Joan and her sister

Joan and her sister
By Rick

I met Joan’s sister last week. She is a nice looking lady but not as hot as Joan. This led to a dream last Friday night. As usual all the names have been changed.
This was my dream.
Joan and he Sister, lets call her Jane, were at the bar having a drink. I offered to buy the next round. Joan whispered something to her sister and they both giggled.
“Hey Rick do you think you could help Jane fix her VCR? There is a tape stuck in it and she has to return it to the video store tomorrow?”
‘I could try it may be something simple that even I can fix.”
“Well Bob here couldn’t get it out for her this afternoon.” She was referring to her live in boy friend.
“I guess all I can do it to take it apart I have the tools in my truck so when ever you want to go try just let me know.”
“Let’s go now we can come back and have a couple of drinks later Bob can save our seats.”
“Ok with me.”
All three of us got into my truck and Joan and Jane laughed.
“What’s so funny?”
“I got that tape out before I came to work. Joan just suggested we have a threesome. Poor Bob hasn’t a clue.”
“He can’t eat pussy worth a damn either sister dear, but believe me Rich sure can.”
“You’ll make me blush. Where are we going?”
“To my place in case, Bob goes home early, I doubt he will but why take a chance. Ok with you Joan?”
“Cool by me Jane.”
I knew this would be a fun time.
“Have you two done anything like this before?”
“When we were in high school we had threesomes and even a couple of foursomes. But that was a while ago.”
Jane told me how to get to her apartment. When we got there she and Joan were giggling like a couple of school girls. We went into Jane’s’ living room and she started to undress immediately. Joan started to undress me and so I undressed her. I was sucking on her nipples and she was moaning before her sister was undressed. Then Jane came over and stroked my cock a couple of times.
“Not very big but it works! Now lets see if you can eat pussy as well as Joan says you can.”
I laughed and with Jane sitting on the edge of her sofa I gently licked her clit and slowly slipped a finger in her pussy. She moaned and wrapped her legs around my head and pulled me into her crotch. I sucked on her clit and fingered her pussy a bit faster. She sucked in her breath and came. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and tongue fucked her while I gently played with her clit with two fingers. Joan was playing with Jane’s nipples as I was playing with her pussy. Jane was enjoying herself! I sucked suddenly stopped tongue fucking her and sucked hard on her clit. Jane screamed and came very hard. Her whole body shook and she had a hard time catching her breath.
“Damn Joan you were right! This guy is a great pussy eater.”
“My turn sis I need some attention to.”
The changed places and I was sucking on Joan’s tasty pussy while Jane was stroking my cock. I got Joan off a couple of times and then just to get her going I slipped three fingers in her pussy and sucked hard on her clit as I rubbed it with my tongue. She pulled my face deeper into her pussy and screamed as she came. She bucked and moaned and squeezed my head with her legs for what seemed to be ten minutes but was just a few seconds before she relaxed and released me.
“I needed that Rich, now it’s your turn.”
Jane pushed me to the floor and Joan straddled my cock and sat on it while Jane straddled my face and I ate her. It was great. There is nothing as nice as a pussy on your face while another one rides your cock.
All three of us came at almost the same instant.
“Damn that was nice Joan we need to get him over here more often!”
“I agree sis but we had better get back or Bob will wonder what’s taking us so long.”
We all got dressed and Jane took the tape to show Bob we went back to the bar.
Bob was impressed and bought us a round of drinks!

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