Is There a Doctor in the House??

Part 1


*I walk into the hospital and see this striking nurse walk by with sensuous lips and legs to die for. I immediately become overwhelmed with excitement as we make eye contact as she gives me that knowing grin that I have been caught staring. Ohhhhhhh those eyes*

*I bite my lip and begin to limp over to her and glance along her sexy curves as she turns around to fill out some paperwork. Like brown silk, her hair all up and and tight against the back of her head exposing her milky neck. Her shoulders and and back demure and feminine. Her firm ass being barely covered by the short white dress that comes to rest just at the middle of her thighs.*

*I decide that I must know her. I must get her attention*

Excuse me Nurse…..but I seem to have this throbbing ache below my waist and I cant seem to shake it. Please tell me, is there any hope for me?

*She glances back with that same knowing grin and dark eyes giving me a quick stare up and down then coming to meet my eyes again. My heart skips a beat in that instant. Damn, is she ever beautiful*


“Yes what seems to be the problem” I asked turning away from my paper work from the last patient.

My eyes turn and catch his dark mysterious eyes gazing at my every movement and every curve that formed my body as I walked towards him. I could feel him bearing holes through me as he stared hard at me. I almost lost my composure looking at his sexy face and those eyes that seemed to speak many things to me with one glance.

“You say you have a throbbing ache below your waist, well that could mean anything, so maybe why don’t you come with me to a room so I or we can get you checked out to make sure that throbbing ache is well taken care of” I spoke back to him

Leading you to one of the last patient room in the emergency room. I can almost feel your eyes following me as I walked before you and resting upon my ass.

“Here” I say as I lead you into the small room. “I need you to talk off all your clothes and put this gown on, so we can see if anything serious is going on down there with that throbbing ache you have” I say to you with my parted lips as you watch every word escape from my mouth.


*After a little hesitation I decide to go ahead and get into this silly gown. Thoughts of what she hides underneath that nice little outfit she has on and the serene melody of her voice echoing in my ears gets my blood steaming*

Alright nurse…will do

*I speak with a grin as I turn my back towards her to take my jeans and shirt off. I look down and realize that I havent been playing around all along. I saw that my phallus was engorged and throbbing as I exposed it to the cool air of the room. I felt it but I had no idea just how excited I had become.*


*After putting the hospital gown on all open in the back and not too warm with my ass exposed I also realize what a tent I have popping underneath this flimsy fabric. My jeans were able to hide it, but now there is nothing holding it down*

*I look back at her blushing a little, but trying to keep my composure when I notice she is just standing there with her hands on her sides and tapping her foot as if she is becoming a bit impatient. That little cocky smile on her face and those eyes. I just get lost*

Ummmmmm…This gown eh? Alright then. And on that table over there?

*I point nervously at the table on the other side of the room. What a dumb question that was, its the only fuckin table in the room. I know damn well that she is going to notice how aroused she has made me if I even turn around. Will she be angry? Will she be embarrassed? Is she going to call a doctor in to laugh along with her?….these thoughts scramble back and forth through my mind like pinballs*

*I see her just nodding her head and pointing with me as she licks her lips a little. The sight of her tongue moving slightly across her sweet lips only has me wondering even more about where this just may go.*

Yes Ma’am. As you wish.

*I speak a bit nervously and make my way over to the table and lay back. My cock springing to attention under the fabric as my hands let go of it. I tried to keep it under wraps. I blush again and see her eyes linger on the rise in the gown.*

Well…..tell me nurse. Do you think there is any hope of overcoming this affliction of mine?


“OOOH what big uhhh ohh eyes you have Mr. Favor” I blushed a little as I watched him undress and slid up on the bed.

The flimsy little cotton gown tightly outlining his tent as it stood at direct attention, pushing and straining against the cloth. I couldn’t help but notice his very large package straining so hard.

“So you seem to have a throbbing ache, well lets see what we can do about that Mr. Favor” as I walked over to put some rubber gloves on my hands. I still felt penetrating eyes on my backside as I walked over to wash my hands and then to slip the rubber gloves on.

