The day after the orgy, George moved out of the home he shared with his wife. He didn’t even speak to her that morning but left a cryptic note that went on about sin and damnation. When she read it, Jessica sighed. She seemed to be back at square one in her effort to turn him into a more sexual person.

As for Jessie herself, she wasn’t the proudest woman in the world after the way she had carried on the night before. Sexuality was one thing but being a slut was something else. Still she had enjoyed herself a great deal, and the evening had opened new vistas. Well, she would get it all sorted out. At the moment, George was her problem and she needed to discuss that with Edith.

“He’s not bad,” her outspoken neighbor said. “I like his dick.”

“You’re talking about my husband,” Jessica replied with a pout.

Edith laughed. “So you screwed my boyfriend! Or rather, you let him screw you, and by the back way at that.”

“God, that was something!” Jessie said with a serious look on her pretty face. “But you know what? I liked it.”

“Many women do, even if they won’t say so. Of course, it depends on how the guy goes about it.”

“But I want to talk about George,” Jessica said. “I love him, damn it, and I want him back.”

“You haven’t lost him. You’re hot, Jess, and you know it. Only an idiot would walk out on you.”

“Well, that’s what George is, a religious idiot. He thinks Somebody up there is watching him every minute, as if that Somebody gives a fuck. I mean, really…!”

Edith laughed. “Where is he staying?”

“With his bachelor friend Stan, over in Reedville. I don’t know what to do.”

“Why don’t you pop in at his office,” Edith suggested. “Wear a coat with nothing underneath. Spread out on his desk and see what happens.”

“He’d probably call security. Anyway, I’m not up to something like that. I’m still a recovering prude myself.”

“Don’t you think George loves you?”

“He did. I’m not sure now. He only seems to love Jesus.”

“Will you get off that?” Edith challenged. “A man’s a man, religious or not. He’s got balls, right? And a cock that bothers him all the time. He needs to do something with it. Men are built that way. Why, my late hubby Harv, God rest him, was after me every day and twice on Sundays. I suspect he did some catting too, though I never caught him at it. The point is, men are natural horndogs, and I don’t care how religious they are. You’ve gotta help George set that stuff aside.”

“Well, that’s what I thought at the beginning, but last night it didn’t seem to work.”

“So that was just one try. Look, I’ll help you some more and we’ll bring him around. You don’t mind, do you?”

“I guess not. I’ve already lost him,” Jessica said sadly.

“Shut the fuck up,” Edith advised. “In the meantime, you can give Frank another spin if you like. He raved about you after the party last night, and I don’t figure I own him, Jess. Shit, that would be like trying to rope and tie a tornado.”

What a friend Edie was! Jessica didn’t know what she would do without her.

When Edith sashayed into George’s office at the water department, he looked up from his desk and blinked. “Wh-what are you doing here?” he asked without smiling or even suggesting he was glad to see her. And just think – only two nights ago she had let him cum in her mouth! Tsk.

“My pipes need attention,” she said, standing in front of his desk and looking down at the small-framed man who wore suspenders and glasses. “I’ve got moisture but I need a better flow. Know what I mean?” Edith winked.

“Now wait a minute,” George protested and stood up. “We can’t have anything going on in the office. I mean…what we did the other night was…was…”


“It was…sinful!” He glared at the woman who wore a coat buttoned up to her neck.

She shucked the coat off and was naked. “So what do you call this?”

“My God,” George murmured as he gazed at her small but shapely tits and on down to her clean-as-a-whistle pussy.

Edith smiled. She had become shameless. “Is this sinful or just something for a guy to have fun with – that is, if he’s a real guy?”

“I’m a real guy,” George gritted, gazing lustfully at Edie’s exposed charms. “Lord, the flesh is weak.”

“You weren’t weak the other night.” Edith moved around the desk and grabbed his crotch. Blood flowed into George’s member and began to stiffen it.

“I want you to lock the door and tell your secretary to take an hour off, and then I want you to eat my pussy.” Edith was having the time of her life. “After that, I want you to DO me. Are you up for it?”

He obviously was getting up, right in her hand. She began to stroke him through his pants. “Ooh Lord,,,” he moaned.

“Quit praying,” Edith said. “We have other things to do.”

“M-miss Emsworth, I’m going to be b-b-busy for awhile so hold all calls, understand?” George put down his desk phone and gazed at Edith with trepidation.

“Now take off your pants,” Edith directed. “And your shirt and whatever else you’ve got. I’m already naked as you can see.”

