Is There a Doctor in the House?? part 2

Part 2


See nurse? I told you…….I wasnt playing around. Its throbs and aches all over and now I have these tingly sensations overwhelming my body that I cant seem to shake.

*Looking in her seductive eyes and seeing her desire as she strokes me slowly sends me to new heights of arousal. I cant resist or hold back the urge to thrust in her hands. The feel of her warm breath, her mouth no more than inches from my phallus, drives me insane in the most erotic way. My throbbing member becomes so hard that it almost aches.*

Nurse, your hands are like magic. I dont know what you are doing to me, but it feels really good.

*I smile and catch her biting and licking her lips. I reach up to take her sexy little hat off and undo the clasps in her hair allowing her locks to fall against my thighs and brush across my sack like breezy strokes against my skin*

Damn you are beautiful. You oughta let your hair down more often.

*I see her blush and give a slight grin at my verbal and physical reaction, I can feel my heart pulse through every inch of my being and I know she can feel it. The thought of her sliding her ass up to my face so that I can get a closer look at her red hot thong and feel and smell something hotter underneath makes me crazed with anticipation. God how I want to be with her.*

You are quite sexy. You probably get that all the time though Im sure.

*I start brushing my fingers through her hair and caress the side of her soft cheek and jaw line with a loving touch. Her hair like and face made my fingertips want to melt. I wanted touch her even more. I wanted to just get up and embrace her and show her EXACTLY how I felt about her. To kiss those sweet lips, to feel her exposed breasts against my chest… taste her…to KNOW her. Like a good patient I refrained and let her have her way, the way SHE wanted me. And DAMN was I ever being patient.*

This is a true test of will power on both our parts if you ask me. What other tests or procedures do you think might need to be performed at this time Miss. M? I dont think I’ll be able to hold out much longer. This is becoming critical.

*”Critical” was the right word, but not “terminal”. You see… heart was POUNDING. All i could do was lay there and grin. Enjoying getting lost in this moment, it’s not every day that you have a sexy nurse as beautiful as this one pamper you in this way. I was getting the special treatment and loving every throbbing minute of it*


The pulse between my own legs seems to be growing and aching itself as I looked upon his big hard shaft. I had never seen a “tent” quite that large in person, only what I’ve seen in porno movies that I’ve seen late at night on the sex channel. So long so thick and so hard. Which sent shivers through my spine.

Feeling Mr. Favor take the hairpins out of my nurses hat, my long brown curls fell down around my shoulders lightly brushing his skin. My hands pulsating over his hard large shaft was making it even more difficult to control the urges that I was feeling inside.

“Mr. Favor, I checked with my hands for just the one pulse and found several pulses. I need to check you with my stethescope to see if I can hear your heartbeat through the throb of your hardened “tent”. To see truly whats going on below your waist. “What I need to do first is wash my hands and wash this gooey, sticky gel off you” as I walked over to the sink, his eyes burned into me. I felt them. Those dark and mysterious brown eyes were penetrating my very soul.

Finding a small hospital pan, I turned the water on to fill up the pan with warm water and finding a very soft sponge, I placed it in the warm water. “Well sir, I’m going to wash off that sticky gel from your tent before I can continue on with my examination for your throbbing ache” I turned and gave him a playful wink.

While at the sink I slowly slid my hand up to the remainder of buttons on my nurses uniform and unbuttoned them exposing my firm and perky breasts, pushing up out of my white lacey bra. Sliding my hand over the outside lace material I could feel my nipples hard and erect, begging to be licked and touched. Turning and walking towards him with the bed pan, I pulled the warm sponge out of the water and took his large phallus into my hands and began to gingerly wash off the sticky gel My soft hands held his phallus as I squeezed a little as I held onto it. This sponge had these incredible little ribs to it as I softly ran the sponge up and down his large shaft and around in circles on the top of his swollen member. Sliding the wet warm sponge down to the base and back up again sending electricity through his body as I felt him tense and then relax. “There there Mr. Favor you are the patient one, taking this all in stride, as I washed him throughly on his smooth shaved stones. Making sure I got every bit of sticky gel off him.

