Kathleen Part 2

Kathleen and my relationship started to really grow after that first night.  We still shared in the daily chores and went about our lives as normal most of the time, but when we were alone, you might have thought we were married.  She moved into my room with me, but we kept her room intact to keep up appearances.

I continued to learn more and more about her and the more I learned, the more I loved her.  One of the things that I learned about her is that the more we had sex, the more she wanted to try newer and kinkier things.  I, of course, was always in charge of what we did and didn’t do, and I probably wouldn’t even had known if I didn’t order Kathleen to share her fantasies with me, but I did want to know them.  Her pleasure was just as important to me as mine.

One of the things that she shared with me was her desire for me to share her with other people.  I have to say, she really knows how to get me going.

“I don’t know why,” she would say, “but the thought just turns me on.  It’s not the being with other men, all I ever want to be with is you, but it’s the thought of you using me, using my body to give you and your friends pleasure.  Truly using me like a possession.”

I wanted to give Kathleen her fantasy, I REALLY did.  I just didn’t know how to go about asking my friends, “Hey, you want to have sex with my foster daughter?”  It’s not a conversation you have every day, and since Kathleen didn’t like the idea of using condoms, picking up strangers at a bar was out.

One night, about three months after Kathleen’s birthday, a buddy of mine called me.  There was five of us that would get together at his house every Thursday for a poker game.  We always got together at James’ house, the friend on the phone.  He was the only other one of us that wasn’t married and since I had a foster daughter and he didn’t, his was the best place to have our game.

“Hey man, sorry to bother you,” James said, “but the pipes at my house broke and we can’t have the game at my house for a couple weeks while the repairs are going on.  The other guys and I wanted to know if we could have it at your place.  None of the others want to have it at their place because of their wives.  I know you have Kathleen, but I’m sure she won’t bother us as much as the wives would.”

“I’m sorry to hear about your house,” I said.  “Of course we can have the game at my house for as long as you need, and if there’s anything else you need, just let me know.”

After I hung up the phone, I told Kathleen about the game and asked her if she’d rather stay at a friends for the next couple of Thursdays or if she would be cool there.  She said she would rather stay at home and that she wouldn’t be a bother to us.  She even volunteered to be a hostess for the night and bring us drinks and sandwiches whenever we needed them.  Just another one of those things that I love about her.  She’s always looking for another way to look after me.

That Thursday, when everyone started to show up, Kathleen would answer the door, take their coats for them, escort them to the den where I had set up the card table, and make them a drink from the bar.  She made sure that no ones glass went empty and told them that if they needed anything to just let her know.

“You may want to watch out spoiling us Kat,” Rickey said.  “We may decide to have the game here every week.”

Everyone laughed, but then James responded, “You sure you want to do that Rick?  Some of the things we talk about when it’s just us guys might be something you don’t want getting back to your wives.”

Kathleen laughed right along with them and said, “Don’t you worry about that fellas.  Nothing you say here will ever leave this room from my lips.  No matter what or WHO you may have done.”

Again, everyone laughed and the banter went on back and forth.  By the time we were ready to start the game, everyone had relaxed around Kathleen and had accepted her as another one of the gang.  Everyone felt just as free talking to her as they would any other guy, and again, Kathleen amazed me with her charms.

We started playing the game and Kathleen continued to serve us our drinks, sandwiches, chips, and whatever else we asked for, all the while continuing to entertain us with her wit.  Everyone seemed to be having more fun than usual, and I couldn’t have been happier about it.  One thing I did notice though, is that I got off to a really good lead early on and everyone was making mistakes that they normally wouldn’t make.  At first, I couldn’t figure out what they were thinking, but then I noticed something.  They were all checking out Kathleen.  I suddenly remembered Kathleen’s fantasy and a thought crossed my mind.

I looked around the table at the guys.  There was James, who at 22 was a little closer to Kathleen’s age, but was a little bit more red neck than most of my friends.  Rickey, who was 29, just two years younger than me, but was very much a nerd.  Chris, who was somewhere in his forties and every bit as nerdy as Rickey.  Then there was Louis, who was somewhere in his fifties and just a dirty old man.  Not the kind of guys I would ever picture Kathleen wanting, but then, it’s not about the guys, just that they are my friends and I’m using Kathleen to please them.  Like she said.

