Inspired By A Movie Part 6

Andi came out of the bathroom with her strap-on already in place. She must have placed it in there sometime earlier in the day. Jerry looked up as Andi crawled back onto the bed, her pseudo-cock bouncing in front of her. I saw Jerry’s eyes widen as he looked at my wife kneeling in front of him with the strap-on. Andi had chosen a realistic looking dildo that was about 6” in length and an inch thick.   I knew from experience that it had a clitoral nub to stimulate her as she used it.   Andi had larger attachments but knew that if Jerry became my butt-buddy, I would want a nice, tight asshole to fuck.

“Jerry, Hank says you’re a pretty good cocksucker. Well I think it’s time for my boy bitch to show me how good. Suck my cock, bitch. See if you can make me cum like you do Hank.”

Jerry hesitated before leaning forward and wrapping his lips around the head of the rubber prick. He began to work his lips up and down the dildo. Andi rested her hands on his shoulders as she watched him work on the strap-on. Occasionally she would flex her hips and push forward to get better contact with the clitoral nub as she worked toward another orgasm. Jerry bobbed over and sucked on that dildo for at least 20 minutes before I heard Andi tell him, “Suck it deep, bitch. I’m about to cum.”

Looking back at the security monitor I watched Andi get off. As Jerry deep-throated the rubber cock, Andi grasped his head and pushed forward, humping her cunt against the nub inside the strap-on. With the dildo stuffed in Jerry’s throat, Andi buttocks quivered and her back arched as she moaned through her orgasm. Finally sated, she pulled back and allowed her pseudo-cock to slip from Jerry’s mouth.

Looking at Jerry, she said, “I guess Hank was right. You are a pretty mean cocksucker. It’s been a while since I had a blow job that good. It looks like my bitch enjoyed it as well. His boy clit is standing up tall and proud. I guess one good blow job deserves another. Would my bitch like Mistress to suck his clit?”

“Please Mistress, if that would make you happy with me,” Jerry answered, “This bitch and his cock are here for your pleasure.”

“Oh I like your attitude,” Andi told him with a grin, “I think you are beginning to realize that I am in charge. The lucky thing for you is that right now I feel like eating some cock.”

With that Andi leaned forward and slipped Jerry’s prick into her mouth. He gasped as she began to move slowly up and down its length. Even though she tried to draw it out by teasing him, Jerry’s excited state would not wait. Before long I saw him strain against his bindings as he began to cum. Andi quickly deep-throated his prick and drank down every drop he had to offer. She teased at his cock until he began to relax as his orgasm ended. Andi’s mouth released his slowly deflating dick as she sat back and allowed Jerry some time to recover. He collapsed forward onto elbows, ass in the air.

I went back to the email and saw a message from Shaun’s wife, Janet. I opened it with a smile since I knew she was a great fuck. I was hoping that she and Shaun were proposing a return visit for a weekend of hot sex. Shaun would be happy especially since Andi was getting some practice with her strap-on. Janet would be thoroughly entertained by my cock which was larger than her husband’s. Janet was proposing a visit but I soon realized that I wouldn’t be getting into her cunt anytime soon. Shaun was coming to the city for a weeklong conference to man a booth for his company’s products. He would be in town for 6 or 7 nights. Janet was wondering if he could visit with us even though she wouldn’t be with him. She and her sister had already booked a 2-week cruise that covered the same week Shaun would be in town. She was hoping to surprise Shaun by telling him that he had an invite to visit while here. Since I knew what Shaun’s fantasy was, I quickly replied with a big smile on my face. I told Janet that Andi and I would be glad to have Shaun visit and that unless his company objected he should plan on staying with us rather than in a hotel. I explained that Andi would be in heaven if she had 2 men to pleasure her for almost a week. I didn’t tell her that I planned to fulfill Shaun’s fantasy of sucking a real cock and getting one in his ass. Jerry had convinced me that a guy could give a blow job as good as a woman. I didn’t plan on missing any opportunity in the future. Besides, I already knew that watching two guys get it on made Andi horny as hell. I figured it would be a great week for all of us.

Switching the monitor back to the security camera in the bedroom, I saw Andi slip from the bed and move toward the end behind Jerry. I saw her pick up a tube of lubricant and begin to apply it to her strap-on cock.

“Well, my bitch gives good head,” Andi said, “but there is one more thing that a bitch needs. A good bitch needs a tight bitch pussy to satisfy a hard cock. Do you think your pussy can take care of my hard cock?”

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” Jerry responded as he noticed Andi moving behind him, “but I don’t have a pussy for you.”

“Oh, I think you have a cute bitch-boy pussy for me,” Andi said as she climbed up on the bed behind Jerry’s ass. “I see it right here in front of me.”

Jerry’s eyes grew round as he realized what Andi was talking about. He had seen the actress in the video butt fuck her partner and knew what Andi had in mind.