“A little bit of heaven on earth eh” as I giggled and placed the sponge back into the pan.

“Here lets blow on you to dry you off and continue on with my examination” I shyly smiled but with a evil glim in my eye

As I leaned down to blow my warm breath on your hard “tent” I couldn’t get the right angle I wanted. “Do you mind if I blow you off by me getting on the hospital bed with you” I asked

“Of course you don’t mind” as I watched as your eyes continued to roll back in your head.

Taking off my shoes with a swift kick, I turn and pulled up my nurses uniform from the bottem as my left knee touches the side of the hospital bed, I hoist my right leg up over the top of your thighs and turn to face you as I straddle your hips. My hips resting there on your hips with my pushed up uniform, exposing my little red hot thong staring at you directly in your face.

“See now, better angle to blow you off with” as I slide off the top of my nurses uniform and my breasts hidden under the lacey white bra just begging to be released from their prison.

Placing your very wet and warm swollen member into my soft hands I blow upon your aching throbbling member, as like on a hot summers night with a light breeze.


*This is the stuff that can wake a man up in the morning. Oh my god, if ever I wanted anyone in my entire life…it was this woman. Right here, right now.*

You sure are giving me a lot of attention nurse. I really like the way you take care of me. Anyone should be so lucky as to get in an accident or something and have you for their bed side manor

*Her delicious ass was there, staring me in the face. I shivered at the sight of her thong slip down the crevasse between her cheeks, disappear slightly and then reappear again over her loving mound. The bottom of her skirt hiked up and top around her waist exposed her world to me. Those calves and and thighs like cream to my eyes that came all the way up to her butt. I yearned to nibble and lick every nook and cranny of her body. My eyes traveled along her back and shoulders as she hunched over me breathing warm breezes along my shaft. She looked as though she was molded in heaven. Between her legs as I looked past her sweet pussy melting in my face, I could see her smooth stomach and firm breasts beneath her demure bra. I could vaguely make out her nipples trying to bust through the fabric. I had to make my move. I knew I should when I saw her look back at me, catching me admire her. Her grin said it all.*

You dont mind if I give a little attention back do you? I mean, its only fair.

*You shook your head slowly as if to say “not at all”. The way you bit your lip and blushed told me “please do” and that look in your eyes seemed to tell me “what took you so long?”*

Thank you Miss. M. I will see to it that you arent disappointed.

*I rocked my hips a little and pushed my ass up a tad to barely let the head of my cock graze across
her delicate lips. Tingles flowed throughout my entire body. I focused again on her ass giving me that unforgettable verticle smile. I c
ould hear her moan softly and breathe a little quicker against my shaft as my hands slid along her strong legs. I squeezed and massaged her calves and thighs until I came to her ass. I scraped my nails inwards to the thong and and then up to the small of her back and pulled her back a little.*

Im going to enjoy this. You are irresistable

*My comment triggered a longing sigh to utter her lips. I smiled with satisfaction at her acceptance of the attention I was giving her so far. I was overwhelmed with exhilirating thoughts and feelings for her and the way she was treating me. I had to thank her…but not with words. Actions were the only thing doing any talking around here at this point I thought.*

*I rubbed my fingertips down the small of her back and along the back of her thong that gracefully threaded the center of her tight ass. She shuddered a moment as I rubbed over her mound with my palm as the other hand squeezed her cheek and rocked her back into my hand. The feel of that soft sensual fabric and the wet heat between her thighs underneath made my mouth begin to water. I leaned my head forward to give tender kisses along her thighs and nibbled her fine buttox. As my lips slid down along the inside of her cheeks and brushed against her waiting pussy I felt her moan and lick the tip of my cock. No doubt there was pre cum dappled at the tip because I was so intrigued by the spontaneity of this moment. I flicked my tongue from between my lips to taste along the seams of her thong. Teasing her and making her legs seem to quiver with desire. I pressed harder with my tongue and and could taste the sweet essence already flowing and seeping out from the fabric. The aroma of her sweet sex flowed through my nostrils as if begging me to yank the that read thong over to the side and let my tongue have its way with her. How could I refuse?*

