Erica Hunt was a short-haired blonde of indeterminate age. At five-seven, she carried her few extra pounds well. Maturity could be beautiful, and on Erica it was. Her own person at last, she had survived and finally terminated a weak and wobbly marriage which had taught her a lot.
Finally she was out for Erica and what Erica wanted. Right now she wanted a new young man.

For some little while, she had been eyeing one fellow in particular who worked for the company where she was nicely established in middle management. Though it was not considered good policy to play around at work, Erica’s attitude was fuck it. If both parties were pleased, who was going to make trouble? She had proved that point before. The young ones didn’t care to get serious with an older lady, and she had no interest in a long-term affair with a kid.

The young man currently in question was named Tom Blanchard. He had just turned 21, was fresh out of college, and had his eye on the corporate prize. He had played varsity football but wasn’t good enough to turn pro. However, he was big and husky, which was what Erica liked. And he was all man. No sissies need apply.

By means of a deft memo to Human Resources, Erica had wangled Tom onto her staff and, on this particular day, she had given him a late assignment, making sure that only he and she were left alone in the office after everyone else was gone. Finally he brought the completed file to her desk, and she smiled up at him. That day she was wearing her most becoming low-cut outfit, and her big breasts bubbled up, creamy-white and quivering slightly each time she moved.

“Thank you, Tom,” she purred. “I really do appreciate you working late, and to prove it I want to take you out to dinner.”

The handsome, dark-haired fellow blinked. “Oh, you don’t have to do that, Ms. Hunt.”

“But I want to, and call me Erica, please.”

“Erica,” he repeated, and gave her a very warm smile. A little shiver went through her. A happy shiver.

She took Tom to a quiet place near her apartment house, and they had drinks, dinner, and a little dance. The pianist played a slow tune, and Erica cuddled up to the tall young man. He had sinewy arms and a robust chest. When her breasts compressed against him, she knew he could feel their fullness and hopefully their rigid tips, as well. Erica was already excited.

When the time was right, she insisted on taking him to her place for a nightcap and, since they had traveled to the restaurant in her car, she had control of the situation. Upstairs, Erica poured brandy which they sipped as they sat together on the sofa. They visited, talking mostly about nothing, but when Erica’s grey-green eyes looked deeply into Tom’s warm brown ones, she saw he was looking forward to a score. Though she might not be as young as he usually liked them, an older woman offered a different kind of experience. Anyway, she was the boss and making her would be a feather in his cap or whatever the current trite phrase might be.

All Erica had to do was flash the green light which he no doubt was waiting for. It was possible that she was just being friendly or even testing him, and with a budding career on the line he could not afford to take anything for granted. The green light flashed when she set down her glass, snuggled up to him, and offered him her brandy-moistened lush pink lips. She saw his eyes widen, then his arms snaked around her, and he pulled her tightly against him. Their lips met.

Erica opened her mouth and waited for his tongue to make entry. He didn’t hesitate, and she liked that. But his tongue barely entered, just testing at first. He fluttered then withdrew, and her tongue chased his. He gave her tongue a quick suck, then followed her withdrawal to take total possession of her mouth, and Erica moaned in her throat as their tongues played.

Her nipples were hard as little rocks, and her pussy was beginning to moisten. Oh yes, she wanted this hot young man big-time! She didn’t care if he had a rubber in his pocket or not because she would be swallowing the damages after she got off with his big cock pumping inside her. If he was too eager and wanted to cum too fast, she would slow him down. But at 21 and after four years in college, he had hopefully learned a thing or two about sex anyway.

As they kissed, tongues tussling, Tom placed a hand on her front. After getting a feel of the tops of her tits, he tried to push her dress down. That wasn’t going to work, so she freed her mouth and panted, “Unzip me at the back.”

He obeyed, pulling her zipper down, and he was smart enough to pop the hooks on her push-up bra at the same time. The bra dropped as he drew her dress forward and off her arms. Her titties settled in a naturally relaxed state. Big and beautiful they were, with light-brown nipples erect in aureola that were just large enough. Tom turned bone-hard.

Erica discovered this when her hand fluttered to his lap, and her fingers took hold through his trousers,. If he wore underpants, they had to be very loose boxers. As Tom bent to lick and suck her titties, she found the tab of his zipper and drew it down. She hauled out his handsome cock which was hard as a length of pipe with a big rounded nozzle at the end. Liking its look and anticipating the pleasure of taking him into her mouth, she leaned back for the moment and let him enjoy her tits while her fingers played his upthrust dick like a piccolo.

Erica was pleased to discover that her young lover knew how to treat a woman’s nipples. He licked the stiff, sensitive stems thoroughly, sending pleasurable tingles coursing through her. He even nibbled lightly at her titty-tips. She petted the back of his head with one hand while fingering his long stiff cock with the other.

Tom’s tongue now circled her nipples, licking each textured aureole, after which he fastened his mouth onto first one titty and then the other, sucking them as eagerly as her child had done years ago. But this was oh so very different, and Tom used his tongue deftly. His lips and teeth tugged her nipples out, stretching them and letting them snap back before capturing them again and sucking them deeply into his mouth.

Erica squeezed his throbbing cock and said, “Oh shit, that’s good!” She meant both his dick and what his mouth was doing to her boobies.

