Hot Times in The New Year

We’d gotten separated at the party and I catch my wife out of the corner of my eye as she crosses the room returning to my side. I can’t help but be taken by her beauty and mentally pinch myself to be sure it isn’t a dream. I love everything about her but tonight I am fixated on her breasts for they’ve been the object of my lust for many years. Tonight is special; it’s New Year’s Eve. She’s wearing the sexy new bra I got her for Christmas, one of those push-up jobs from Victoria’s Secret. She leans over and whispers in my ear, “I feel like everyone’s staring at me” and that was exactly what I wanted. I hope they are fantasizing about what’s underneath. “I can’t see my feet because my boobs are sticking out so far”, she jokes. She knows I love it and she knows she’s in for a long ride after midnight.

I find myself staring at her several more times as the evening progresses. Each time her tits catch my eye and I slip into a momentary fantasy. The feel of her breasts in my hands the weight, the soft skin, the sweet scent, the nipples; everything about them turns me on. I’m lost in the fantasy of them slapping in my face as she rides my cock. The way they swell as she gets closer to climax. The fantasy changes to the feeling of her nipple on the head of my erupting cock and the silky smoothness I feel as I come on her tits. God, is at midnight yet?

Finally we’re back in the room and quickly ready for bed. She’s kept the bra on underneath her loosely buttoned leopard pajama top. Shadows dance in the flickering candlelight and the cleavage draws me in. I can’t wait to get my mouth on those babies. I admire the cleavage, God I could get lost in there! But I hold back and move to kiss her. Our lips meet and her mouth opens slightly, inviting my tongue and I oblige. We press a little harder and our tongues intertwine, already the heat is building. Before I know it she moves down for some oral action. There’s nothing quite like getting a blowjob from a beautiful, voluptuous woman still wearing her bra. It’s as if she wants it so bad that she doesn’t even wait to get undressed. At that moment, nothing matters to her but pleasing me. She grips the base of my cock and my balls, admires them for a moment, and teasingly licks the bright red, blood engorged head. I can feel it throbbing and as I look down I think I can see it moving! I love watching her. My cock feels like it will explode as she licks up and down the shaft. Her grip is like a vice. The head swells even more. Her tongue flicks behind the head and it feels so good. In an instant she takes me into her mouth and the feeling is incredible. She moves slowly for a moment and I can feel the head slide down her throat. She pauses for a few moments and massages the head of my cock with her throat, stroking my shaft with her tongue. I think him in Heaven. “My God, you are so good to me!” She looks up, her lips stretched around my cock, and makes eye contact. I can see the love in her eyes. She begins to move her head up and down and I can feel her lips passing over my shaft. I see them move over the veins and then part slightly as they pass over the head before coming together again at the tip. Warmth begins to overtake my body as she continues to service my swollen member. The candlelight flickers but my only awareness is to the incredible pleasure she brings me at this moment. Her grip tightens at the base as she takes me out of her mouth. She wraps her hand around me and begins to rub my cock over her face. I can feel the contours of her eyes and nose intermingled with the softness of her lips and tongue. Across her face, back into her mouth, across her face again, she’s working me into a frenzy. My hips start to move as I ache for more. Once again my cock finds the warmth of her mouth as she reaches around to my backdoor. Oh God, the pressure feels so good. She pauses to wet her finger but returns quickly. She penetrates just slightly and massages me into a state of bliss. I want more but I want those tits even worse. I sit up and reach for her gently, pulling her away from my cock. “Take the bra off, it’s my turn now.”

The black lace falls away and I admire her mounds in all their glory. God, they’re incredible!
I reach out and cup my hand under one and squeeze firmly as she exhales with a very soft sigh. Her skin is creamy soft in my palm. My finger brushes against her nipple and I feel it respond to my touch. She lies back on the pillow and I lean over to kiss her. Our lips meet and our tongues swirl as the temperature rises. Her mouth is warm and salty with the taste of my cock. I can feel her breasts against my chest as her hand reaches for my cock again. I turn my attention back to her breasts. I love the way she quivers as I tease her, brushing my lips gently over her skin. As I pass over her nipple it hardens, begging for my lips and tongue but I move on past. I move my tongue under each one and feel the weight as I lift. I move from one to the other several times burying my face in her cleavage and taking in her sweet scent. I move up just a bit as my lips and tongue pass again over one of her nipples. I can’t resist. I lick around the aureole and then onto the swollen nipple itself. I squeeze a little harder underneath as I playfully bite and tug her nipple. Another sigh and her hand begins to stroke my throbbing cock. I kiss her again, a little rougher this time. Now, back to her breasts, then back to her mouth, again and again. Her breathing gets deeper and her grip on my cock tightens and she becomes more and more excited.

I reach down between her legs that part quickly to allow me easy access. I tease her vulva with light caresses. My fingers roam up and down her thighs and back again. Her hips arch up in an effort to raise herself towards my touch. I know that when my fingers part those lips I’ll find the silky smooth wetness of the pussy I love but she’s going to wait a few more minutes. I tease her some more, her mouth, her breasts, and her pussy. In the meantime, my cock is swollen and hard, responding to the urgent stroking of her talented touch.

