…so I started fingering her good…..getting her more soaked… fingers sticky wet….. her fluid trickling from her hole….I licked it clean…..I licked between her vaginal folds…..I was so turned on I literally attacked her cunt….I was a bitch in heat and I wanted to eat that pussy up…..wanted her to cum in my mouth……to feel her orgasm…. And when she came my mouth was upon her and I knew I’d have to have pussy again……I barely had time to catch my breath. Dona was in the water behind me, on her knees and she held the crystal phallic object in her hand. Sari massaged my ass….spreading the cheeks and rubbing the oil around my asshole… She held me open, my asshole pulled tight, and Dona pressed the tip of the object to the opening.. It was smooth and cold, and I could tell it was long, but didn’t know til now how big around in girth it was. I stiffened….a little afraid. I had never been fucked in the ass before. As she pressed it against my opening, I felt pressure and it hurt some. She pulled back a little and pushed again…..I felt the warm oil squishing between my asshole and the object….and she did this for awhile to tease me. I wondered if my ass could handle the size of it and worried about having this object inside me, if Dona actually intended to use it. Sari continued to massage my ass and thighs, and hold me open and vulnerable to Dona and the crystal cock. ….Dona poured more warm liquid over my ass and inserted a finger in my ass to loosen me up….After a moment, she pushed the crystal cock against my asshole and started pushing it inside…. I resisted… was simply too big…. My asshole was too small and tight for this….. She paused only a moment, moving the cock in circles around my asshole…..then pushed it in further. …enough further my ass stretched til it burned….. I thought I would tear….My ass was on fire….this was necessary she said to prepare me for the Master when he arrived…. In spite of the initial discomfort and pain, as she shoved the crystal cock further in my ass…..stretching my ass open even more…..making me burn even more….my desire flamed…..I was filled with lust….. my pussy flinched and my clit, which was rubbing against the pool’s edge began to quiver. The friction of my clit rubbing against the pool edge every time Dona pushed or pulled the crystal cock in my ass brought me to a frenzy. The thing was only 4 inches in and my ass felt stretched to its limit. The thing got bigger around along the length of it, so that the more it was inserted, the bigger around it was…..thus stretching one open more. Suddenly, she shoved it in a few more inches, causing me to cry out, and then she fucked my ass with that thing….in and out… and out…..stretching that tender ass…..burning that ass…..and all the while Sari is massaging my buttocks….pouring more and more of the warm liquid around my ass to lubricate it…..I relaxed a bit and soon I begged Dona to fuck me hard with that glass cock….and she did…pumped that huge thing in and out of my ass….harder and faster…it slid in and out easily now…..My clit was spasming and I felt an orgasm about to explode within me… it rubbed against the pool’s edge… my ass took a pounding…. I felt the pressure building…my legs and body trembling uncontrollably…. then I came….from deep within me…..and my orgasm was so strong my body shook for several minutes after…..
Dona removed the crystal cock and helped me into the pool to wash up again….. Sari and Dona finished bathing me……including my sore, throbbing asshole. I was weak, but a lustful fever consumed me….I wanted to be fucked all night long…I just couldn’t get enough. My hot dripping cunt needed to be stuffed….and the girls assured me it would. The Master had arrived…….

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    Very well written and I look forward to many more of your stories.

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