Between hands, I asked Kathleen if she would get me a jar of olives which I keep under the bar on the bottom shelf.  As she leaned down to get them, her skirt rode up exposing the camel toe in her panties.  Every one of the guys stared and I thought a couple of them might even fall out of their chairs.  When she stood back up and all of them turned back to me, I acted as though I didn’t even notice.

When Kathleen brought the olives to me, I pulled her down and whispered in her ear.  She then stood and walked down the hall without a word, and I could see disappointment on all their faces.  I knew what they were thinking.  They thought that I had seen what happened and I was having Kathleen go and change.  They were right, but what they didn’t know was that I didn’t tell her to change into something more appropriate.  In fact, I had her go change into something far less appropriate.

When Kathleen returned, she was in one of the many new outfits that I had bought for her.  A pink halter with black lace trim and a pair of thong panties to match.  The outfit fit her body perfectly.  Everyone’s eyes were as big as baseballs.  They all stared with an occasional glance in my direction.  None of them could move.

“Well,” Kathleen asked, “are you all just going to look, or is anyone going to come over here and get me?”

They all turned to me to see if I was going to do anything.  I got up from the table and walked over to her.  I got behind her and pulled her body close to mine.  With my right hand, I pulled back her hair allowing me to softly kiss the left side of her neck while my left hand reach around her body and began to gently rub her between her legs causing a low moan to escape her mouth.  All four of them stood and walked over to join us.

Kathleen and I led them into the living room where we could be more comfortable.  Everyone was still in so much shock that no one said a word.  I led her to the front of the couch and then, pulling her close to me, kissed her deeply.  The others stood at a distance, wide eyed with their mouths hanging open, watching.  I broke our kiss and moved behind her, still holding her close to me.  It was obvious the others still weren’t sure about this as they continued to just watch.

“It’s ok boys,” Kathleen said.  “I won’t bite.  Unless you ask real nice.”

Chris was the first to respond.  He walked over to Kathleen and began to kiss her softly on the neck and caress her body.  Rickey and Louis came next, each standing on either side of her, kissing and licking her body, while exploring her with their hands.  I was surprised to see that James would be the least reluctant.  He was, after all, the only one of  them not married.  Sensing his reluctance, Kathleen parted from the others and walked over to him.  She gently wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply on the mouth.  We all watched for a moment as Kathleen helped the younger man relax and enjoy himself.

Breaking their kiss, Kathleen let her hands run along his chest and then stomach as she lowered herself to her knees in front of him.  Keeping her eyes locked on his, she slowly undid his jeans and pulled them down around his knees.  She kissed his stomach as she rubbed the bulge in his underwear.  She finally broke her gaze to look at his throbbing member as she pulled his tighty whiteys down to his knees.  He looked to me to be only about average sized, maybe 5 1/2 to 6 inches, but that didn’t matter to Kathleen.  All that mattered to her was that he was my friend and she could bring pleasure to his body.

She took his head into her mouth, sucking on it and working her tongue on its underside.  Then she looked back up at him and smiled as her mouth descended on his length, taking him in and pushing against him as if she could possibly get more of him in her mouth.  James let his head fall back as he let out a deep moan.

At this, all the others and I began to undress ourselves.  It amazed me how fast the others were able to get undressed and be totally naked while I had only time to get my shirt and shoes off.  They were already standing around her, caressing her body while I pulled off my jeans, socks, and underwear.  I looked around to see what all Kathleen had in store for her.  Rickey and Chris both appeared to be about average, like James, anywhere from 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 inches.  Louis on the other hand was not average by any means.  I would not have doubted it if he told me that he was 10″.  Kathleen could not even get a hand all the way around him.  I was impressed.  The old man had a reason to be a dirty old man.  He earned it.

By the time I joined the others,  Kathleen had Rickey in her mouth and was stroking James and Chris with each of her hands.  Louis was knelt down beside her.  He had pulled her top down around her waist and was now sucking on her left tit.  He would suck so hard on her nipple that it would stretch out and I thought he might pull it free from her body, but Kathleen would just moan in excitement.  I noticed then that he had his left hand between her legs, rubbing her gently.  The dampness was already visible through the silk of her panties.  Kathleen worked back and forth between the three cocks at her disposal, sucking each in turn while stroking the others.  Each of them would be amazed at how well she took them all the way into her mouth.  She would let herself gag on them so that they could feel the contractions of her throat.  I can’t describe how wonderful it felt to watch as I stroked my cock.

Chris was the first one to speak and it caught me off guard.  “Damn Brian,” he said, “your daughter is amazing.”