I want you NOW

*I said firmly as I grasped at the back of her thong and pulled it to the side, revealing her slightly whiter skin and shaved pussy. Her folds so delicate and pink. I had to taste her, I didnt want to let one drop of her honey go to waste. I open my mouth slightly and softly suck her blossom into my mouth and let my tongue slide in circles around her bud. Massaging her thighs and hips as she rocked back and forth slowly on my face excited me to no end.*

*Her sweet sighs and swoons letting me know that she was on the same page with me only made me want to learn to breathe through my ears. Lets face it…..I could go down on her forever. I moaned softly at the anticipation buliding in my loins and the taste of her to my mouth. I wanted to feel her taste me at the same time. The blood screamed in my veins for her sweet kisses.*


“Why Mr. Favor, I do believe you know how to satisfy any woman with that tongue of yours” as I rocked gently back and forth on his tongue. I felt him move my hot little red lacy thong to the side as he plunged his tongue deep inside my watering flower. Licking the deep folds of my flower made me want to throw off all inibitions and scream loudly in that hospital room.

Licking my lips and giving him a slight smile my seductive wet mouth teases the head of his hardened shaft with the end of my tongue. Flicking it slowly back and forth across the head as I held his throbbing member in my hands and squeezing it as I moved my hand up and down the entire length of it. The tip end of my tongue danced over his shaft head with delight as if in perfect blend and harmony to every beat of my heart. Tasting his pre-cum I licked it hungerly wanting more. My watering flower gushes forth as a torrent stream on his hard tongue. Allowing him to suckle down the moist and wetness of the stream that escaped deep from within my flower. The scent of sex was filling the room as I continued to thrust on his tongue. Not wanting him to miss any drop that flowed from my budding flower.

Reaching back and unclasping my lace bra, my heaving breasts sprung from their prison, leaving them free from their bondage. Sliding up closer to his throbbing aching member and grabbing his hard shaft in my hands I place his aching shaft between my heaving breasts as they encased every inch of him, pressing the sides of my breasts closer together. I watch as his hard shaft slides between them, slowly at first and picking up speed as I squeeze my breast harder together in unison. The head of his hard member slides up close to my mouth and my watering tongue leans down and licks his throbbing member as it slips and slides through my breasts. With every thrust of his tongue, I grind my hips down upon his face.

I feel his throbbing member stiffen even more as it slides comfortably between my two perky firm breasts. I hear a moan escape your lips between your licks. I felt more pre-cum escape your delicious one eye and reach down with one of my fingers and scrape off some of the pre-cum. “Mr. Favor” I whisper seductively.

You stop what your doing for a moment as I take my finger with your pre-cum on it and slide it into your hot wet mouth to lick it off… “Suck my finger” as I slid the pre-cum finger deep within his mouth. MMMM moaning softly as my finger slides in and out.

Knowing that my bedside manor will indeed get to that ache and with my tender loving care, you will be healed Mr. Favor.

With a devilish sensual twist I slide off Mr. Favor’s hot wet mouth and leaning back on the hospital bed. I pull the sethoscope from around my neck and arching my back with my thighs apart. I blow on the sethoscope as if to warm it as I slide it between my thighs to my watering flower and place it on my blossem as I begin to feel my own throb. My thighs quiver as I feel the cold metal touch my hot clit.

“Yes” as I smiled I feel it pulsing with fire as I continue to probe myself as you watch me with hungry eyes.