“I just want you to lay back for me Mr. Favor and let me examine you first to see if you really will need to see the ER doctor” as I turned back to walk over to him on the bed

Looking at me with those big dark mysterious eyes sent chills through me. Leaning over you to take your blood pressure and pulse you catch a serious view of my cleavage which I purposely had unbuttoned two of the top buttons, leaving my perky and firm breasts pushing up and out of my white lacey bra.

“Well your blood pressure seems a little elevated and your pulse does seem a little fast, but all seems to be fine”

I can feel his eyes looking directly at my perky breasts but I avoided looking him directly in his eyes as I finished taking his vitals.

“So now about this ache?” as I snapped my rubber gloves anxiously.
“I need to examine you there and see if you are in any pain as I touch you, and see if we are going to have to call the Doc in” I inwardly smile to myself having thoughts about how good this guy looks and his tent bursting and straining. “Oh my I thought is he really “that” big” I giggle to myself

Sliding your hospital gown over to the side exposing the full view of your hardened shaft. Taking my rubber gloved hand to feel around the area you pointed to, I slightly press on your flesh….

“Ok Mr. Favor” I smile as you take my hand guiding me to just the right spot where the thobbing ache started….


*Her body and curves knowingly teasing me makes the moment even more irresistable. Her soft touches and light brushes with her fingers aren’t like that of any touch that a nurse normally gives. They are usually more forceful and not as polite about the way they take vitals. As I peered down her top I could see a slight thump in her chest…as if her heart was beating as hard as mine was*

Yes nurse… seems to be an ache right in this region here.

*I take her hand in mine and slowly move it inward along my hip and and thigh until her fingers graze my testicles and swollen shaft. Biting my lip and wishing she wasnt wearing those gloves. I wanted to feel her soft fingers against my flesh without any artificial layers*

See what I mean? It wont go away. And it seems that the more I see you and the more I see of you, the worse it gets.
Look me in the eyes and tell me what can be done about this.

*Just the desire to make eye contact with her again and hear her sweet voice was enough to make my heart want to burst out of my chest. The ability to keep my composure becomes harder and harder by the minute. LITERALLY.*

*I notice the temperature changing in the room. I knew that most Hospitals dont believe in warm rooms and I didnt see any signs of a heater. That left only one other pos
sible explanation……Our body heat was blending very nicely and emanating throughout the room*

Do you really think that I need to see a Doctor ma’am? You seem to be more than qualified to me.

*I see her smile in that moment and every part of my being just wanted to melt in her hands. Sweet surrendering of all inhibitions becoming quite apparent. I long for this woman*

Oh…and nurse? You werent looking at my eyes.

*Grinning playfully*


Smiling as you take my hand and gently moved it to the spot you said ached. My hand lightly brushed up against your hard phallus as I felt around your two smooth testicles. I pressed down and around them trying to feel if you were in any pain and you let out a slight moan as I felt around the bottem part of your shaft.

“Damn these gloves I can’t feel anything through them, hope you don’t mind me taking them off to continue my examination, do you?” I spoke with a twinkle in my eyes

Pulling off my gloves I caught sight of your eyes and smiled knowingly that we would get to the root of his ache. Better yet everything inside me wanted to forget that I was a professional and just look at him with a “fuck me now look in my eyes”

His hardened shaft standing ever so at attention as a soldier waiting for his call to duty. I could feel a slight tingling sensation going on below my own waist as I bent over him and began my examination once again.

I blew on my hands with my warm breath not wanting him to jump at the coldness of my hands. Nice and warm I thought. “Lets do this again Mr. Favor” as I slowly pulled his gown over to the side exposing all of him. Sliding my soft warm hands between your thighs, I touched your two smooth stones as I begin to take them into my hand and massage them as I felt for the ache. Up and down and around in circles as I massaged them to see if we could locate the ache there.

I hear another moan escape from your lips as my hand rolls your testicles gently, not wanting to hurt you.

“Do you mind if I use two hands Mr. Favor” with a slightly turned up smile catching you off guard.

I hear a yes come from between your groans as I massage your two nice soft stones.. I feel those tingles between my own thighs and a aching of my own.