It was the first time anyone ever called her my daughter instead of my foster daughter.  I liked hearing it and somehow, it made me love her even more than before.

“Fuck Kat,” James said, “I want to taste your pussy. Get up there on the edge of the couch so we can get those clothes off of you.”

Kathleen did as she was told and while Chris and Rickey undressed her, James finished taking off his own clothes.  Kathleen leaned back as James got between her legs and began to roughly eat her soaking wet cunt.

“Oh fuck yes,” Kathleen screamed out.  “Eat my fucking pussy.  Eat my fucking slut cunt.”

The other guys all looked at each other and laughed.  Hearing Kathleen say that broke the last little bit of tension in the room.  They now knew that they could speak freely.  The degrading comments and dirty jabs began to pour out.  The dirtier they talked to her, the more turned on she got.

While the other three were all taking turns eating her out and sucking on her tits, Louis and I had taken up a position on either side of her, standing on the couch.  Kathleen started out by taking my cock into her mouth while she stroked Louis in her right hand.  I thought she might be afraid to try taking Louis in her mouth, but after a few minutes, I found out I was wrong.  Kathleen turned her head to Louis’ huge cock.  She gave it a few more strokes and then she looked up at him, smiled, and then took a little over half of him in her mouth.  Her lips were stretched as far as they cold go and she just kept pressing as if she were trying to force her mouth to take more of him in.  She gagged a little and then pulled away, frustrated.  She took him back in her mouth again and this time reached her hand behind him trying to push him in, but she couldn’t get any more of him in.  The look on Louis’ face told me that he was still impressed by her effort and was enjoying what she was doing regardless. After failing the second time, she gave up and simply enjoyed what she could take in, working on us both in turn.  I for one couldn’t wait to see her take that monster in her slutty little cunt.

Chris was the last one to have a go at eating Kathleen’s pussy.  As soon as he was done, he sat up between her legs and pulled her closer to the edge of the couch.  I watched closely as he lined himself up with her and then pushed into her slowly.  He pushed in all the way to the hilt and then stopped there for a minute to just enjoy the feel of her.

“Holy fuck.  This bitch’s little cunt is tight,” he said.

‘It should be,’ I thought.  ‘She works it out with her kegle balls I bought her for an hour every day.’

After resting inside her for a minute, Chris began to pound into her hard and fast. I knew that at that rate, he wouldn’t last long, and I was right.  Within a matter of seconds, Chris shouted out his orgasm.

“Oh my god, I’m cumming!” he screamed.

I could feel Kathleen moaning around my cock harder than before.  Kathleen always came when I shot my load in side her, so although none of the guys were able to make her cum with their oral administrations, when Chris shot his load into her she came quickly. Chris got up and walked over to the love seat and collapsed there to rest while James took his place between Kathleen’s legs.

I think James may have learned from Chris’ mistake.  His thrusts were hard, but slow.  He wanted to pace himself.  He was in no hurry to be done.  James lasted quite a bit longer than Chris did.  Long enough that this time, it was Kathleen’s orgasm that triggered James’.  I shouldn’t be so hard on Chris though.  After all, James is about twenty or so years younger.

James gave Kathleen a very good deposit and now the cum could be seen dripping from her already swollen pussy.  She reached down and began to gather as much as she could and then suck it from her fingers, but there was so much and it had started to run down her leg.  I don’t know why, I had never done anything like it before, but I had this overwhelming desire to help her clean the mess up.  I got down on the floor between her legs and began to lick it from her hole.  It was a little bit saltier than mine, but mixed with Kathleen’s juices, it was like honey to me.  I held every drop in my mouth and when I couldn’t gather any more, I kissed her deep and shared the spoils of my conquest.

Rickey was the next to fuck her, but he didn’t want her like this.  He sat on the couch and had Kathleen turn around to face him as he guided her down onto his cock.  Chris and James joined Louis up on the couch so that Kathleen could continue to suck their cocks in turn. As I watched, Kathleen’s ass looked so good bouncing up and down on Rickey’s cock, I couldn’t help myself.  I got on the floor behind her and, spreading her cheeks with my hands, I stuck my tongue to her little anal bud and began to lick it. Her moans were so load as she began to take such pleasure in all that was happening to her.

“OH FUCK! That’s so good, ” she screamed between cocks.  “Daddy’s tongue feels so good on my ass with a hard dick in my mouth and cunt.  That’s it daddy.  Fuck my ass with your tongue.”

