Just a perfect day (pt. 1)

It was getting to the end of another long and stressful week . Business was booming and the days were running late. When I arrived home Thursday night it was well after dinner and all I wanted to do was relax and unwind. When I sat down on the couch my girlfriend sat next to me and started rubbing my back and shoulders . Her touch felt so good that I thought I would just melt right there in her grip.
I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew it was about 10:30 and Marie was waking me up to join her in bed. She was dressed in one of my old tee shirts that just barely covered her deliciously round bottom. She knows how it turns me on when she wears them . If I weren’t so tired I would have taken her before we reached our bedroom. We went to bed and I fell asleep before my head even hit the pillow.
I’ll tell you I had some very vivid erotic dreams that night. Dreaming of Marie and me having all kinds of wild passionate sex.In my dreams I coud feel her rubbing her hands all over me .I could even feel myself pumping into her warm tight lovebox.
As the morning sun shined in my face I slowly began to realize that it wasn’t all just a dream. As I opened my eyes I became aware that the wet tightness around my cock wasn’t The sleepy memory of Marie’s pussy but was really her mouth savoring my morning hard-on.
As I sat up and rubbed my eyes Marie popped me out of her mouth long enough to say “Good morning my sexy sleepyhead”. She again grabbed my cock and jerked it as she kissed my head . She held it up and started to flick the underside of my shaft with her tongue. Then she started sucking and slurping her way back up . She was driving me crazy.
I reached down to carress her ass as she was bending over me . I lifted her tee shirt and felt her smooth skin up her back and down to her thighs . I reached up and slid my fingers between her thighs and into her folds . She was already very moist .
I shifted around a little and rolled her onto her side all the while she didn’t break her concentration of sucking my stiffness .My fingers were sliding easily in and out of her pussy as she took me all the way in her mouth .I replaced my fingers on her box with my mouth and tongue . I teased her clit with my own flicks as she stroked me while popping my head in and out of her lips. As she bobbed her head faster , I licked her nub harder and tongued her as deep as I could go . She started moaning with me still in her mouth and it tickled a bit.The sensation was like a shock running up my root . She started moving her hips faster as she ground her muff against my mouth . She was moaning louder now ,making the vibrating sensation more intense .All of a sudden she took me out of her mouth and threw her head back. I could feel her pussy squeeze from her orgasm as I licked and sucked her as deeply and hard as I could .
When she recovered she grabbedme and started stroking me again .She took just my head in her mouth as she swirled her tongue around me. She was jacking me faster and faster .My dick got hard as a rock as my body stiffened . I could feel by balls tense as i was ready to come myself . She took me out of her mouth and pulled my prick even faster as I started to shoot my load . The more I shot the more she tugged on me ,and the more intense it felt.
As I settled down Marie snuggled up beside me ,still rubbing my now softening cock. “Wow ,” I said.”What a great way to wake up!” as I held her close and kissed her .”YOU fell asleep on me last night .”she said.”I went to sleep frustrated and couldn’t wait til tonight for satisfaction!”
As I got up to get dressed for work I heard her say with a smile, “Don’t forget our date tonight.” “I won’t ” I said.
This was such a perfect way to start the day I couldn’t wait to see what was in store tonight .
Check back soon for pt. 2

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