Rubbing my two hands together to warm them up, wouldn’t want Mr. Favor to scream when I touch him. Well wait maybe I do!! *giggles* I thought as I slid my hands back down between your thighs and to your two smooth stones. I begin to press gently around the area you told me you had the ache. I noticed you arch your back a little as I place both nut sacks in the palms of my hands and begins to knead and massage them. I could tell very much to your liking.

Palming and rolling them around and lightly letting my fingertips flutter over your smooth skin. My hand grazed your hot hard shaft and sent a shiver through my spine. I noticed pre-cum at the tip of your shaft and I licked my lips. Wanting to take my finger and wipe off the pre-cum and suck it off my fingers. My thoughts went rampant as my pussy began to tingle more. I felt my lacey thong wet with my juices.

“How you doing Mr. Favor, is the ache a dull or sharp pain your having” I asked as I continued to massage your balls with both my soft hands.


*Moaning a little as her hands send shivers through my body, I can feel the electricity surging between us. I can see in her eyes that she wants me. She somewhat tries to keep that professional look about her, but I see through that demure attitude*

Yes nurse, its like a dull pain that throbs with every beat of my heart and moves up and down right there. It starts at the base and moves up and down my shaft. Im really concerned.

*I give a slight smirk as her eyes and smile fall upon me. Tingles all over my body now*

But ya know, it is starting to feel much better now. Then again YOU are the nurse….I am only the patient. You decide when Im well or not. My whole body is starting to ache now. You really know what you are doing.

*I begin rocking my hips some against her hands. My cock sliding nicely through her fingers. I moan a little louder, but not as loud as I want to in fear of getting unneeded attention in the room. I know that any moans that came out of my mouth would not be mistaken for moans of pain. I look in her beautiful eyes and see a look on her face that tells me she wants to take me in every way.*

You think I might need a little lubrication there or do you have some of your own?

*I bite my lip and watch her nod in agreement with me as I take her hand in mine and squeeze my shaft hard, making the remaining flesh bulge and pulse and my head swollen from the circulation being cut off. My other hand brushes through her shiny hair as I feel and see her tongue move from between her parted lips and tease the head of my sex*

MMMmmmmmmmm, yes nurse. Show me what you like.


“I see Mr. Favor its a dull ache right there is it* as my hand slides down his hard aching phallus as I lightly stroke the sides of it. My mouth waters but I maintain my professionalism, taking my duties as a nurse to heart. But seeing he needs a little extra tender loving care.

My tongue darts in and out of my mouth as I feel tempted to show him just how much tender loving care one naughty nurse can do. His swollen member in my hand as I’m stroking him up and down. My other hand cups his two aching balls and massages them as well as looking deeper for that ache that he is feeling all over. “Licks lips” as I see his tent seems to have gotten bigger not smaller in size.

“I think Mr. Favor I need to do a ultra-sound on you and try to find out where that ache has started, hope you don’t mind it will be quick and painless ” I nod knowingly that he just wants some kind of gel or lubercation on his ever growing tent.

Walking over to the ultra-sound machine, I bend over to make sure its unplugged and as I bend over from the waist down, my nurses’s uniform from the back hikes up and exposes my little red hot thong I have on and my sweet ass cheeks. I linger a little longer bent over that Mr. Favor is most definately watching my ass.

“Ok I think I got it” as I slide the ultra-sound over to the side of the bed. Pulling out a large bottle of gel, I shake and then squirt a load full of gel onto Mr. Favors hard and swollen member.

“Very sorry about that, I know its cold but it will nicely warm up in a minute” Taking my hand I slide the gel up and down his shaft making sure every inch is covered. “Lets see now if your hard shaft has a pulse, shall we” as I stroke up and down looking for the pulse I look back at Mr. Favor whos eyeballs seem to have rolled into the back of his head.

My hands begin to pump faster and squeeze tighter over the tip of your shaft all the way to the base trying to find that pulse. “Mr. Favor your hard swollen shaft seems to be throbbing all over and not just in one place” I squeezed a little tighter as I bring my hand over the top and back down again.

Feeling wetness and a throbbing between my own legs as I check for his pulse … I’m seriously considering checking my own puss errr pulse…

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