Jennifer saw him when she was seated at Starbucks on her way to Macy’s for some Saturday shopping. He was just a shade younger, but not too young. Slim. Nice eyes. A pleasant mouth. Maybe 24, she guessed.

Jen was 26, had dark hair that tickled her shoulders and a figure that was not sensational but sexy, she had been told. At that moment, she was without a man. Her last relationship had fizzled, and she had been making do during the lonely nights without him or anyone. She wasn’t the type to frequent bars. The whole bar scene put her off. She didn’t want a guy who was just out for a one-night stand. She had her pocket rocket for that.

Starbucks was crowded that morning, and the guy approached her table, carrying his coffee. His brown eyes gazed warmly at her as he asked, “Can I join you?”

“Sure.” Jennifer moved her purse to make room, and he sat his coffee down.

“This place is doing a great business these days,” he remarked, and she liked his voice which was confident without being cocky.

“Weekend before Christmas,” Jennifer said.

“Yeah. Can you believe that? Ten days to Christmas, and it’s 75 degrees outside. Shit.” He chuckled and sipped from his styrofoam cup.

“Seems fine to me. I was born here.”

“Really! You mean I’ve met a bona fide native Californian. I don’t believe it?”

“Where are you from?” Jennifer asked as she kissed the rim of her cup.

“Fucking Michigan. Up in the goddamn cold. I’d had enough of it, so I figured I would see what the O. C. was really like.”

“And what do you think?”

“Not bad. Not exactly like the TV show, but then I don’t travel in ritzy circles. Hey, my name’s Mark.”

“Jennifer.” She offered her hand and he took it, giving a squeeze. She got a little thrill. It wasn’t as if no guy ever touched her, but there was something about this one.

“So what are you up to?” Mark asked, and seemed genuinely interested.

“Shopping, I guess. I need a few more presents. Family. You know.”

“Yeah. Mine are all in Lansing. I already sent some stuff back to them. California crap, you know. Nicknacks. I can’t afford much.”

“Have you landed a job yet?” Why did she ask that, Jennifer wondered. Truth was, she was interested. She liked Mark.

“Yeah. Fucking minimum wage. And I have a B.A.”

“You’ll get conneccted. There are opportunities.” She finished her coffee. “Well…” Just ships that pass in the night, she thought and stood up.

“Hey, if you’re not busy,” Mark said. “I mean…”

“Yeah?” Jen carried a lock of brown hair away from her face as she gazed down at him.

“Maybe we could, uh, shop together?”

“But you already bought your presents.”

“So maybe I could just keep you company…”

Jennifer thought quickly and said, “Why not?” Her spirit soared. She DID like this guy!

Four hours later, after shopping and having lunch and walking all around South Coast Plaza, Jen found herself in Mark’s apartment. This was something that she never did, allowing herself to be picked up and taken home by a guy she had just met. But Mark was special.

He cracked open a couple of beers, and they sat on the couch. She wondered how many other women had sat there. He had told her that he didn’t have a girlfriend at present and there was none waiting for him in Michigan. He was alone like she was, so it was natural that they should gravitate together.

One beer became two, and they hit it off very well. They were laughing together. Suddenly Mark leaned close to her and said, “You know, you’re awfully pretty.”

“Why, thank you, kind sir.” She made a kissy face and giggled.

He zeroed in, grabbing her and holding on tight. His mouth met hers and she melted, her lips parting and her mouth opening to him. He didn’t take advantage of it at first, and she liked the fact that he was a little shy. She thrilled as their mouths suctioned together, and then she audaciously let her tongue venture forth, just far enough to touch his and then retreat.

They broke apart, breathing hard. His eyes were very warm now. They sat down their beers, or what was left of them which was not much, and he embraced her in earnest. Jennifer was excited. She hadn’t been in a man’s arms for awhile and, to add to the thrill, this man was more aggressive than her ex who had gotten lackadaisical at the end. But so had she. They simply weren’t meant for each other. But she and Mark???

She opened her mouth wide this time, and his tongue came right in. Oh, yes! Her tongue played with his and their saliva intermingled. His hand stroked along her back and her side, over her hip. She was glad that she had worn a skirt that day. Actually it was because she was going to try on clothes, and jeans were so hard to get in and out of. Also, sensible panties made sense. She wondered what Mark would think about them when most girls wore thongs or g-strings.

