In appreciation to the staff

My longtime girlfriend & I have frequented a swingers club down South & have become regular customers.  My girlfriend always dresses very sexy & provocative when we attend the club and is eye candy for the security personnel who admirer her beauty.  Every time we go to this club there is usually a long line to get inside.  When the head-of-security notices us in the line he allows us to get inside the club without waiting in line.  Once inside the Assistant Manager gets us inside right away so we can begin to party.

We have been very appreciative of the courtesy we have been extended over the years but did not know how to show our appreciation.  My girlfriend and I talked about what we could possibly do to show our gratitude and we came up with this exciting idea.

As the Head-of–Security was making his rounds; my girlfriend noticed him and began to become flirtatious towards him by dancing against his crotch with her J-LO shaped booty, and backed it up towards him in a doggie style position.  As she performed this dance on him, her miniskirt rode up revealing her bare ass & freshly shaved pussy.  He immediately became excited and grabbed her braless tits and began humping her from behind with clothes on.  As this was going on the Assistant Manager who was walking through noticed this and became excited to see the action.  To show appreciation towards him she suddenly grabbed him by the waist,  pulled him forward and unzipped his pants and freed his now erect cock!

They all became excited over this action and invited us to the back to continue the party in one of the special VIP rooms.  We all went to the VIP room and we told them that we would like to thank them for allowing us to get in throughout the years without having to wait in line.

We were taken to a room that had a stripper pole inside it.  Once in the room my girlfriend began to dance very sexual and erotic to some reggaeton music until she stripped off all her clothes.  While she danced we all stripped off our clothes and began to stroke our cocks excited from seeing her dance so sensual & sexual.  She danced her way towards the head-of–security and pushed him down so that he could lay on his back.  She then straddled him and reached for his cock and guided it inside her wet/warm pussy.  The Assistant Manager and I watched them intensely as she rode his cock to the rhythm of the reggaeton music.  The Asst Mgr became so turned on by watching he could no longer watch any longer so he stood up and stuck his cock in my girlfriend’s ass which was sticking up in the air begging for some action.  I was now witnessing my girlfriend in a virtual sandwich as she was being DP’ed by the club staff.

They continued fucking her until they all erupted and came at the same time.  My girlfriend rolled over and I ran my hand down her pussy and felt all the cum oozing out.  It was so slippery that I then inserted four fingers and began vigorously stroking her until she squirted in my face!  I licked all the juices from my face and was completely satisfied as we went to the showers to clean-up.

As we left the club that night we thanked the staff again and told them we will see them the next time.  What an awesome night.

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