Jenny had just gotten off of work and was walking down the street. Now I should tell you a bit about Jenny, she is every woman’s envy, her waist is a petite size 4 and her tits are a huge size 34C. She has long flowing blond hair with the slightest bit of a curl in it. Any way as I was saying Jenny was walking down Main Street at 11:45 she had just closed up the place that she worked, Dennis bakery. When she heard a car coming up the street, the car slowed down and turned down an ally just ahead of her. Intrigued Jenny looked down the ally that the car had gone in. the car was parked a little ways in, Jenny decided to go and see who was parked down the ally this late at night. As she got closer to the car she saw two black guys talking about something, they seemed to be arguing about what ever it was. Jenny slowly turned to leave when one of the guys noticed her, ran after her and grabbed her. Jenny let out a soft cry,
“Let me go” she said
“Ha I don’t think so, before you leave I think we have to have some fun,” he said with a devilish grin. He threw her on the ground and called his friend over,
“Daren, I think we just found ourselves a volunteer,” he said.
“I’m coming right over Chris,” said Daren. The two guys then started to probe and feel every part of Jenny, they told her that if she made to much noise that they would gag her. So she reluctantly shut up. They started to slowly undress her and expose her big juicy tits. Her tits were so rock hard that they hurt, both Chris and Daren took one of Jenny’s nipples in their mouth and slowly started to suck them. Every second Jenny could feel her self getting wetter and wetter. The guys then took of her skirt, but left her thong on her. Then they quickly got undressed, and lowered Jenny to the cool pavement. Daren has a huge cock it was at least 9″ and Chris wasn’t far behind at about 8 ½”. Daren got on the ground and pulled Jenny up on top of him so he could see her beautiful face, he then plunged his 9″ of meat into her hot cunt. Out of nowhere Chris mounted Jenny too, forcing his 8 ½ ” cock into Jenny’s ass. Both guys were feverishly tearing into Jenny she moaned in both pain and pleasure. Daren’s cock was pounding her sweet love hole and Chris was pumping hard in her ass. Jenny’s moans and cries of passion were heard by a young man just down the street when he looked in the ally he was astonished at what he saw, a chick getting fucked in both holes by a couple of black guys. He was in total shock at seeing this, that he quickly walked to them and started to masturbate hard when she called him over.
“cummm…I’ll…ohhhhh…I’ll suck you off…mmm”
So naturally he went over and shoved his 8″ cock in her mouth. He was in sheer extasy. The black guys started to cum inside Jenny, she could feel there cocks twitching as they feverishly pumped harder and harder. Once they had cum they got out of her and told her she was damn fine to fuck. The guy from the street squirted his load down her throat and told her thanks. Jenny got up and got dressed filled with cum. The black guys left and so did she, and that guy on the street walked to his apartment quickly so he could fuck his girlfriend
But that’s another story……

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    I read faster and faster as Jenny was being three hole. My penis grew and twitched. I started to unzipper my pants..too late my ejaculate was gushing down my inner thigh. Please continue the story.

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