Irresistible Temptations

My friend told me she gave him my phone number and to expect his call. After speaking to Jim, I knew I had no interest in ever seeing him in person. He was difficult to understand given his strong European accent and seemed to have no sense of humour.

For some reason he couldn’t take no for an answer; he kept asking me to meet him. Finally, one day when I was totally unkempt after having just moved, he asked again. Perfect I thought, finally I will get rid of him. He’ll see me at my worst and then he’ll never bother me again.

We arranged to meet at the corner of my street. There was no suitable venue in the new development where I lived. Complicating things further, no public transportation was available and I didn’t drive; I didn’t want him to have my address.

As I walked to where he stood, I was surprised. His muscular tall frame and dark wavy hair with deep blue eyes, made him undeniably handsome. Approaching him, he smiled broadly, and I now regretted how I had wanted to make a bad impression. My resolve to not see him again vanished that second.

After barely saying our hellos, he reached over and gave me an exalting kiss. I felt his tongue lock with mine and though it’s a cliché, I really grew weak in the knees. Never had a kiss affected me like that. Breathing heavy from his kiss, he asked if I was ok. Stammering, I replied I was fine.

Jim suggested going to my house to talk. My mind realized the repercussions of bringing him to my house but my aroused, aching body overruled it, silently urging acceptance of his request. My mother was visiting so I knew the risks when I nodded in reply.

Introductions were made; Jim and I got comfortable on the sofa. When my mother went downstairs to be with a serviceman that was installing central vacuum, Jim said we should go upstairs. So I could show him the house, he added. My body, fully aware that the grand tour he wanted was not of the house, tingled from the thoughts of what I hoped would be forthcoming.

We went upstairs and after quickly showing him the other rooms, we lingered in my bedroom as I anticipated. Not one to waste much time, Jim’s masculine hands fastidiously touching my voluptuous breasts, made me emit soft moans. Not knowing what to do, as the real possibility that my mother could come upstairs and catch us existed, Jim interrupted my thoughts. “Close the door”, he told me and so I did; locking it for added security.

He eagerly kissed me, resuming his fondling of my aroused tits. As his hand began its slow descent down my body, mine did the same down his. Both reached its desired destinations. Sticking his large hand under my panties, his wandering fingers circled my mound, before he hastily began removing all obstacles in his way.

Lustfully eying each other’s now nude bodies, both of us hungrily wanting to explore the intimate passages of the other, our adventure continued. Staring at his stirring manhood that was so close and yet too far, I licked my lips, overcome with my desire to devour it.

I knelt in front of it, to worship at my worthy temple of desire. Stroking, licking, sucking this splendid specimen of mass proportions, his moans of delight made all my prayers come true. His prick growing in dimension, his pulsating veins ready to burst with a rush of pure release, made me shocked at how much lust I felt for this lover-stranger.

“I want to fuck you baby,” Jim said, as my mouth let his dick loose so he could have his way with me. He pushed me onto the carpeted floor and with masterful strides, proceeded to spread first my legs, then my moist large protruding lips, open. His glorious tongue eagerly darting in and out of my wet center then licking my slit, followed by his mouth sucking hard on my clit, worked my cunt into a frenzy of explosive passion.

The thought that my mother might be able to hear us momentarily crossed my mind. That worry was quickly dismissed as Jim’s fingers entered my starving pussy and continued his pilgrimage into my inner essence. Skillfully he continued his rhythmic sojourns in my cunt, in and out, faster and deeper, as my orgasmic screams reverberated throughout the room.

“Fuck me” I begged, as his lascivious tongue teased my soaked pussy mercilessly, only to be joined by his cock rubbing which grew harder during each press. Finally appeasing me, Jim’s erect hot rod thrusted deeply inside my core. His quickened pace of erotic jaunts against the walls of my hub of delight, made me moan loudly, exhilarated from my heightened pleasure.

“How did you meet grandpa”, Molly my 7-year-old granddaughter repeated, rousing me from my private memories of how Jim and I got together. Three kids, 6 grandchildren, and 35 years together hadn’t dulled my vivid images of our first time.

“My friend introduced us Molly”, I replied. “Later we went out for a nice dinner and a movie,” I lied. Satisfied, Molly returned her focus to her dolls.

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