*I lay there and lick my lips as I watch her fondle herself in front of me. Her hand moving the stethoscope back and forth over her folds and the way she gets into the moment sends me reeling. I sit up and pull off the hospital gown and then take my hands and run them over her perky breasts and hard nipples and then down her sides, taking off her uniform all the way to her knees. Her thighs firm and tender in my fingers. I look at into her eyes seeing the bliss in her face and her desire for me.*

I want you

*I can feel and hear her breathing begin to quicken and her soft moans giving me just a taste test of how in to it she can really be. I lean in and begin to kiss and suck on her lips. One hand stroking through her hair and the other holding her bu the small of her back. The feel of her lips against mine and the rocking of her hips making her muscles in her back tighten and twist fills me with satisfaction. My cock stands at attention just inches below her sweet hole.*

You are so hot baby, I could almost eat you

*I grin and bite my bottom lip as she gazes into my eyes with that devious smile looking back at me. My hands run up and down her back and then to her ass as I pull her closer to my chest to feel her a gainst me. Her breasts heaving against me with the pace of her breathing. I nibble her neck and ears and then begin to lick across her shoulder and down her arm. I take one hand and move it to rest on top of hers as she feels herself before me. I make her hand move in faster and harder circles, slipping my fingers between hers to feel her folds and swollen clit on my fingertips.*

Lets get rid of this shall we?

*I take the stethoscope from her hand to get it out of the way and continue using my fingertips and her hand to massage her pussy at the same time. I feel her hand move through through my soft hair and pull a little as I tongue around her nipples and nibble her breasts, taking special care not to touch the peaks yet. I build up the sensitive areas of her breasts with my mouth and then use my
hand to squeeze them softly as I pull the nipples into my warm mouth. Her nipples like hot pebbles in my mouth
as I flick and nibble them gently*

I love the way your body responds to me. I want to see, feel and hear you get carried away. Just let yourself go when you are ready.

*I look in her eyes again to see her getting lost in my touch. I close my eyes and continue to kiss tenderly along her stomach and sides. Soft bites over her hip making her shudder with excitement and my hand over hers moving faster. I slip two fingers between and slide them inside her hot folds. I curl my fingers to rub her G spot and find her massaging her clit as I penetrate in and out lovingly*

*Not being able to resist any more I slide my tongue down to take the place of her hand and scoot back to get comfortable on my knees as I bury my face between her thighs. My tongue and lips caressing and sucking her bud while my fingers move nicely inside of her. I feel and taste her nectar flow down my lips and knuckles, her sweet fragrance filling my senses and adding to the moment with spice. Her voice calls out in a heavenly moan As I lick and thrust faster and deeper. Bring my other hand up behind her to feel the muscles in her ass tighten and I begin to rock her into my face*

Fuck my face baby, I want to taste every drop.

*I begin to moan too as I feel her nails dig in to my neck and rough pulls at my hair as she wiggle and bucks against my mouth. I shake my head back and forth so that my lips caress all over her pussy and clit. My fingers feeling out every inner sensation like electricity pulsing between them. I feel her flood on to my hand as she cums hard and swoons with passion. Her tone like music to my ears as I take my fingers out and replace them with my tongue as I thrust it deep inside of her to ensure that not one drop of her essence goes to waste.*

*I raise up and look in her eyes as I lick her juices off my fingers that so gallantly sent her into a frenzy of pleasure. I then rub her lips with them and begin to tease her mouth open. Her mouth sucking my fingers and her hand pulling them in and out of her mouth. I smile and feel tingles up and down my spine at the feel and sight of her lips molding around the knuckles. My cock enraged and begging. I move my other hand down to grasp my shaft and begin to stroke it in front of her.*

You are driving me crazy Nurse.


“MMMMMMM” as I lick off the pussy juice and catching my sweet sex smell on your fingers, breathing in the natural aroma of my body drove me crazy as I suck and lick your fingers. Almost feeling like a cat licking her paws clean after a good meal *giggles* she thought.

