I cold night of bliss

Here it was, middle of January and the snow and cold was as bad as ever. I had found a sitter for my child because my husband was out of town for a business trip and I needed to get out for a night. I traveled down to the lil’ tavern that I love to frequent. LOL It has a sign posted at the bar saying “It’s kinda a dump….BUT everyone’s friendly.” I just love that place. Anyway, as I walk in the front door I spotted the “normal” group of people that usually hang there, knowing that I am looking for a certain someone. One glance around and our eyes meet. He always has a nice smile for me. As I walk over to him, I am greeted with a wonderful hug and kiss. “How are you doing tonight baby?” he asks. “Perfect now thanks.” Knowing what I like to drink he motions to the bartender to get me my favorite beer.
Now I should take a moment to give a bit of background about this friendship that we have. I have known this gentleman, and that is exactly what he is (See he is 62 and I am 34), for a few years now. See I usually go in there during the day, when I have a moment for myself, and have one drink to and then I am on my way. Well that is when I met this wonderful man. Heavy flirting is always what has taken place and never did I ever think that he was really serious about it. On this evening however he had something else in mind. He always told me that he wanted to find out how good I tasted and how good I was in bed. Believe me. I didn’t have to think twice when the situation presented itself.
So after a few drinks (he had been there a while so I don’t know about him) he said he wanted to chat with me in his truck. He went out to warm it as I finished my last beer. I make my way through the goodbyes and head for his vehicle. When I climbed in, I was met with the most passionate kiss I have ever received from him. A little groping on both parts and he was asking me if I was ready for a good time. I boldly said that we could go to my house since I lived within two blocks of the tavern. As we made our way into my house, we couldn’t seem to get undressed fast enough. I led him to the bedroom and we almost didn’t make it to the bed.
“God you feel so good” he said to me. “Do you know how long I have wanted this? Ever since I first saw you come in that place I knew that I wanted to fuck you.” At this moment my mind was reeling and all I could respond with was “I have wanted you for a long time myself.” He laid me down on my back and kissed me so gently. Starting with my forehead he made his way down every inch of my body until he reached my shaved kitty. “OH MY GOD!” was his response. Before I could ask what the problem was he had his tongue buried into my love box. As he teased his way from one side to the other I was at the edge so many times I was begging him to really get in there and get me off. Finally he made me wait no longer. Expertly he licked and sucked my clit until I had two orgasms. I felt like I was going to pass out. Slowly he made his way back to my lips so I could get a taste of myself.
“My turn” I said and I rolled him onto his back. We kissed a bit longer then I worked my way down his neck to his belly to his throbbing love sword. My what a glorious sight that was. I was so excited at this point that I couldn’t even take a minute to tease him in the slightest. I just went to town licking and sucking on his cock. DAMN his precum tasted so good. I then decided I could slow up a bit. Taking my time to tease him I licked ever so gently and deliberately around the tip of his cock, making my way down to his balls. I took turns sucking each one into my mouth, rolling my tongue all around them. Then I wet my finger and began to tease his forbidden hole. To my delight he did not stop me in anyway. “OH BABY!!!!” was all I heard as I gently inserted my finger into his ass. Slowly at first so it allowed him to get used to it. Once I had the go ahead I made my way to his prostate and massaged it for him. Unfortunately when a woman does this to a man, at any age, he can’t last but a few minutes. For my labors though I was given the best reward…..He shot his load so deep into my mouth. So hot and creamy it was, and boy did it taste good.
After I sucked him dry I excused myself and went to wash my hands. Upon my return I found him laying in bed with a few of my toys he had found in “My Box”. One of which is a 9″ cock that is 3 ½ inches in diameter. “And what is this?” he said to me with the biggest smirk. “Why that is my best friend” I told his as I giggled uncontrollably. “Well cum here and let me see how he actually works. I just don’t believe that you can take all of this.”
I snaked back into bed and laid back knowing that I was about to cum again soon. As he made his way back to my wanting pussy he also grabbed the “Big Boy” (as I call it) and teased me for what seemed like an eternity. I have this cream that is called exti-cee and it is the most wonderfully exciting thing. Makes me want to cum and cum and cum…. As he applied a bit of the cream to my clit I lit on fire. He seemed to know exactly what to do with my toy and made no chore of it. As it slid in and out of my box I was coming closer and closer to orgasm. He fucked me for what seemed like an hour with the Big Boy and I lost count of how many times I came. As I lay there, enjoying wave after wave I begged him to fuck me with his cock.
“For you, anything” he said. With those words he slowly slid into position and it was then I felt his raging bull just begging to be let out of his cage and into the arena of sexual heaven. He then entered me with a driving force that nearly made me scream. “OH MY!” was all I could get out. “Fuck me as hard as you can…PLEASE!!!!!” He did as I begged. He fucked me while I was on my back, he fucked me from behind. In fact, I have never been fucked in so many different ways in my life. Then the time came… He began to stiffen up and I could feel the throbbing in his dick. All of a sudden I felt it…his hot jiz exploding in to my dripping pussy. Our juices mixed making a concoction of cum that was so intoxicating. (And it tasted good too.)
Finally we just collapsed onto the bed with utter exhaustion. We laid there for a short time and finally he broke the air…He informed me that it was late and he had to go because he still had to get home. After all it was 3am and we left the bar at 11. When we made our way outside, to our surprise it had started to snow. At his point it had dumped about 8 inches of the 12 we got that night. He then took me back to my car at the tavern and waited for me to start and clean my ride and slowly made his way on the 20 mile journey he had ahead of him.
To this day whenever I see him in there I am always greeted with a hug and kiss. He always asks when he is going to get another chance at the 3 ½ hours that we spent that night. My response is always the same…”When I get his ass to go out of town…”

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  1. rb200022

    very exciting I enjoyed your story

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