jeanie's monster 2 / second encounter

those of you who read the first story know about my encounter with jack. it’s been a while, but i still have strong thoughts about doing it again. i meant to get his number from jeanie, but i keep forgetting. i even went to an adult video shop and bought a transexual tape. when i’m home alone i get naked and watch it while i masturbate.
jeanie told me last week she wanted to spend the coming weekend with her mother in temple. i haven’t met her mom, but she’s told me about all her family.her dad passed away and now her mom lives alone. she’s very religious. she doesn’t allow drinking, and no movies. too much bad language, sex, and violence. also we couldn’t sleep together. it would be a very boring weekend for me, so i begged off. jeanie understood, but that’s her mom. so i understand she needs to spend some time with her. she planed to take sat. off, and leave friday after work. i told her to come by on her way out.
friday evening she came by to tell me bye. i walked her back to her car. we stood in front of it, and i kissed her and told her to be careful. i don’t want to lose you. she kissed me again, and slipped a note in my pocket. i said, what’s that? and she said, mom’s phone number. then as she started to get in she looked back with a smile, and winked and said, have fun! i started to comment but she was already in the car. i watched her drive away, and turned to go back in. there was a guy standing on the balcony upstairs,leaning on the rail. i knew he had been watching. who could blame him? jeanie is a fine looking woman. he waved and spoke, and i spoke to him, then went on in.
i got a cold on from the fridge, and popped the top, wondering what wink and have fun meant.i’d have to be here alone all weekend. i took the note from my pocket to put by the phone so i wouldn’t lose it, and as i unfolded it i saw at the top it said “madeline (mom)” with a phone number, and below that there was a second number and it said (jack). in the corner she had drawn a winking smiley face. so i know what wink and have fun means. i’ll get my apt. cleaned, do my laundry, and of coarse down some more beers. then tomorrow i’ll give jack a call.
i started on my apt. i made the bed first so i could change the linen, then gathered up the laundry and went to the wash room.i started the washers and went back to work on the apt. while they washed. i picked up and vaccumed, finished my beer. then i went to check the washers. they had stopped, and i started putting them in the drier when the guy upstairs came in with a basket,to get his. he said, laundry day for you too, huh? i said, yeah. i usually do it on saturday, but my girlfriend went out of town for the weekend so i’ve got nothing else to do. he said, i know that feeling! nothing to do. i said your not married? he said him and his wife split up about a month ago, and he took an apt. here. he said, i haven’t adjusted to being single yet, so i haven’t tried to find anyone to be with. i told him if you don’t have anything else to do, come on down to my place and have a beer with me. we’ll watch a movie or something. i guess you know where my mind was when i said or something!! he wasn’t a bad looking guy. about my height, sandy hair. maybe 20 lbs heavier. he said, well if your sure maybe i’ll do that. i said, sure. i’d enjoy the company. he put his hand out and said my name’s steve. i told him my name and said come on down. i went back and cleaned the bathroom, and had another beer while the clothes dried. then i went back and got them. i was hanging up the pants and shirts so they wouldn’t wrinkle,and wondering how i would find out if he’s bi,when steve knocked. i got him out a beer and told him i wanted to get the pants and shirts on hangers. just make yourself at home. look through the movies and see if there’s something you’d like to watch. i finished hanging them and started back to the living room. i could tell from the sound he had a porno in. as i started into the room steve said, this is pretty good. i looked at the tv. he had the tranny tape in. i had forgot about it. but i was pleasantly surprised to find he liked them. i’ve gotten pretty plain spoken about these things since i’ve been with jeanie. so i said, i like get naked and get off when i watch this. he said, have you ever done anything with another guy. and i told him i don’t want it spread around,but i traded head with a guy a while back. i said, you? he told me he hsd been with a couple of guys. he asked if i liked it, and i told him i did. i’d like to do it again. he asked, how do you feel about me? i said, to be honest, i was wondering if you would do it when i invited you here. he said he hadn’t had sex since about three mounts before him and his wife split up, so he was ready for something. i said let’s get naked and do it. so we stripped. i told him just sit back and i’ll take care of you. he sat back down and i moved the coffee table out of the way, and got on my knees. i could hardly wait to get this hard cock in my mouth, but i was going to take my time and enjoy it more this time. i had got over anxious with jack, and made him cum too quick. steve had a nice dick. not as long as jack’s but long enough. he must not have had sex for awhile. as i took it in my hand, precum was already running onto that mushroom head. i took the head of his cock into my mouth, savoring the taste of his cum.i sucked it out and slid it farther into my mouth. then i started to slip it in and out, going down as far as i could. my own dick was hard as nails. i released it once in a while and teased his prostate gland gland with the tip of my tongue. i sucked his balls and then took it back in my mouth. i had fantasized deep throating. i had to try it. the first time i went that far down, when the tip hit my throat, i started to gag so i came back up and kept sucking him. teasing his prostate and sucking his balls. every time i thought he was too close to an orgasm i slowed down. i didn’t want him to cum yet. i tried getting it in my throat again, with the same reaction. the next time i was determined i’ll do it this time. i sucked him a little more then shoved my head down. when the head touched my throat i pushed hard, and the head of his cock sipped into my throat, and i went on down until my face was against his body. i came back up and kept stroking his cock with my mouth and hand. each time i thought he was about to cum i slowed, or let it slip from my mouth. my own cock was so hard i thought it would tear the skin. i wanted to cum,but i wanted to suck him some more.i kept sucking, going all the way down every few strokes. it was getting easy to get dick down my throat, but he was getting very anxious. he tried to put his hand on the back of my head and i pushed it away, and decided to finish him off.sliding his hard shaft in and out of my mouth faster. until he groaned and began spilling his load. his warm creamy cum was gushing out. covering my tongue. i enjoyed the taste and feel of his cum in my mouth, and i swallowed it all, still wanting more.when it stopped, i slid my hand up his prostate gland, and forced out the last drop. i licked it off and made one more trip, all the way down against his body and back out. then i sat up. he said, man! it’s been a long time since i got anything like that. we finished our now warm beers, and steve went down and started sucking me. my cock felt good in his mouth. i was already on a high from sucking him, so it didn’t take a lot to make me cum. the tape had run out, so we started it again while we sucked down another beer. then we started all over. before he left we had decided to do it again in the future. i thought it was great to find a guy right here that i could get together with. and of coarse i’ll tell jeanie about him. we don’t keep any secrets. i hope you enjoy this story. i will write more as they happen.

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