" In The Dark"

” In The Dark”
It’s a nice peaceful night ( so far any way) in East Texas. The temperature has dropped from 101 deg. during the day to around 85 to 90 deg. at night , and I’m cruising down Highway 69 headed South on my Harley Davidson at close to 110 m.p.h. feeling as if I didnt have a care in the world. The wind is blowin through my hair, my feet kicked up on the highway pegs, cold can of beer between my legs ( children..do not try this at home. Carry an open beer on a bike only if you’ve had experience doing it) and all seems right with the world. I happen to glance over in my right, rear view mirror and to my surprise…way off in the distance behind me , I am thinking that I see a single headlight behind me. From the looks of it…its gaining on me in one hell of a hurry. I start thinking to myself that as fast as this light is gaining on me…. its got to be a Japanese bike. Either that or the all of the “Acid” that I took back in my high school days is flashing back on me. My bike is set up for speed with Custom Carb, The Engine is bored out to 110 cubic inches, oversized valves, the bottom end has been balanced and blue printed and it has a 5-speed Transmission. Top speed should be around 160 m.p.h. The only thing I can think of that is THAT fast is a Japanese crotch rocket.
I’m watching this light intently and sure enough… that light is gaining. Just as I decide to see what is under that headlight, and what it thought it could do, I top a slight rise in the road and about 500 yds. ahead sits the Highway Patrol, and he is doin’ business. I am trying to slow down gradually… because if I don’t, my 24″ shotgun pipes will start to scream like a raped ape. Off in my rear view… this headlight is coming up on me so fast I start to feel as if I’m going in reverse. I am between looking down at my speedometer and glancing in my rear view when I pass the Highway Patrol traveling alomst 75 mph. These officers had a late model extended cab pick up with a camper on it. A quick account as I went by showed that he had a truckload full of Mexicans, all in the assumed position around the truck and three face down on the shoulder of the road, handcuffed. A little closer look showed that there weren’t just one police car there, but there were two more in front of the truck. Holy Crap!…That means there is at least 5 to maybe 6 cops around here. In Texas …they travel in pairs.
Not noticing if they were paying any attention to me… I did what any self respecting , Red-Blooded, American scooter tramp would do. I twisted the wick up about three notches to see if that damn headlight was still going to be able to catch me as easy as he evidently thought he could. I could feel the force of the pull of this two wheeled monster trying to chew up the asphalt in an attempt to gain more traction and to put more ground behind us as quickly as possible. Just as I’m beginning to feel real pleased with myself, I hear this ungodly noise, that actually put a chill up my spine. I again looked into my rear view mirror feeling that I would probably be disappointed at what I might see. Sure as there is blood in my veins..( that is still a point of contention with some of the people I know) and that the sky is naturally blue…my feelings were right. There in my rear view was a single headlight so large and so bright it almost blinded me. I mumbled to myself under my breath…” That aint no Rice Rocket”. Before I can say “God bless my kickstand”.. Up beside me rides this Stunning Redhead on an ’88 Lowrider that was every bit as beautiful as she was, and faster than almost any bike I’ve ever seen.
As she pulls up beside me she smiles. (at least it looked that way. At that speed its hard to tell). Still running at about 100 M.P.H. She starts looking at me at my boots and gradually works her way up to my helmet-less noggin. Still smiling… she motions over her shoulder to the side of the road and evidently she wants me to follow her. She Drops a gear and twists it up so fast that I can hardly understand what the hell is going on. Before I snap to what is happening, I manage to turn in the same general direction that she was heading. I finally manage to get my head togeather and notice that she has disappeared. Then… I catch a glimpse of her as she taps her brakes. Then her brake light, tail light and the rest of her just vanishes altogeather. I fade to the right and slow down as she must have done. And none to soon either. I find a very small seperation in an otherwise seemingly endless fence row. Dousing my lights as she probably done.. I quickly hang a hard left and then I too, disappear into the narrow gap in the fence.