Could he ever! And though Edith was not young and curvaceous like his wife, she wasn’t bad to look at. She had been wonderful when she had sucked him off. Now he wanted to fuck her, God help him. But she had said…what DID she say…?

His principles faded into the background as his straining prick took command, and he unzipped his fly. Edith had sat down on the edge of his desk, spread her legs, and was about to lean back, but when George reached into his fly for his instrument of amor, she said, “Whoa! You didn’t understand me, I guess. I want you to use your mouth on me. I need your tongue to work me up.”

George gulped. He had never gone down on a woman in his life. He had heard about it, of course, but he had never thought he would like it. Anyway, all that kind of stuff was sinful according to Reverend Smallwood at the Church of the Narrow Way. He didn’t actually mention oral sex, but when he referred to “perversions” the congregation got the idea.

“Go ahead,” Edith said with a warm smile. “Kneel and put your handsome face right there.” She pointed to her naked, hairless pussy.

“But that’s wrong,” George declared.

“More wrong than me taking your cock in my mouth?” Edith inquired sweetly.

“Uuh…well…” George fidgeted.

“Come on, baby. Show me what a terrific lover you can be. Lick mama’s little honey pot.” She rubbed it with her hand then opened it with her fingertips.

George eyed her pink center and his dick throbbed appreciatively. But could he really bring himself to lick it?

Edith wasn’t about to budge from her demand as she continued to smile encouragingly. Slowly the manager of the city water department sank to his knees between her spread thighs. Edith’s hands fluttered to his head and caressed him. He was a 35-year-old baby when it came to this, and she was prepared to tolerate his bumbling and guide him along.

Screwing up his courage, George smacked his face into her crotch, his mouth criss-crossing the lips of her pussy which were cushier than any lips he had ever kissed before. First he kissed chastely, but then he realized more was expected, and he let his tongue venture into the smooth and soft folds of the lady’s cunt. A faint tang teased his taste buds accompanied by a subtle scent which wasn’t so bad. Taking heart, George licked more aggressively. He heard Edith murmur something as if from far away as her slender legs came to rest on his shoulders, her ankles crossing at his back.

One of Edith’s hands petted his cheek and the other touched the top of her split, rubbing the nub of her clitoris.
Both hands together managed to guide him, and in moments he was mouthing the fleshy little morsel that was her sensation center.

“Ooh, dooooo that,” she told him, but nothing really happened.
“You can bite it a little,’ she added.

He bit her clit gently and felt a tremor go through her. She agitated against him and held him around the back of his head. She was breathing hard. “Use your tongue, too. Your tongue and a little with the teeth. Ooh SHIT yes!” she added as he nibbled some more, then licked, then nibbled at her clit again. He was taking to it and learning fast.

George lashed her little jigger with his tongue, letting her feel his teeth, too. He enjoyed the way she responded, her pussy moving against his mouth and getting juicier all of a sudden. He licked up and down her cunt and all around her clitoris. He slid a hand into his fly and brought out his throbbing lady-lover. He stroked himself while he pleasured Edith with his mouth, and when he heard her say “now fuck me” he bobbed to his feet and put his prick in her pussy.

“Slow…slow,” Edith said as he began to fuck briskly. He slowed down. “Long strokes,” she instructed. “That’s it. Ooh, yessss, baby,” she breathed.

It felt awfully good to George as he rolled on the balls of his feet, pumping his cock in Edith’s snug little chamber. She moved with him, grinding her hot twat skillfully to enhance his pleasure sensations, and he felt himself nearing a climax.

When his motions began to quicken, Edith pressed her palms against his middle and said, “Stop. Just hold it there. Don’t move for awhile.”

He did as she directed and was surprised to find that his climax urge subsided. He resumed fucking, more slowly again.

“You like titties?” Edith asked as he gazed down, watching hers quiver.

“Yeah,” he managed, liking much more right then the tightness of her cunt, agitating gently around his slow-moving piston. Damn, that was good!

“Take a taste,” she suggested, squeezing both of her tits and shoving the nipples up for him.

He bent and licked her brownish stiff stems.

“Sssuck them,” she said, petting his head. “And remember…you can be a little rough.”

He sucked titty one and titty two, then began to nibble at the thrusting nipples.

“Yes! Ooh shit!” Edith said, writhing against his moist and aggressive oral caresses.

Now suddenly he couldn’t hold off any longer, and he began to fuck her like a wild man. Edith moved with him, their bodies slamming together. She was fingering her clit. George panted hard, gasped, and exploded.