That she was going to let him see her panties, if he so desired, was already decided. In fact, she didn’t really think about it. She liked Mark, and she needed somebody. One-time stand or not, she would let it roll and see what happened. She was a big girl.

Mark didn’t try to get under her skirt right away, but brought his hand back up her side. Their kiss was extremely heated, and when they broke for air, Jennifer’s heart was thumping. Also, her aforementioned panties were a little wet already. God! She did need it, didn’t she. Somehow pocket rockets didn’t do it for the long term.

“You’re lovely,” Mark murmured, and began kissing down her neck. So he was sensitive as well as aggressive. That she really liked. Lots of guys wouldn’t say “lovely”. “Hot” would have been the best she could hope for. Well, she was hot, too. And so was the guy who was now kissing into the V of her top, barely tickling the rises of her tits.

“It comes up,” she said brazenly. Yes, she wanted him!

She lifted her arms as he began to raise her top, and it came off, mussing her hair a little. But she was not one of those women who had to keep every strand in place anyway. She usually gave her head a shake and however it landed was okay.

In her bra now, she snuggled into his embrace, his hands against her bare skin, their lips nibbling then locking, their tongues active. She had a desire to place her hand on his lap to see if he was really aroused, but she restrained the urge. Got to be a little demure, she thought, though she wasn’t sure why.

His hands moved to the clasp of her bra and began working on it. Her excitement increased. Oh yes, she thought, take it off me. I want to be naked for you.

Mark popped her bra strap and drew the two ends forward at her sides. Her face was a little flushed as she sat back and let him pick the slack cups off her titties. She always thought that her tits were her nicest feature, not huge but large enough, and they projected forward firmly with rigid rosy nipples at their tips.

Jennifer liked to have her nipples sucked. Towards the end, her ex had been neglecting them. He had neglected going down on her too, although he still expected her to do her duty. Duty was the way she thought of giving oral to him. He just seemed to take her so fucking much for granted.

Mark bent and began to lick her titties. Oh, yes! She squirmed a little, agitating a pliant breast against his face as he licked all around her nipple and bent the rigid protrusion with his tongue. Her nipples stuck out half an inch when she was aroused, and they sprouted from crinkly discs that were as rosy as the stems.

He held her smooth, firm titty between his fingers and thumb, squeezing it so that her nipple stuck as far forward as it would go, and he took the whole crest of her boo
by into his mouth and sucked, lapping at her nipple. She tousled his mussed-up brown hair and tilted her head back. Her eyes were closed, and she was ascending.

Mark had
started off like a great lover, but would he stay the course? God, she wanted a lot today. She wanted it all. Was this guy experienced enough to know what she needed? Would he give it to her? He switched titties and sucked her nipple hard before opening his mouth wider and taking in as much breast as he could manage. For an aggressive guy, he seemed to genuinely enjoy foreplay and that was a good sign.

Raising his head from her thoroughly wet and rigid nipples, he tilted Jennifer onto her back on the couch and dropped to his knees next to it. He found the snaps on her skirt. Yes, he knew what he was doing, all right. She didn’t like fumblers. Her ex had been a fumbler. In fact, her ex was a loser all the way around. She was well rid of him. She only regretted that she had invested months before deciding he was a dud.

Mark pulled her skirt off which left her in nothing but white silky underpants. He began to nuzzle around her middle, licking her belly button. This fellow was very oral, but would he go all the way? Take my panties off, she wanted to say, but didn’t.

He skipped to her thighs, spreading them apart and licking their smooth inner slopes. Oh, yes! She was so sensitive there. He even licked down her legs. He raised the right one and licked into the hollow behind her knee. She moaned aloud.
Oh God, I want him to do everything with me, she thought.

Mark carefully removed her shoes but didn’t kiss her feet. She once dated an older man who did that. It was freaky, but she kind of liked it. Mark rolled her onto her stomach.

My, he WAS oral, she thought as he began kissing down her back. When he encountered the elastic of her panties, he gripped it in his teeth and stretched it. She was watching over her shoulder as he grabbed the top of her panties with his hand and yanked them down, exposing her ass. She felt warm all over, liking the way Mark went at her. She liked it when he bent and kissed her bottom. That was something her ex had never done.

