"In The Dark" Pt. 2

Pt. II “In The Dark”
She walks over to where we were standing earlier, Kneels down and unrolls her bedroll. Once this is done she unzips it and unfolds the bag to where it is now double the width it used to be. I am looking on intently as she does this and it wasn’t a real big surprise that inside was a bottle of “Jack” and a bottle of “Cuerveo Gold” Tequila. Next, she reaches somewhere under her chaps and pulls out a sterling silver Cigarette case. Which she popped open and pulled out this monster joint. As I was still mildly stunned by this woman and what she had shown me… I begin to sit beside her. To which she responds ” Pick your Poison”. Finally she settles in where she wants to be which is sitting between my legs, with her back to me while leaning back in a reclining position. With her left arm slung over my left leg she begins to get comfortable. I reach over and break the seal on the tequila.” You have got REAL good taste in liquor,” I say. “Of Course” she says. I don’t know of a fella that sits on a Harley, that don’t like Tequila. But, I don’t know of many that drink it like you do…. Straight outta the bottle.” I smile at the back of her head, knowing that she Knows I’m smiling , … without looking back. That is just the type of gal she seems to be. She is more aware of things than a lot of folks. I wouldn’t say that she has a lot of “insight” but she has a boatload of common sense, and By God, she uses it. “Ya Know… I thought that you were chasing me to get my Autograph.” I feel her shake mildly as she can’t laugh out loud with a lung full of smoke. But, She didn’t make it. With an almost explosive exhalation of smoke and air… she begins to laugh, loudly. I say in her ear from behind “Shhhhhhh” and she turns around with a great big smile and says between chuckles…” I guess that you could say that your right. And I begin do feel the squeezing pressure that she is giving my now rampant cock. I do want your …… “Autograph…Sort of”. We both decide, about the same time.. that we’d had quite enough of that Joint and decided to just sip our liquor. It’s beginning to get warm out here and I am having trouble figuring out weather or not it’s because of the Tequila… or that Very shapely body that is resting against me. I pull off my shirt and then my undershirt. When she reclines against me again, I give her all the room that she needs to relax. When she is still, I easily reach around and place my left hand on her breast. She moans softly and slowly leans her head back, as if she is staring at the sky, only her eyes are closed and she is making quiet” girl sounds” (which is somewhere between a -sigh- and a quiet moan.)
We sit there for a long moment and relax. I guess that she is feeling as ” buzzed” as I am. We both seem to float for a while until she says ” I couldn’t help but look at you a little harder” “When I seen you at the Station putting gas in your bike…I could have sworn that you looked damn familiar.” I roll the tip of her nipple between my thumb and index finger and feel her start to squirm, just a little.. but it lets me know I’m on the right track. I really don’t why she did this but, she turns around halfway, and takes a bandana from her neck and wraps it around my right bicep and then ties it into a knot. Feeling as if I should thank her or something, she reaches up puts her hand around the back of my neck and pulled me down to her and kissed me deeply. That was a kiss that could take your breath away. I held her close and felt her nipples get as hard as little diamonds. It started as softly as a pair of butterfly wings and gradually got so passionate, that I felt like I wanted to tear her clothes off her right there. I opened my eyes to find her reclining the opposite way she was before. At this point I decide that I should work my way up to bigger and better things.
I begin at her calves. I kiss them and gently caress them. I linger there for a moment. Then ever so slowly…I begin to kiss and slowly lick the areas behind the knees.
When I figure that I have effectively excited her I begin a long trail of slow, gentle and very wet kisses up the insides of her thighs, avoiding any contact with her Points of Pleasure. Then, I begin on the other thigh and proceed to do my best to drive her as close to a point where she wants nothing else in this world but to screw hard and long, for as long as we are both capable. I had already loosened her chaps but now they are in the way. So I remove them all togeather. I take them and fold them and lay then next to me. Then comes the skimpiest shorts that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. She seems intent on watching everything I do. Like she had plans of writing this down …Later. I slowly remove the tank top to reveal a pair of the most Voluptious breasts that I’ve ever seen. Not Big…Not Small. For some reason everything about her was Perfect. I was in the middle of lifting the shirt over her head when she leaned forward and kissed me again. God I was getting hot! I felt those perfect, hard Nipples being pressed into my chest and it served to just that much more to fan the fires in me.
The shirt came off and was wrapped inside the chaps. I start to lean back to undo her shorts but she has other things in mind. Suddenly a look comes over her that says ” I WANT IT..NOW!!!” and she says…Stand up. So I stood up. She says … Let me show you something… With that she un-buckles my chaps and then my jeans. pullst them open at the belt and grabbed them both along the outside of each leg and yanked down quickly…in the wink of an eye.. my pants…with my chaps still attached were bunched around my ankles. I was so hard…that you could have Cut Diamonds with it. I had no worries about that much longer, because in just a couple of seconds She took me in her hot mouth and in LESS than another second I was engulphed in her throat. She began to make these swallowing sounds which made her throat spasm around every area that seemed to have a mojor nerve group exposed. It wasn’t very long and I felt the tensions begin to build. I thought that I was losing conciousness but my eyes had rolled back into my head. I thought … this can’t happen like this….It just can’t. I felt my orgasm building more and more until I was on the verge of dumping my load right down her throat. I wanted this to last a lot longer than this, but as I tried to pull away…she reached around with each hand and grabbed my thighs and pulled me to her and began to move up and down on my shaft faster and faster. Burying me inside her mouth and throat with every stroke. I was astonished to see her move up and down on me so far that her nose was almost hidden by my pubic hair.That was the last thing I remember before my body was wracked by an earth shattering orgasm. How I managed to keep from falling on over on top of her is totally beyond me. I seen stars and all kinds of pretty lights, and felt like I was no longer in control of my central nervous system. God it was wonderful!!