“I want to suck on your cock again”, she murmurs but I know that’s just a tease, she really doesn’t want me to stop. I bring my fingers to my mouth, wet them, and part her pussy lips as I suck on her tits. Another moan, louder than the others, as my fingers explore her silky wet flesh. First one finger, then two, then a third, and then my thumb, all swirling in the wetness. God, it feels so good. I can just imagine the smooth wetness surrounding my cock. I explore the opening first with one finger as my thumb plays with her clit. Her grip on my cock loosens and then her hand finally falls away as she succumbs to the pleasure. God, she is incredibly wet and I slide that finger inside her. I move it in a circular motion all the while working her clit with my thumb. I can’t resist bringing my fingers up for a taste, and indeed, she is so sweet. I don’t want to leave her breasts but I have to have a taste of that pussy. So I move down between her legs and settle in to please her. I move my tongue all around, just brushing her lips. She moves her hands down to part her lips and expose her beautiful swollen clit. The wetness glistens in the candlelight and I touch the swollen bud with the tip of my tongue. Once again she shudders and I slide my finger back into her pussy. As I do it tightens around my fingertip. Her fingers slide down over her clit and she begins to pleasure herself as I add a second finger to probe inside. God, it is so smooth in there. The pace of her fingers quickens. She pauses every now and then for me to lick and suck her clit and then it’s back to the fingers, harder and faster each time. I reach up to squeeze a breast and find her hard nipple awaiting my touch. She moans again and tells me how good it feels. I can’t believe that I’m lucky enough to be here with his beautiful woman. She gives herself to me and no one else.
The vibrator is handy an
d it soon it takes the place of her fingers moving over her swollen clit as she moans with pleasure. I want to push her over the edge but she has other ideas.

She reaches down and beckons me to move up, “I want to suck your cock now!” As I move up she moves around and positions us for some 69. Before I can get into position my cock is in her mouth and her tongue works the head. First I bury my face in her pussy for just a moment and then give her a finger as I suck on her clit. She moans with pleasure and I can feel the vibration down the shaft of my swollen member. Her hand reaches around my ass and her finger goes for my backdoor again. I am lost in the pleasure.

Next thing I know, she moves up and positions herself on top of me, leaning over just far enough for her tits to be in my face. I can feel her pussy so close to my throbbing cock. She lowers herself onto my cock and begins to slide her clit and swollen lips up and down my shaft. She had moved the vibrator to my ass and I can feel the vibrations through my dick. Her tits are bouncing as I move my face between them, licking, biting, and sucking. She really begins to grind and I can feel her swollen clit gliding up and down my shaft. We continue in that way for a while until she reaches behind me to get the vibe. She places it between us as she slips my cock into her incredibly hot wet tunnel of love. Her pace quickens, her head rolls back and her eyes close as she gets closer to orgasm. Right now, the hotel could be burning down around us and neither one of us would know. We’re so wrapped up in the experience that we’re completely unaware of our surroundings. Her breathing gets heavier and heavier as the soft moans and sighs are turning into urgent groans of ecstasy. I reach up to fondle her swollen breasts and find that her nipples are rock hard. I move my hands around to her back and scratch hard with both hands up and down and that pushes her over the edge. My cock plunges in and out of the warm smooth wetness of her quivering pussy. She tilts her hips back to grind and she’s now completely absorbed in the pleasure. She collapses on to her arms and I begin thrusting from below. I thrust as hard and deep as I can and each time I’m rewarded with another groan. Her pussy is tight around my cock and I can feel her juices pouring down my shaft and over my balls. Watching her move takes my level of excitement to the next plane. Up and down, up and down, around and around, up and down, I can feel my climax building. I can feel the semen move from my balls up into my cock. Her tits are shaking and the bed is rocking as she pounds my cock in and out of her throbbing hole. “Come to me”, she says, “I want it now! I want to feel that warm wet cum fill my pussy!” She begins frantically licking my face. “Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me!” I can feel her breasts on my chest and her breath on my face. Her tongue plunges into my ear as it wanders all over my face. “OK, are you ready?” “Yes, give it to me now!” Those words send me over the edge, past the point of no return. My cock quivers as it prepares to explode. This is a blissful moment, anticipation before the first contraction. A few seconds later I explode inside of her as she pounds on my cock. I moan loudly and my entire body shudders as the contractions come one right after the other in rapid succession. “Can you feel it squirt?” “Yes, let me have it all!” It seems like the orgasm goes on forever, one contraction followed by another and another. It’s like electricity from my cock through my balls and ass and down my legs to my toes. The pleasure is incredible.

Moments later we come back to reality. The candle still flickers but we haven’t noticed in a while. We know that eventually we will have to separate but we stayed joined for just a few more minutes. No other woman has rocked my world like this one. She’s talented, yes, but more importantly, we are truly in love. We’ll sleep now and I’ll wake up tomorrow next to the love of my life.

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  1. airman

    Beautifully done! She must be SOME woman!

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