Mark straightened up and pulled her panties inside out, drawing them down her legs and off her bicycling feet. She wanted to roll over, but he held her in place. He licked the backs of her thighs. Jennifer was reluctant to let him gaze at her ass because she thought it was too fat, as most women thought about theirs, but actually it was quite shapely and appealing to a man like Mark who wanted his women to look like women and not underfed boys. He gazed down and brushed her satiny buns with his hand, causing them to quiver. She kept looking at him over her shoulder, excited and wondering what he would do next.

Mark was stimulated to the max, his cock throbbing big and stiff in the left leg of his boxers. He licked the girl’s bottom and liked the way she wriggled, making her sexy butt wobble against his face. He rolled her onto her back and spread her legs wide, knees up. She had a cute little furpiece above her split but had removed any hairs from the sides of it permitting him to admire her genitals and access them without getting curlies in his mouth. He turned her a little on the couch so that he could snuggle right down into her crotch, and he cocked her right leg on his left shoulder. He began licking her pussy up and down.

As Jennifer cooed with delight and tilted herself up to him, he tasted her cunt. It was good, and he liked her subtle scent, too. Mark was taught to eat pussy by an older lady when he was 18, and he enjoyed it better and better as time went on. Especially when it was nice and fresh like Jennifer’s. He parted her outer lips with his fingers and licked into her pink juicy flesh. He lapped upward across her clitoris, again, then again. She moaned and petted his head.

He raised his face and looked at her. “Like it?” he asked.

“It’s heaven,” she said, and he went back to lavishing oral love on her vulva.

Mark added a thumb to the action, rubbing the emergent head of her clit to and fro as he licked along her wet, velvety trough, his tongue-tip foraging among the folds of tasty flesh. He sucked up some of her juices because he did truly like them, and he then fastened his mouth around her clit to suck on the entire morsel as he flogged its tip with his waggling tongue.

“Ooh, shit!” Jennifer exclaimed. “Fuck but that’s good! Don’t stop!”

Mark kept licking and sucking her clitoris as he inserted a middle finger into her quim. He wiggled the finger around, widening her, then added a second. He stroked his fingers in and out of her hot, slippery hole as he continued making love to her most sensitive region with his mouth.

Enjoying the fact that he was pleasing her while appreciating her tangy, delightful taste, his cock throbbed and his head grew light. He sneaked his free hand to the fly of his pants and unzipped. He reached in and swung out his boner.

Jennifer was ascending to a climax. Oh God, she was going to cum just like this if he kept doing it. “Don’t stop!” she begged again.

Mark sucked on her clitoris, popped it out, gathered it in his mouth again and bathed it in his saliva as he sucked some more, his spit running down her groove and mingling with her honey. He curled his fingers upward inside her and found her g-spot which he stroked as he kept sucking her clit. She gasped and squealed, bumping hard. Mark kept working on her cunny until she had enjoyed the full force of her orgasm, and then he raised his wet face from her pussy.

He rose to his feet and helped her sit up. His pylon of lust, sticking out from his fly, swayed to and fro in front of her face, pointing at two o’clock. Jennifer grasped it. She began by licking his big rosy knob all over, and then she nibbled at its tip. She didn’t mind the taste of dick, and she did enjoy the act of sucking. It gave her such a sense of power over the guy. She also enjoyed giving pleasure in that way and how keenly it was appreciated.

As her encircling lips glided fully around and over Mark’s cockhead and began to crawl forward along his rock-hard shaft, he groaned with delight and petted her hair. She began to bob her head, pumping her mouth on his dong. Her wide eyes gazed up at him, and she enjoyed his facial contortions as her warm, wet mouth gave him exquisite pleasure.

“Ooh, bay-beeee,” he crooned. “Sweet honey, I love that! Suck my cock. Ooh, yesss. Suck it good, baby.”

Jennifer enjoyed sucking the cock of the man who had given her such oral pleasure, and the fact that he was enjoying it so much made her like it even more. He rocked forward and back gently, fucking his thick shaft in and out of her o-shaped lips which were stretched wide. She pumped against his thrusts while his throbbing cockhead rode the velvet agitator that was her tongue. He threaded his fingers into her silky hair but didn’t grasp her head to force her to take more of him than she could comfortably handle.