I’m wary of things like holes in the road big enough to lose your motorcycle in, bend a wheel, or launch you over your handlebars like a guided missle. Not to mention, other things like low hanging branches and deep ruts in the road that will cause you to have on hell of a backache if you get caught in one. (Those of you that have spent any time at all on a bike, know what I’m talking about.)I’m thinking that the reason she turned her lights off is, she doesn’t want the Law to know of this place, just in case they clocked her at the cruising speed of an F-16. Far be it from me to screw it up, so I decided to take my chances in the dark. I work my way down what looks like a foot trail so narrow that it would take a bonafide Indian scout to find it. Before I knew it the foot path just up and disappeared. If it was there… it was as invisible as that woman on her rocket sled on 2-wheels. Letting my curiosity over ride my sense of survival, I make my way through this… what the hell is this? a Forest? I have no idea but one thing is for sure. There are Pine trees and Spruce Trees a plenty. There is no way that anyone, from the road or anyplace else close by could spot me…or her, for that matter. Where did she go any way? I think that if I don’t find her soon, I’m going to stop chasin’ my tail and pull over. I’ll let this bike cool down, have another beer, ( that last one got warm, what didn’t spill all over me.)and smoke a cigarette. Then, after a while, I’ll make my way back up to the highway. On foot first to make sure that there isn’t anyone down there waiting to make my aquaintence.
Between trying to figure out weather I’m going to break something on the bike, or lose my teeth first, I decide to take a chance and flash my headlight on and off real quick, to see if there is anything out here worth seeing. I flash the light on and hit the high beam and then I shut it off just as quickly as I had turned it on. Everything seemed to remain the same. Well hidden, or just not there to be seen. I find a patch of what seems like solid ground… Turn the bike off and drop the side stand. After making sure that she ( my bike) won’t fall over, I dismount, pull off my gloves and stuff them in the pockets of my leathers. After glancing around… wishing like hell that my eyes would adjust a little better, I lean over the bike to open one of my saddle bags for a beer. Grabbing a cool one, I pop the top and torch up a smoke. Just then I could swear I heard something. It sounded like a bike cooling down. Ting ta-ting… there it goes again……. Nothing. Aw hell, it’s YOUR bike making that noise, idiot. I say to myself. But, if it were mine, wouldn’t it be a bit louder? Still nothing… Leaning against a tree, I take a long drink off my beer then a drag off my cigarette, and that is when I spot something. About twenty yards off to the right I’m looking at what seems to be a glint of chrome.
Trying to be as quiet as I can be… I make my way in the direction of where I thought I seen something . I moved as quietly as I could trying not to look like I’m sneaking around and what do I see but this Lovely Lass sitting backward, astride a Harley so beautiful that it would make your jaw hit the ground. She had her hands crossed with her chin sitting atop her hands leaning on top of the Bitch bar. At that very moment… I didn’t know which
picture I wante
d to imprint on my soul first. The looks of that bike or the goddess like stature and angelic face of this terror of the highway. So, I decided to walk over as nonchalantly as possible to look at this gal on the bike. I made the right choice, because she was a knockout!! Trying my best to keep from stepping on my tongue, I stammered ” Would you like a cigarette and a beer?” ” Sure” she says…It’s about time you got here. For a minute there I thought The Law grabbed you coming through the fence.” She climbs off her bike just like a cat. No wasted movement , Silent and Graceful. I pull a beer from my jacket pocket and hand it to her. In the silence we stroll over to where my scooter is parked. When we got there, those big Blue-Green eyes widen in surprise and she says ” Move your bike… NOW!” I don’t say anything at the moment because I give her the benefit of the doubt. (But to be honest… I think I moved it as fast as I did because she shocked me) After pushing it up on the other side of hers, I try to sit it on the stand, and it begins to sink in the dirt. Without a word she downs the rest of her beer, stomps it flat and tosses me the can.” She reads minds as well” I thought. I sit the side stand on the flattened can, test it to make sure it’ll stay put… it does.
