Joan and her sister Jane and I By Rick

Joan, her sister and I
By Rick

This, alas, is just fiction.
I met Joan’s sister a few weeks ago and that is what prompted this story it is just a fantasy and will probably never happen. Darn!
Joan and her sister, Jane, and I are chatting at the bar and restaurant where Joan, and sometimes, her sister work. Joan’s significant other isn’t there yet and since we are the only ones in the bar we can chat freely.
“You know Joan told me about you two, Rick, I think we could have fun in a threesome. Joan and I haven’t done that since high school.”
“That would be great! I would love that as well what do you think Joan?”
“That would be cool. We can’t do it at my place my son is there and your wife wouldn’t approve, Rick, should we get a room at the Casino or someplace?”
“My place would work! My husband is out of town for the weekend. Lets meet there at say 10 tomorrow morning. Will that work for you two?”
“Sounds good to me sis I’ll say I’m going to your place to help you put up those new curtains. He sure as hell won’t want to help and neither will my son.”
“Great I’ll just say I’m going to the office to catch up on some budgeting. No one likes that stuff.”
‘Cool I’ll pick you up at your office and take you to Jane’s place. That way your truck will be out front if she drives by to check!”
At that exact moment Joan’s roommate walked in. He is a nice guy but a bit of a stick in the mud.
“Anything exciting going on?”
“No we were just conspiring to take over the world.”
“Oh nothing important then.”
“Nope I have to get going the better half is ready to leave see you all soon.”
I left and went home. Quite excited about the prospect of having a threesome with Joan and Jane. Jane looked to be a couple of years older and a few pounds heaver than Joan and her hair is darker. She is nice looking but not as nice as Joan.
Joan picked me up at the office the next morning as promised. She was as excited as I was her brown eyes were sparkling.
“The last time we did anything like this was in high school we both had the hots for this cute blonde guy so we brought him home and fucked the shit out of him. Our parents came home and he had to sneak out the back with Jane, while I talked to our parents they got away. I told mom and dad that I had been studying and that Jane was at cheerleading practice. They had no reason to doubt it. I went back to our room and flushed the condom down the toilet and put his shorts in my book bag for school.”
“It sounds like you think fast!”
“Some times you have to. That was close if they came home a couple of minutes earlier we would have been caught. I was straddling his face and Jane was ridding his cock. She had just gotten off him when heard the truck pulling up. We would have been grounded forever!”
We arrived at her sisters place. It was a nice apartment she and her husband rented from an old widow who was a deaf as a post. Joan knocked on the door and we were invited in. Jane was in a black see through nighty, he breasts were larger than I would have thought they were.
“I’m ready, I have been since last night!”
“Nice nighty Jane, you look perfect!”
“Well Rick lets have some fun, I already put up the new curtains!”
I kissed Jane and she ran her hand over my crotch as we embraced, Joan was taking her clothes off. Jane helped me take mine off.
“Nice cock not to big either, I hate big cocks they hurt.”
Joan laughed. “Something we have in common sis, and he is a good cunt lapper.”
“Good my husband refuses to eat pussy I do miss it.”
“Well that isn’t a problem, I’ll just start licking yours while Joan enjoys the show.”
I got on my knees and gently licked Jane’s hairy pussy running my tongue around her clit as I fingered her. Joan laughed and played with herself and stroked my cock.
Now just get on the bed you two let Jane and ride your tongue while I ride your cock and then we can trade places.”
I laid on the bed and Jane straddled my face as I ate her pussy and played with her clit. Joan put a condom on my cock and jumped on and was enjoying the ride. Jane came making a lot of noise and pushing hard on my tongue. They changed places and Joan played with Jane’s nipples as I sucked on Joan’s clit. Joan came and kept on going Cuming again a few second later. Then Jane came at the same time I did.
The phone rang as Jane was sitting on my crotch my limp cock still in her pussy, her sister still riding my tongue. Jane picked up the phone with out moving and inch. I could only hear half the conversation.
“Hello dear how is the trip going? Good for you! No Joan is here helping me put up the new curtains. We thought we would just go shopping later. Yes it’s boring. Ok darling I’ll pick you up tonight at 8 at the airport. Bye sweetheart.”
Jane hung up the phone and my cock was getting hard again.
“Oh good it’s working again.” She said as she slowly rode it up and down until it was completely hard again.
Joan was enjoying my tongue in her pussy she came two more times while Jane came only one more time. They switched again and this time Jane came twice and Joan and I came together.
“That was nice! We have to do this again next time my hubby goes away.”
Joan was getting dressed and so was I.
“I had better bring Rick back to his office and get home. I love your new curtains sis!”

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