As it was, Jen’s encircling lips pumped lower and lower on his whang until she was taking most of it, and he thrilled as he felt himself bumping into her throat. “Uum, uum, uum,” she moaned against her mouthful of man-meat.

After while she released his wet rosy dick with a suctioning pop and held it straight up, waggling her tongue down the shaft. She licked Mark’s balls, getting a little different tang, and even took one of the big eggs into her mouth. His shaft stuck up next to her nose, waggling to and fro, as she sucked both his balls in turn. Then she tilted his big cock down again and resumed pumping her mouth on it.

“Ooh shit!” he exclaimed, pulling his dick from her mouth. The turgid tool bobbed up and down with a glistening strand of her saliva swinging from the end of it. “Stretch out,” he said. “I want to fuck you.”

“Be careful, I’m not protected,” Jen said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll pull out,” Mark promised.

When she was on her back, he hung one of her legs onto the
back of the sofa and let her rest her other foot on the floor. This opened her up good. He drove his fac
e into her excitingly scented crotch and licked her pussy thoroughly, drooling spit into it to mingle with her juice because his thick cock needed plenty of lubrication. On a wicked impulse, he took advantage of the opportunity to clutch her around the backs of her thighs to tilt her fun zone up, and he licked between her buttocks. She said, “OH!” as his tongue wetly caressed her asshole.

Mark was ready, and he clambered atop her to position his prick, introducing its tip into the opening in her cuntal folds. Using his hand to move his magic wand in a circle, he pushed forward, sinking his thick, hard lovemaker into her slippery, tight snatch. He began to push and retreat, push and retreat, giving her a little more of his cock every time until she soon had all nine throbbing inches and his balls were colliding into her crotch. He braced himself against the sofa cushion and the back of it, one foot on the floor and his knee on the sofa, as he stroked his love piston in and out, in and out of Jennifer’s happily throbbing little cunt.

“Yeah! Yeah! Ooh, doooo it!” she panted. “Fuck me! Ooh shit! Oh, you’re so fucking big! Ooh God!”

“You like it, baby?” Mark rasped. “Do you like it?”

“Ooh, I LOVE it!” Jennifer cried. “Your cock feels so fucking gooood!”

She was moving with him just fine now, feeling every fucking inch of his turgid fullness as he pumped in and out, in and out of her pussy. After awhile he withdrew and had her change positions, draping herself over an arm of the sofa while he went at her fron the back. Again with one foot on the floor and the other knee on the sofa, he was able to get good purchase, and he drove his dick in and out of her, rippling the mouth of her pussy with each stroke. His front slammed noisily against her butt-cheeks. He enjoyed watching her big buttocks quiver and her anal eye wink at him from between them.

Maybe next time he would give it to her up the ass, if there was a next time, but now he wasn’t about to push his luck. In fact, her pussy felt great, tightly gripping his cock as he stroked in and out, in and out. He swung his right hand and spanked the side of her right buttock.

“OOW!” she exclaimed.

Was that a protest? Her head was hanging down and he couldn’t see her expression. He swung his left hand and spanked her left buttock.

“Yessssss!” she hissed.

Now knowing the answer, he spanked her back and forth, to and fro, making both buttocks dance. When her rear was nice and rosy, he heightened his ride on her rump, drilling almost straight down and hitting her g-spot (he hoped) exactly right. By the way she started gasping and urging him on, he was sure she was on another trip to Jollytown. He kept fucking and fucking her, fast and hard, his head getting light and his balls churning to let go, until she gave a yip then a heavy sigh and he knew she had climaxed fully.

Mark pulled out, his wet cock whipping to and fro, and he sat Jenny up just in time to deliver his spurts of liquid love into her mouth. She didn’t mind. In fact, she liked it, glugging his cream down. She sucked hard on his shaft to draw the last few drops up from his balls, and he groaned in deep satisfaction, petting her cheeks. Withdrawing his dick, he bent and kissed her on the mouth.

This was no hit and run, they both vowed, but time would tell as it always does…

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