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I began visiting Lesbian chat rooms on a regular basis looking for someone to talk to and possibly have a little *fun* with. One night I answered an odd name on the chat list and so begins my story. Turned out I had picked a very nice woman with a fantasy of her own. She had never been with a woman and had been alone for many years and was looking to *find* out what it was like. Now I am no virgin in the lesbian world and I was shocked that she had been alone for so long thinking along these lines and had never done anything about it. We had cyber sex and then began talking on the phone and having phone sex,which by the way becasme very frustrating to us both. See we lived almost 400 miles from each other and not only that I lived with someone. The more we talked the more we wanted to meet so finally we could not hold out any longer. She was going to come to my town and I had to make the neccesary arrangements to meet her. She arrived on a Sunday afternoon and the first thing that impressed me was she was so sophisticated then man she was gorgeous 5’7, auburn hair,firm tits and ass, and the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen. We went to dinner and talked for a couple of hours, then we returned to her hotel room. Where I then lost my nerve I had never been with a “virgin” before and I was scared I would do something wrong and make her regret her decision and I didn’t want to ruin her for others in the future. Anyway turns out I had no reason to be nervous, she knew what she wanted and what she came for, she took the reins and proceeded to give me the loving of a lifetime. First thing she wanted me to do was hold her she said she had dreamed of that so often in the past few months when we were talking on the phone that she just had to know what it felt like to lie in my arms. Then she went in the bathroom and called me she had run a tub and asked me to join her she didn’t have to ask twice. After a long and very erotic bath we
exited the bath and returned to the bed, where again she took control f the whole situation. She began by kissing me long and deeply on the mouth moving her hands very softly across my back and ass then she kissed my neck and began to ite me not hard but, with enough pressure to make me groan. She then moved down to my very ample breasts where she spent a very long time teasing and biteing my nipples until I thought I would scream if she didn’t move further south. Then she began to move down my stomach I was about to cum just from the thought of what she would do next when she touched the outer lips of my pussy it was like an electric shock going through my body I had never felt anything so powerful in my life. She parted my lips and began to lick and suck my clit with as much tenderness as she could muster I came almost immediately. She fucked me with her tongue then with her fingers then with her tongue again. I had never been so “LOVED” in my life it was beautiful, let me tell you she may not have ever been with a woman before but, she was not confused at all about ow to make love to one. I then had lost all my fears and I made slow tender love to her for quite a long time. Then she made love to me again We shared multiple orgasems that night and now we share everything, I couldn’t let her go I made her my wife.

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