Inspired By A Movie Part Four

I was watching Jerry’s head bobbing over my prick when I heard Andi come in from the garage. She came through the kitchen and stopped in the doorway of the den, smiling as she saw me enjoying Jerry’s oral service.

“I see you fellas are enjoying yourselves,” she said as she began to strip off her clothes. “I hope you saved some of that energy for me. My pussy is aching for some action.”

Naked, she sat down next to Jerry and reached under him as he continued to suck my dick. He jumped slightly as her hand found what she was reaching for.

“Alright, I feel one hard cock and see another getting some lip service,” she said. “I don’t want to interrupt anything important, especially is someone is about to cum. Honey, do you want to cum now or later?”

“Both,” I answered. I could feel my orgasm building as I saw my wife watching Jerry suck my cock. I could tell that within just a few minutes I would blow a load of hot sperm down Jerry’s throat. My hips began to slowly move involuntarily as they tried to feed more prick into that warm, wet mouth.

“Well, I’ll just watch until Jerry’s finished before I start to play,” Andi told us. “I can tell he’s ready to show a girl a good time. His dick is hard as a rock. He seems to get like that when he’s been sucking your cock.”

“If you don’t want to wait, my tongue isn’t busy right now. I think you could probably use a good licking while you wait. Hop up on the couch and let me French that sweet cunt,” I told my wife as I settled my head back on the backrest of the couch.

Andi wasted no time as she jumped up and stepped on the couch. To my surprise, she turned her back to me. Bending forward she placed her hands on my hips to each side of Jerry’s bobbing head, pinning me ass to the couch. Flexing her knees she pressed her pussy back toward my mouth. My nose settled between her ass cheeks as my tongue slid along her slit until it found her clit. She moaned as I flicked it rapidly over her pleasure button. Andi shifted her hips to plant her cunt over my mouth, giving my tongue total access to her already dripping twat. My nose pressed against her anus as I plunged my tongue into her; the aroma of her ass and pussy was intoxicating.

“Oh hell yes, lick my pussy. Eat me, make me cum,” Andi moaned as she humped against my mouth. “Suck his cock Jerry, suck him good. Make him cum hard.”

Andi rode my face hard as Jerry worked on my prick. She pressed back so aggressively and continuously that the tip of my nose was pressing into her asshole. Not deep but enough to add to her excitement and to make me decide on a possible booty call later. I had mentioned the possibility in my earlier email and it had been a few days since my dick had been where my nose was pressing. I also thought that letting Jerry see my cock filling Andi’s asshole would help convince him that it would fit in his ass when the time came. My horny wife continued to encourage both of us men to maximize our oral endeavors; me for her enjoyment and Jerry for mine. It didn’t take long. Within a couple of minutes, Andi began to moan louder and I could feel her ass begin to quiver as her orgasm approached.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Andi squealed as I felt her cunt jerk against my mouth and tongue as her juices flooded over my face. Grabbing her hips, I pulled her tighter to my face as I licked even faster and harder. Andi shivered through two fast orgasms before she began to pull away just as my own washed over me. Cum surged from my nuts as Jerry sped up his pace, deep-throating my cock until his lips was pressed to its base and his throat muscles rippled along its length as he swallowed the initial spurts of cum. He didn’t get to finish the job. Andi had other ideas. Pulling her cunt away from my mouth, she jumped off the couch. She grabbed Jerry’s shoulder and pulled him off of my still spurting cock as she lay down on the floor. Cum splattered on my stomach as my unattended prick waved in the air.

“Get over here and fuck me, Jerry. My pussy needs a cock in it. Fuck me now!” she demanded. With an approving nod from me, Jerry hurried to obey. Reaching down he lined his prick up with Andi’s still soaking pussy and drove it home in one hard thrust. Andi’s eyes closed and she literally screamed through her third orgasm as Jerry’s rock hard meat muscle plowed deep. I watched as his ass began to pile drive his dick into my wife’s cunt. He kept his arms extended and supporting his weight to give him a better angle and more depth as his cock plunged in and out. I noticed my prick was still standing strong as the remaining cum oozed from its tip.

Standing up, I moved over next to Jerry and offered my dick to his mouth. He didn’t hesitate to open up and suckle my cock into his face, his lips and tongue teasing at it while he fucked. Jerry was beginning to show some enthusiasm at working my prick. With his lips covering his teeth he would nibble up the length, swirl his tongue around the glans and then nibble down the other side until he could dip his head lower to lick at my hanging ball sack. There was no way my dick was going to go soft with this much sensation keeping it ready. Even with the attention he was giving my cock, he never paused his pounding off Andi’s cunt. From the sound of her moans, she was enjoying Jerry’s efforts as much as I was. I watched as she wrapped her legs around Jerry’s, pulling him tighter into her pussy as her fourth orgasm shook her body. The hot flood of Andi’s juices triggered Jerry’s own orgasm. He groaned over my dick as his back arched and his hips pounded his meat into Andi’s gushing twat in short rapid strokes. When his balls finally emptied, Jerry relaxed as his cock softened and slid from Andi’s cunt. He continued to nibble and tease at my hard meat the entire time.