I slowly came to my senses noticing that I was now sitting instead of standing and this lovely nymph was licking and stroking my still Very Stiff manhood. I did,… however notice that she did not have a drop of me on her, anywhere. My God…she swallowed it all….I thought. That thought only served to heighten my lust for this woman. I reach over, grabbed the bottle of tequila, offer her a drink and she shakes her head but reaches over and grabs the bottle of “Jack” and takes a short pull on that instead. I swig off the tequila bottle , spit out what doesnt go down easy and turn to her with every intention of turning that “Pussy” inside out.
I look over that beautiful body inch by inch wondering where to start. The answer was simple. I start at the beginning. With that thought I edge my way over to her and remove those cutoffs that I was taking off when I was ambushed. I take them and fold them into the clothes inside her chaps. I then lay between her legs and kiss her gently. after that I slowly move
to her long tape
red neck where I plant long lingering kisses all along her neck, to her jawline down to her shoulders. Afterward I move to her picture perfect breasts I lick delicately on the underside and slowly move my tongue in circles over it while I roll the nipple of the other between my fingers. There are those Girl Sounds again… after paying tribute to the Lord of the “D” cup for a while I Lick, Nibble and kiss my way down her body till I make it to the point where all roads come togeather …So to speak. I pay attention to her pleasure points this time and she begins to moan. I warn her of the secrecy of our hiding place and the police that might be rolling around. Her breath caught in her throat. I was momentarily looking up at her and I could see the glazed look in her eyes as I shushed her quietly and proceeded where I left off. My excitement grew when I felt her respond. I leaned back down and slowly took my tongue and licked up the hot wet center of her. The slight salty taste of her was like an aphrodisiac. I allowed my self to explore each and every fold she posessed, until I decided that I could make my way to see the little man in the boat.
I began to tease her by lightly licking and nibbling the hood under where the man in the boat stayed…It wasn’t long until he showed himself. When he finally ventured out, I took him gently between my teeth and and licked every part of him that was exposed. then I put him in between my lips and suckled him as I did her nipples earlier. It was then that she put her hands on my head and grabbed my hair as if she needed to guide me to where it felt the best. What she didn’t realize yet, was I already knew. I was aware of the orgasm building within her and went to work licking, nibbling and sucking every part of her. Suddenly….her body tensed up and she shook violently as she was finally allowed release. She whimpered like a small child as she came. I felt the wetness of her release and tried my best to catch it all on my tongue.
I look up to see her begin to settle, and ask her if she enjoyed herself. Nothing verbal was said in response, but she nodded. Then she pulled me by the shoulders on top of her. She didn’t say a word but took me in her warm hand and guided me to the warm center of her desire. I plunged into her as deeply as I could on the first stroke… her eyes widened and she caught her breath again. I slowly began to move in and out believing that, This should last quite a while. After about ten minutes of intense lovemaking , she stops me and rolls over onto all fours. She then reaches between her legs from underneath and once more guides me to the lands of pleasure. After about another 15 or 20 minutes, sweat starts to run from our bodies freely , and we begin to tire. I’m beginning to think I have had to much tequila and it’s affected me to the point that I wont be able to finish. Then….. I begin to feel it. Starting like it’s coming from my toes, working it’s way up the insides of my thighs and finally to my groin. Then I …Explode! She must be too, because she has gone as rigid as a stone and has two handfulls of sleeping bag in her hands. We both are in the middle of one of the most intense orgasms that either of us has ever felt. She has her hand between her teeth to help her from making noise, and I am about to bite a hole in my bottom lip to keep from screaming out loud.
She collapses onto the sleeping bag and I fall to the bag almost directly on top of her. We manage to lay there for a minute and finally we focus a little and we smile at each other. It’s now that we think that putting the bags between the bikes was a very good idea. We spend the next quarter hour or so, just laying there and touching and smiling. I see her begin to drift off to sleep and she says….. Goodnight.and she calles me by name!!! I too, am about to nod and upon hearing my name, My eyes spring open and I say “what”! “you know me???” She finally said …oh, yeah!!! Now I remember you. I know you real well! I had to find out if it was really you. and ooooh yeah… it’s you, without a doubt. We used to be a pretty hot item in High School. It is right then, that I wake up and I am in my sleeping bag…alone… with my bike still parked beside me. Damn! This is strange. Was it all a dream? If it was, how did I get here? Out of habit I reach over and grab the bottle of Tequila…. I pause….Gaze at the bottle, and Smile.

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