“Aaaaaah!” he growled as he spurted into her contracting, wet, warm cooch.

“You made me cum,” she said, panting. She was flushed and breathing hard. “Not huge, but a cum. Good boy!” She pulled his head down and kissed him with her tongue.

He felt his cock throb inside her as their tongues stroked, and then he softened and his mood changed after he withdrew. “On my desk,” he said, as if he couldn’t believe it, and was suddenly sad as he moved to stuff his softened organ back into his pants.

“No!” Edith stopped him and slid off the desk onto her knees on the floor. “This is for giving it to me good. I want to clean you up, okay?”

She licked the wobbly head of his cock and along his shaft, making him ship-shape before returning his peter to his pants and zipping him up. She smiled and popped to her feet. She picked up her coat, put it on, and kissed him. “Gotta go,” she said.

“Why?” George asked as he stood and blinked at her. “Why did you do this, I mean?”

“Because I wanted to, you silly. And because your wife and I are pals. She loves you, she really loves you, and she wants to live with you forever. But not like you were. Understand?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why don’t you talk to her about it? Ta.” Edith was gone.

Meanwhile Jessica, in shorts and halter, was cutting roses in front of her house when Frank arrived home from work, and he came over. “Hi,” he said. “Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the other night.”

“So did I.” Jessica’s blue eyes smiled at him.


“Yes. Wanta come in for a beer?”


Jessie had already made up her mind that if the opportunity arose, with just the two of them together, she would ask him to let her do what she had watched Edith do with George. She needed to find out what it was like.

In her kitchen, she and Frank sipped their beers and she tried to decide on a move. Did she just drop to her knees in front of him? What would he think of her if she did that? If she waited for him to make a move, she risked disappointment because he might be concerned that her husband would show up.

What if she just came out with it and asked him? That would be the sluttiest thing to do, but also the most honest. Thought being mother to action, the words suddenly bubbled to her lips and she heard herself say boldly, “Frank, may I suck your cock?”

She floored him but he recovered quickly and grinned. “Damned right,” he said and stood up.

Blushing furiously but giddy with excitement, Jessie sank to her knees on the vinyl tile floor and Frank swept a kitchen towel off a hanger to make the surface softer. He unzipped his jeans, reached in and brought out his long, curving whang.

“Oh,” Jess said simply as she stared at his manly pride. She felt hot as a furnace as she reached for him and leaned forward. “This is new to me,” she said, almost like an apology.

“Wonderful!” he said, lightly petting her hair. “Just do what you feel like.”

His shaft quickly stiffened when she gave his cockhead an experimental swipe with her tongue, and his bald knob expanded to the size of a plum. Jessica found his taste interesting. She kissed his slitted tip and got more taste, not bad at all. She opened her mouth wide and took in the head of Frank’s big pecker.

His lips parted and he tilted his head back, shutting his eyes while the beautiful blond neighbor lady sucked his cock. As she worked lower on his shaft, he glided into her throat. She gagged and eased up.

“Take only as much as you want,” he said gently, petting her cheek and hair.

She made an “uuummmm” sound and began to move her mouth in a rhythmic way. Her teeth scraped him a little but he didn’t complain, then Jessie remembered something she had read about covering her teeth with her lips, and from that point on Frank experienced only pleasure. In fact, he was so excited that he knew he couldn’t last long. He wondered if she wanted to be fucked or if she preferred to finish like this. Leave it up to her, he decided. Whatever happens, happens.

He began to stroke a little, being careful not to thrust, and Jessica moved against him, pumping her mouth on his prick as she sucked. So this was what a blowjob was like. It wasn’t bad, and she did get an odd satisfaction from it, but that was more mental than physical, and she was not about to climax this way. So what? The point was to take Frank to a climax and see what it was like when he let go in her mouth. She sucked harder and moved faster, responding to a kind of instinct.

“Ooh shit, I can’t take it!” he blurted. “I’m going to cum.”

“Glawgh,” she said, still sucking and she nodded her head.

He exploded and Jessie gurgled then coughed as he glazed her throat with his thick, warm cream that didn’t have much taste to it, though the scent of sex was strong. She kept sucking and managed to drink him all down.

Afterward she looked up with glazed eyes, wiped some spilled jism from her lip with a finger, and smiled. “Was it okay?”

“Ooh, baby!” was all Frank said and bent to kiss her on the mouth.

So Jessica was learning and developing. So was her husband, although she didn’t know it at that moment. But would the learning bring them together or drive them further apart? Time alone would tell…

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