Joan looks hot!!

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Joan Looks Hot!
By Rick

I saw Joan again Friday and she was looking hotter than usual. She had always dressed well but the top she had on Friday was very nice and made her look younger and hotter.
I enjoyed watching her walking around. I enjoy watching her nice little ass in her skirt. Damn I’ve been having all sorts of dreams about her and I.
The dream that I had about her last night was awesome.
We rented a room at the casino in Verona, NY for the weekend. I do not know how we explained it to our significant others, I hate that term sorry about using it. But we must have.
Friday night we went to one of the shows and had a great meal at one of the many restaurants at the casino. Then we went back to the suite. Joan made drinks for us, we each had a martini. We watched TV and sipped our drinks as we chatted about our lives. We started to make out. I slipped my hand up her top and was playing with her nipples. Joan was moaning and I slowly removed top and bra.
“Now Rich I’m getting chilly!”
I grinned and licked and sucked on her nipples. “Does the hot tongue help any?”
“Yes but I think we should get in the Jacuzzi tub to warm up some more.”
“What a great idea! I had forgotten about that thing!” We went to the huge bathroom and I turned on the hot water for the tub. I helped Joan take off her skirt and panties and she helped me with my shirt and pants. I poured in some of the scented bubble soap and turned on the jets. When the tub was filled I turned off the water and helped Joan get in and hopped in after her.
“Your pretty frisky for an old guy Rich.”
“Must be the company that’s keeping me young!”
“You romantic fool you!”
I continued where I had left off sucking on her nipples. She settled in and was enjoying her self. I moved one hand down and started to finger her pussy.
“Oh fucking yes! That’s what I need!”
I grinned and continued to finger her and suck on her hard nipples until she arched her back and came, splashing water all over.
“Damn don’t stop now!”
I laughed and taking a big breath I went down and tongue fucked her and she came at about the same time I ran out of breath. She squeezed her thighs around my head I had to pull loose. I laughed and then lifted her up on one of the steps in the tub and slipped my cock in her pussy. I was stroking slowly and she was rubbing her clit as I fucked her. I was sucking on one nipple and playing with the other.
“Damn that feels wonderful! Keep it up and I’ll explode!”
I laughed and stroked as slowly as I could.
“Faster I’m about to cum!”
I stroked as fast and hard as I could and we both came at the same time. Joan bucked and moaned and splashed and water and soap all over. She shook for over a minute after I pulled my cock out.
“Wow I love fucking in one of these things! I haven’t come that good in a long time! Thanks Rich for getting a suite. This is nice.”
We got out drained the tub and took a shower together to get all the soap off of us. We dried and put on robes and went to the sitting room so Joan could watch a show she liked. We sipped fresh martini’s and cuddled on the big sofa. We went to bed and sleep after the show.
Saturday morning I ordered a big breakfast from room service. We sat around in our robes and sipped coffee and ate breakfast watching cartoons. Then we fucked on the sofa.
We spent much of the day at the slot machines and went back to the room twice to fuck. Then we had dinner and saw a great show and the went back and fucked in the tub again.
We had to check out by noon on Sunday so we had on last screw in the Tub before we left.
“You know I’m going to get Bob to put one of these in our place. It may take me a while to get him to fuck in it but I will!”

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  1. Ronnie

    Cool sounds like one hot lady can I have her phone number???!!!

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