I couldn’t take it any more after that.  I needed to fuck my little girl’s ass now.  I got up behind her and lined the head of my cock up with her tight little hole.  As I pushed in, Kathleen screamed out in pleasure around Louis’ cock and he pulled it from her mouth and shot a load across her face.  I sat there for a minute with my cock buried balls deep in her ass and watched as Louis shot four good sized loads across her face.  I had never done that to her before, but damn did she ever look hot with cum dripping from her nose and chin.  Louis stepped back into the corner, still stroking his softening dick.  Kathleen just went straight back to work on Chris and James without bothering to wipe the cum from her face, even though there was some of it matting up across her right eye.

I felt movement inside of Kathleen’s ass and realized that all this time, Rickey was still inside of Kathleen and I had made her stop riding him to watch her.  Realizing how flustering that must be, I began to slowly pump in and out of her ass, trying to find a good rhythm to match Rickey’s pace.  Being inside Kathleen’s ass always felt wonderful, but now I could feel another cock buried in her through the thin membrane and it only served to intensify the pleasure.  At last, Rickey and I found a pace that we could both work with and right away, Kathleen’s moans began to increase. She was going to have another orgasm.  Her body shook and her muscles clenched as she screamed out.  Right after, I felt Rickey thrust into her hard and he too let loose a loud moan.  I gave two more hard thrusts, and I too let loose a massive orgasm. Kathleen’s ass and cunt were both being filled with cum at the same time.

After all our orgasms had subsided, Louis spoke up from the corner, “It’s my turn to fuck that dirty little whore now.”

Kathleen climbed down onto the floor and lay on her back.  Louis got on his knees between her legs and held the bends of her legs across his arms giving everyone, including Kathleen, a good look at the show.  Kathleen sat up on her elbows and reached down to help position his head at her opening.  Louis started to push in slowly.  I could see the mixture of pleasure and pain on her face as he stretched her.  He only made it about a quarter of the way in before he couldn’t go any further.  He started to pull out and the relief on her face was obvious. As he started to slowly push back in, she looked at me.

“It’s so big, daddy,” she said in an almost whimper.

I sat behind her, letting her lay against me.  I held her to me and caressed her head as I whispered to her, “It’s ok baby.  Daddy’s right here with you.”

She looked up at me and smiled, reassured, and then looked back to Louis.  Smiling, she nodded to him that it was ok to continue.  He started to push again and this time got a little more.  Slowly back out and slowly back in.  Each time getting just a little farther in until, finally, he was buried all the way in.  He sat there for a minute, allowing her body to grow used to his girth.  Once she had relaxed, Louis began his thrusts, slowly building up speed until he knew she was able to take it.

Kathleen leaned her head back onto my shoulder and started to moan with each thrust.  The pain was gone now and there was only pleasure.

“Well are any of you going to offer me a cock to stick in my mouth?” she asked.

I stayed where I was at and just held her, gently kissing her neck, but the other three had no problems giving into her demands for more cock.  I didn’t want to leave my spot just yet.  I continued to watch with pride as Louis’ monster plowed into my young daughter’s body until both of them screamed through their orgasms.

The five of us continued to make good use of Kathleen’s body until late into the night.  We would fuck her in one hole or the other until we came, and then rest for a while to give someone else a turn.  There was no rest for her though.  Not for several hours anyway.  We had all come so many times that night, she was covered in it.  She had it oozing out of her ass and cunt, it covered her stomach and tits, it was running down her back, caked on her face, and matted in her hair.  When we were at last done with her, she lay on the floor looking as if she had just bathed in it.  She was exhausted and her poor ass and pussy were both swollen from use.  I thought maybe I should feel sorry for her, but seeing her lay there, smiling in complete and total bliss, I envied her instead.  She had jut had a night filled with carnal pleasure unlike any she had before or likely would again.  Kathleen was content.

James got dressed and headed home, but the other three men had wives who would be angry if they came home smelling like sex.  It’s a good thing I had a house with four bathrooms so that each of them could take a shower before going home.  I showed each of them where they could get their showers and then came back to check on Kathleen and see if she wanted the last shower for herself.  She was so wore out, she had passed out right where we left her.  I smiled at her and carried her to our room and put her to bed.

As I tucked her in, she woke just long enough to say, “I love you so much.  Thank you for tonight.  It was wonderful.”  She faded back to sleep and I left to clean up.

We have our poker games at my house every Thursday now, but we actually do play a full game of poker.  The other fun is after the game.


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