“Please Mistress,” Jerry begged, “that’s not a pussy. Let me satisfy you some other way. I promise to do whatever you want.”

“Well I want some boy-bitch pussy,” Andi told him as she slipped a well-greased finger into his ass, “and I just found me a tight one from the feel of it.”

Jerry gasped as Andi plunged her finger in and out of his rectum, soon adding a second finger to stretch his hole.

Removing her fingers, Andi lined up the strap-on dildo with Jerry’s anus. With a slow push, Andi slid the pseudo cock into Jerry. “Oh damn,” Andi told him, “That is a really tight hole. I may enjoy your bitch pussy after all.” Fully embedded, Andi stopped to allow his ass to become adjusted to the intruder.

Jerry had moaned as Andi’s strap-on had slowly filled his ass, dropping his head to the bed. Unfortunately, the camera view I had didn’t let me watch the actual penetration. I was looking down Jerry’s back as Andi had slowly pushed her dildo into his ass. After a few minutes, Andi grasped Jerry’s hips and began to stroke the pseudo cock in and out of Jerry’s ass. Andi’s boobs bounced slowly as she rocked her hips back and forth. I could tell when she worked her clit against the nub on her end of the dildo because her tits jiggled quickly for a few seconds as she held the rubber cock tight against his ass. Andi slow fucked Jerry for at least thirty minutes before driving the dildo deep and rapidly humping against it.

“Oh shit,” she cried, “I’m going to cum. Your tight bitch pussy is making me cum.”

Andi moaned as she ground against the clitoral nub wedged in Jerry’s ass. Her entire body quivered as her orgasm rushed over her. She collapsed over Jerry’s hips and back as she finished cumming. After a few minutes, she sat up and leaned back to pull the dildo from his ass and climbed off the bed.

“Jerry, you are one hell of a great fuck. I don’t think I’ve cum that hard all day,” she said as she moved in front of him, the strap-on still in place, “Sit up so I can see if you enjoyed it as much as I did.” Jerry did as he was told, cock standing stiff and hard in front of him.

“It looks like my bitch enjoys a good fuck. That boy clit is nice and hard for me,” Andi told him. “Well I guess one good booty call deserves another booty call.’

With that Andi spun around and presented her ass toward Jerry. Backing up she reached beneath her and guided his cock to her asshole. Pushing back, she slid his entire length into her colon.

Raising up on her hands and knees, Andi said, “Now fuck my ass with that boy clit. I can tell you really want to.”

Jerry held her hips as he pounded his cock in Andi’s ass and she rocked back to meet his thrusts. The strap-on bounced beneath her as they fucked. Several minutes later Jerry thrust deep, moaning as his balls emptied their load in Andi’s bowels. Andi stayed in position until Jerry’s cock had softened and slipped from her ass.

Andi slipped from the bed and told Jerry, “That was fun we’ll have to do it again, soon. I’m going to clean up because I think our time together is probably over. You should offer some of that boy pussy to Hank. He loves a good, tight asshole. He’d probably even give you credit for 2 blow jobs for a piece of that ass.” With that Andi went into the bath and closed the door. Jerry collapsed forward, resting his head on the wet towel that had absorbed their combined juices.

Looking at the clock I realized they had been at it for over two and a half hours. However, watching Andi’s use of Jerry had my cock throbbing, wanting something to fuck. It was time for me to head over to the bedroom.

Jerry was still bent over, ass in the air as I entered the bedroom. His red, stretched and lubed asshole tempted me to just climb up and bury my cock in it. I resisted the temptation. Jerry sat up in surprise as I called out to Andi, “Hey babe, your time is up. I’ve got a hard dick that needs some attention. Do you want to fuck?”

“No, honey. I’m tired after working with my new bitch. Let Jerry take care of that cock for now,” she answered from the bathroom.

“Okay, that works for me,” I told her as I climbed in front of Jerry, settling my ass on the damp towel. “Jerry, you heard the lady, take care of this cock for me. Lick my balls some since you can’t play with them.”

Jerry didn’t hesitate. He leaned forward and licked at my nuts for a couple of minutes before slipping his lips over my prick. I leaned back and watched as his head bobbed over my crotch, my dick sliding easier between his lips and down his throat. Andi watched as I pushed Jerry’s head down and thrust my hips upward, wave after wave of creamy spunk blasting Jerry’s tonsils. Nuts empty, I relaxed and allowed Jerry to suckle my cock before pulling it from his mouth. Sliding from the bed, I removed the restraints from him and told him he could go on to bed since the evening’s fun was over. As he left the room, Andi called out, “Remember you’ll be my bitch again tomorrow and the rest of the week. Think about what I told you.”

“Yes mistress,” he answered as he headed down the hallway toward his room.

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