“Your fingers were a delight Mr. Favors” I sighed continuing to lick you. “Your big hands and fingers touched my very core and made me feel warmth flow through my body”

Not many words were used but knowing what each other wanted, sensing and feeling each other, mere words could not explain, nor describe the incredible act taking place between them….

I watch you with my eyes penatrating your every move as you take your hard throbbing member into your hand and begin to stroke it up and down, which sent amazing sensations through my body, coursing up and down me.
Biting my lower lip as I watch you. I slid back on the bed, running my hand through my hair seductively. My legs spread apart so you can see my begging hole. Feeling warm tingles coursing through my body. I look deeply into your dark mysterious eyes again as my hands begin to caress my breasts, cupping and squeezing them together as I watch you, watch me. My fingers tug gently on my erect nipples as I make circular strokes around them, sending more shivers through me.

“Mr. Favor your hard throbbing member is so big” I whisper as I continue to slide my one hand down to my waiting flower and touching softly the outsides of my folds. My hips thrust onto my wanting fingers and hand as I begin to touch myself with every stroke you make.

I can barely contain the emotion within me as it hits a peak within me and I feel myself going over the edge as I strum my fingers across my hardened clit while watching you. With every stroke Mr. Favor brings me that much closer. Harder and faster I watch you stroke your hard shaft….

“MMMMMMMM moaning loudly* yessss ohhhh my gawd, damn baby yesss as I burst with every ounce of energy within me as I feel wetness and moist cum slide down my swollen slit. “Ooooooooooo” as I scream “Mr. Favor yes yes yes ohhh baby” as I bucked and jerked with my hips, biting my bottem lip as thousands of electric tongues burst forth from my watering flower! Feeling myself shudder within and without, I tremble as this rocked my world and my body. Your eyes watch me as I writh with pleasure, all the while not skipping one beat or one stroke of your hand.

Wanting all of you, tasting you and wanting you inside….

“Lay down on the bed and let me get to your ache now” I commanded him. His hard shaft seemed even larger than I had seen since he first came into the emergency room. “I must help this poor soul” thinking to myself and a devious grin.

Doing as I commanded him to do, Mr. Favors lays back on the hospital bed, all the while his hard throbbing cock is straight at attention towards the ceiling. Red and swollen he needs dire help in reaching that ache.

Walking over to the shelf where medical supplies are kept, I pull out four leather straps or as some would say shakles, restraints. We use them to strap down patients who would otherwise would fight receiving medical attention and are combatant.

“This isn’t going to hurt a bit Mr. Favor” I see you smile and knowing see your not going to be one of our psycho patients who come through these emergency room. I caress my perky breasts and walking to the end of the bed and wrapping your ankles with the leather restraints to the sides of the metal bars. Your legs forming a V shape and watching from the end of the bed with your hard shaft throbbing in your hand as you continue to stroke it made me smile. Securing your ankles to the bed I made sure you would not be able to move. They were tight and checking them I made sure, as I made my way up to the front of the bed, I lean over and parted my lips and kissed you passionately on your open mouth. I leaned down with my hand and brought it up over your head as my mouth came off your lips and wrapped the leather restraints around your right wrist and snuggly secured it to the metal bar and doing so with your left. Making sure you were not going to be able to get up and do what you will while I take care of the throbbing ache that has plagued you.

“Now Mr. Favors” leaning over to him and kissing him on his mouth and biting his bottem lip as I sucked it in and out of mine. “You ready for your medicine” as I giggled with delight knowingly. You have such a sureal look on your face as I climb up on the hospital bed with you and on my knees between your V-shaped legs. I arch my back as I slide my hands up and down my body and stopping to caress my firm breasts. I hear some moans and groans escape your mouth as I caress my body, arching it back so you can get a full view.

“Your ache is about to be released from all that tension and the medicine I’m about to give you will help you” I teased him…. “Lay back and let me give you what you want”

and with that Nurse M begins her therapy…

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