Hey… she says… I am sorry that I got so upset there. If you will walk over here with me, I’ll show you why. I reach in the saddlebag for another beer for myself and one for her. I light another cigarette, and hand it to her. Then I shake another out for myself. We Pop the tops on our beer , light up our smokes and stroll over to where I had “Clementine” (my bike) parked. She squatted down and started pulling twigs, weeds, grass, and the stuff that generally settles on the ground after a good period of time. About 3 or 4 minutes later she signals me over to look at what she was in front of. I pull a lighter out of the pocket of my leathers and light it about 12 inches or so from the ground. I can barely make out what it is… and then it hits me. Holy Shit!! I am looking at a Grave Marker. Not knowing what to do next, I stammer, God…I’m Sorry. Really, I am. I’m sure that there wasn’t any damage done…she says. ” You probably made him happy” she explains as she wipes a drop of Harley Davidson Oil from the top of the Marker. He hasn’t been near a Harley in four years or so. I kneel down so that I can see the marker a little better. I watch her clear the debris away and she says very tenderly ” He really was VERY protective of me, Of course he didn’t like many other people …if any at all.” As I read… I felt a knot pop up in the pit of my stomach. It found it’s way to my throat as I read: For “BLUE” Faithful to the end, and we ALL Loved you. The Best Friend a girl could ever have. It wasn’t until I read half of the finely chiseled words, that I realized I was looking at the HeadStone of her pet.
I knew exactly how she felt. Probably because I’m closer in my heart to some animals than I am MOST people. I didn’t say one word. I don’t guess I had to. In most cases the eyes say it all. She sat on the ground cross legged and and seemed to look over me or through me or something. It didn’t seem as if she was aware of me being there as she intoned…” Blue was a cantankerous, Hard headed, and even harder to get to know… Doberman. Some Low Life slimy Son of a Bitch shot him so that they could get to my Ex-Ol’ Man’s Harley and all of his bike parts.” ” It all was senseless because Buster ( her Ex) would have given them anything he had… all they had to do was ask.” ” He would never turn down a Brother that was in need, for anything.” ” Oh… Well. I’m just glad that… that’s all in the past.” I could hardly believe my ears. Your Single? I asked. I was totally shocked that this stunning creature, didn’t have a Bigfoot Gorilla of a scooter tramp for an Ol’ Man, making sure that she stayed happy.
” My guess is that Buster has scared everyone so bad when it comes to me , that They are terrified to even hang out with me. But … thats alright, because now I can go wherever I want to, and be with whoever I damn well want to.” That part about whoever” clearly put a shiver up my spine and a hell of a smile on my face. I tried my best NOT to smile as much as I felt I wanted to.. to her face. But alas…. she didn’t miss that either. ( Damn, this woman is aware of everything) I suddenly got curious. “Let me ask you a question … Why did you try your best to set the pavement …and… your butt on fire trying to catch up with me?” Slowly a smile crosses her face as she just sits there. Finally she stands up and says ” Can I get another beer if you have one? ” Sure thing, I say… get me one too. ” now… are you going to answer my question? Or… are you just going to let me sit here and stew?
As she turns around… she let’s out this large “Sigh” and begins to get this REAL SERIOUS look on her face.” Why is it that men ALWAYS think that what women do has to be all about them?” Then she says…” Let me get this straight.. I am busting my ass to get to a place on this little piece of land… You follow ME in here and all of a sudden I was chasing YOU?” She had me on a Technicality. I was getting ready to let loose a very sarcastic comeback when she finally says… Don’t worry Handsome… I was just messin with you. I did reply however…” All I know is… I’m cruisin’ down the highway at just a bit over half throttle… and you come up on me like I was sittin’ still. I will also wager that you realized a little too late, that you got clocked by a “HYPO” going so fast that you looked as if you knew the world has gone to hell in a chrome express bucket.” “Then.. I add, You signal for me to follow you in here, and I do”.” Now My Long Legged Lass…I haven’t a clue as to who you are and yet it’s against everything that I have taught myself NOT to do… Still, I’m sitting here shootin’ the shit with you. Don’t get me wrong here… I’m not bitchin, mind you… But what in the Holy Hell are we doing here?”