Andi looked up with a smile and said, “Damn, I needed that. Jerry, that was a great fuck. Oh honey, you look like you could use some pussy, too. You want to fuck me or let Jerry keep playing?”

Pulling away from Jerry’s sweet lips, I answered, “Pussy sounds good to me. Get on your hands and knees so I can take you doggy style. Jerry, move out of the way please.”

Jerry quickly moved to the side as Andi hurriedly rolled over and rose up on her hands and knees. Looking over her shoulder at me, she shook her ass and said, “Come and get it, big boy. My little pussy is waiting.”

Dropping to my knees I moved behind Andi and slid my cock into her cum-filled cunt. I slowly pumped my cock in and out of my well-fucked wife. After a few strokes, I told her, “Baby, you’re so wet and juicy I don’t think your pussy is going to get me off. Jerry’s cock sucking has worn my dick out today. I’m going to need a much tighter hole to squeeze more cum out of this pole.”

With my cock still planted deep, I leaned over and removed a tube of Astroglide from the drawer of the end table where Andi had started keeping it for our video watching games. Pulling my dick from Andi’s pussy, I began to lube up.

“Jerry, come give me a hand. Spread those ass cheeks for me; I need to get a little tail,” I demanded. Jerry’s eyes widened as he moved to obey and watched me line my prick against Andi’s bunghole. Pushing slowly, the head of my cock popped through the ring of muscle closing her colon. I continued to push my dick until it was completely engulfed in her ass. I heard Jerry mumble goddamn under his breath as Andi’s ass absorbed my length. Looking over at him, I could see his just fucked cock beginning to stir. He apparently was enjoying what he saw.

“Yeah Andi, I think your ass will work fine,” I told her as I grasped her hips and began to stroke back and forth. “It’s nice and tight, just right for me to fuck. I’m going to pump it full of hot cum.”

Andi began to hump her butt along my prick as she responded, “Yeah baby, fuck my ass. Fill me with your hot juice. Use it like Jerry used my pussy.”

Jerry continued to keep Andi’s cheeks spread, watching my cock slide in and out of her hot, tight anus. Before long his prick was fully erect and ready for its own action.

“Jerry, like what you see?” I asked. He nodded yes but never looked away from watching. “Andi, I think my new cock sucker is ready for some fun. Do you think you can help him out with a good blow job?”

“Sure, I’ll be glad to,” Andi grunted as I plowed her ass. “He just needs to bring his cock around here so I can get to it.”

Reaching over to the couch, I grabbed a throw pillow and dropped it between my knees. I paused my ass-fucking and told Jerry, “Crawl under Andi so you two can 69 while I’m fucking her. The pillow is for your head so you can get a close up look at an ass-fucking while you eat some pussy and get your dick sucked.”

Jerry released Andi’s asscheeks and dropped to the floor. Andi raised one hand and arm off the floor to let him scoot beneath her. I felt the top of his head move between my knees as he slid into position. Andi hunched a little lower toward the floor to allow him better access to her cunt. I adjusted my position slightly to keep my cock firmly planted in her ass. I saw her head begin to bob up and down as she serviced Jerry’s prick. Once they were situated and taking care of each other’s business, I began pounding Andi’s asshole again.

Since Jerry and I had both recently cum, this sex session lasted a little longer than usual but eventually came to a climax. I heard Jerry grunting as Andi’s head bobbed down and stayed as she swallowed his jism. Moments later she gasped as I felt her shiver through the orgasm Jerry’s tongue lashing had given her. Her anus clamped down on my cock as her juices soaked Jerry’s face. A stroke later, I drove my prick deep as hot cum sprayed into her bowels. After the initial surge, I humped Andi’s ass in short, quick strokes as I milked the last of my juices into her butt. Leaning over Andi’s back above the two of them, I rested until my cock softened and popped from Andi’s butthole, allowing cum to drip onto Jerry’s forehead and face. The three of us slowly untangled ourselves as we caught our breath. Andi and I headed to our shower to clean up as Jerry went down the hall for his own shower. I would have invited him to join us but wanted to discuss how to proceed with the evening’s festivities with Andi alone. There would be more fun to come after supper.


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