She asks..” How long have we been sitting here?” I think for a minute… “I Think we’ve been sittin’ about thirty or forty minutes or so…Why?” ” Mainly because before we get any deeper into this conversation… I want you to know, that if I had my druthers… I’d druther be sittin at home than sittin here without a campfire. Let’s go for a short walk and check on weather or not the cops have broken up thier Pow Wow yet.” We walk in silence for what seemed like forever, but was actually no more than an eighth of a mile. The reason that I decided to go with her… (cops and bikers dont mix…like oil and water) was that I didn’t want her to disappear on me again, not to mention that we were under a well hidden area. Those trees would almost hide anything. When we get to where she decides it’s safe to look … it just happens to be about thirty yards away from where the troopers were shaking down the Mexicans. Illeagles Probably…she says. It was pretty evident what was happening. Thier numbers had grown by one cop car…and one Paddy Wagon. I say jokingly… Looks as if someone is getting a free ride back home. Shhhhh! she says. She was right of course… There were cops Everywhere!! So… I whisper.. what are you planning to do now? About this time I spot another car…with a spotlight searching the tree line. Exit stage Left,.. I thought. and I backpeddled about twenty feet or so, and she is waiting for me. I think, Unless you are clean as a whistle… we had better sit tight for a while. She whispers.
AS We are moving back in the direction we came from, we do so in silence. I pull off the leathers and throw them over my left shoulder, As she is carrying hers draped over her arm. Then she unbuttons her denim workshirt and pulls the tail from inside her leather chaps. Before I know it, she has pulled off her shirt and added it to her jacket. Under her Leather, she wore a skin tight black tank top. Which, by the way… did very little, if anything at all to hide the curve of those gorgeous looking
breasts. Whe
n we get back to where our scooters are parked, I ask her, Why don’t we get out of here by traveling all the way through the property and out the other side, so we don’t bump heads with the Troopers. ” Go ahead if that’s what you want to do… but as you probably already seen, this place can be pretty dangerous for a rider at night. You might wind up in an abandoned well or something because you didn’t see it till it was to late. Anyway, my guess is that your going to see them just about anywhere you look for a while. They JUST MIGHT be looking for stray mexicans , and someone on a very fast bike.” Okay… you’ve convinced me, I say. I settle down and light a cigarette and attempt to finish the beer that I’m sure is going flat due to neglect.
Okay… I think. She never did answer me… let’s just see what’s on her mind. Knowing good and well what I’d like to be on, and it isn’t her mind.( At least for now ) So M’dear… now that we’ve avoided the question for as long as we could…. Will you tell me why You were chasing me and then, why you invited me in here to this little slice of ……Heaven? I say, while slowly looking around. She is walking over to her bike to deposit the clothing she has shed, she slows down in mid stride and looks over her shoulder with this smile that would melt ice…she says” Boy …I will say one thing for you, You are as bad as a pit bull. Once you sink your teeth into something… you don’t let loose of it…do you? Without fanfare of any sort, She tosses her clothes on the handle bars, unties her bedroll, tucks it under her arm and slowly walks over to me and says: ” You were right about one thing, That’s for sure. I seen you about seven miles back, putting gas in your bike. I tried to say something to you, but your pipes are so loud that you didn’t hear me when you kicked it over. The main reason that I was setting the road on fire running you down… was that I was on fire…. right……Here. Then, she took my hand and placed it gently between her legs. She was on fire…. and dripping wet. I was under the impression that she was wearing Pants under her chaps. Boy… Was I WRONG! she had on the skimpiest pair of cut offs that anyone could imagine. Suddenly.. I felt like a kid in a candy store. The crotch band of those shorts were pulled to the side and it revealed the most excited and smooth feeling pussy that I had seen in quite a while. She was right. She was on fire. Almost literally. No Scooter bum worth his salt would have, or could have walked away from that! She takes her hand and caresses the now growing bulge in my pants and steps on tip toes to kiss me on the cheek. Then she says ” Why are you standing there.. when you could come over and join me on the sleeping bag?”

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