Suddenly Tom eased her onto her back and dropped to his knees on the carpet. She liked his take-charge way, and it looked as if he was going where she would gain the most satisfaction. Too many young guys just wanted to get their cocks sucked (especially by a lady boss) but Tom seemed to want to GIVE pleasure as well. He needn’t worry, Erica vowed. He would get his cock sucked good before the evening was much older!

The eager young man pushed Erica’s skirt up, revealing that she had dressed slutty in thigh-high stockings and a frilly garter belt with g-string panties. He left her skirt bunched at her waist and lifted one of her long legs to drape it onto the back of the sofa. This opened her crotch, revealing just how skimpy her lingerie was, the small black triangle at the front tapering to nothing but a string as it passed between her legs and sank deep in the cleft between her plump buttocks.

Tom bent to lick the lady’s warm, smooth inner thighs, deriving a subtle scent and flavor which was somewhat sweet and very female. His moist tongue teased the sensitive skin just above her stocking tops, then followed a garter up to the lacy belt which she wore around her middle. He caught the string top of her panty between his teeth and snapped it against her flesh, which made her say “ooooooo” and giggle.

Now it was time for Tom to lick closer to the inverted triangle that narrowed down to tuck between her thighs. Very sensitive right there, Erica squirmed with delight when the eager young man licked along her p
anty’s edge, his nose tickling her pussy through the thin cloth. He licked along both sides
of her panty, dipping down into her soft warm crotch where he could savor her essence even more. He spread her legs wide.

Oh God, I need his mouth on my pussy, Erica’s desire screamed, and she clutched the young man around the back of his head, mashing his face directly onto her thin panty. One of her stocking-clad legs hooked over his back. Just when she could scarcely stand the suspense any longer, Tom brought a finger into play, hooking the edge of her panty and drawing the triangle aside.

He raised his head to look at what he had uncovered, and Erica sizzled as his warm eyes caressed her aroused vulva, its lips puffed with the blood of desire. Just a few dark hairs adorned her outer lips which were parted to reveal the moist pink folds within, and there was but a tiny tuft at the top of her twat, the rest having been removed when Erica decided to start playing again.

Tom grasped her g-string at both sides, stretching it to haul it out of her crack, and dragged it along her legs which she raised in the air. She bicycled her high-heeled pumps free, and Tom dropped her minuscule panty on the rug. Now was the moment of truth, Erica realized. Would she have to urge this guy to taste her cookie?

No indeed! The experienced young man’s open mouth descended on her tasty twat which was open to receive him, and his tongue entered between the lips of her pussy to tease and tickle the hooded protrusion at their top. “Ooh GOD, yes!” Erica exclaimed, and grasped his head hard.

Tom groaned with obvious pleasure as he mouthed her erect and needy clitoris, and she writhed like a rolling sea beneath him while he licked her tingling love-tip. He circled her clit with his tongue, then waggled his oral lovemaker across the nubbin. Erica moaned and jerked spastically as his tongue beat a tattoo on her most sensitive passion point, and then he captured the whole thing in his wet, warm mouth and sucked ardently, even chewing with his lips, while inserting his middle finger all the way into her tight, slippery snatch.

“Ooh, yessss!” she hissed. “Frig me with your finger!”

She thought she felt Tom smile as she used the old-fashioned expression, but he did frig her vigorously, and with not just one finger but two. He curled them upward to contact her g-spot and worked it while he continued to suck her clit. Suddenly she came. Letting out a whoop, she clutched his head, drawing him hard against her, which mashed his face into her flowing pussy.

As her climax tapered off and her breathing returned to normal, she said simply, “I want to suck your cock.”

Swiping his hand across his wet mouth, Tom stood before her with his pylon protruding from his pants. He helped Erica sit up, then dropped trou as he positioned himself between her spread thighs which still had those sexy garters tugging her stocking tops. She curled her thumb and forefinger as far around his thick dick as they would go and pointed him toward her lips. The knob of his cock was appetizing, and she began licking it with her moist tongue. Tom petted her neatly coiffed hair.

“Yes, baby…” he murmured. “Lick me all over. That’s a good girl.”

She groaned in response and held his dick straight up so she could lick its underside all the way from the head to his large dangling nuts. Erica really enjoyed making love to a man this way. She adored cocks, like men did knockers, since those were body parts that the opposite sex didn’t have. Erica liked balls, too – big dangling balls such as hung at the base of Tom’s bodacious pecker. She didn’t mind the hairs that curled around his balls either, and she proved this by licking his sack all over as it brushed against her pretty face. Even his slight masculine perspiration turned her on.

Working her way back to the end of Tom’s dick, Erica enclosed the bulging knob in her mouth and began to suck. Her grey-green eyes gazed up at the man’s impassioned face, and she derived a sense of power when she saw the effect that her lovemaking had on him. Right now she held him in the figurative palm of her hand. She sucked his cock skillfully, making sure her teeth didn’t scratch and working her tongue on his rigid, spit-slickened organ. She lowered her lashes and pumped her head on his long stiff dong, coddling his huevos in her hand.

Erica wasn’t thinking about how close he might be to reaching a climax because she’d had a very good cum and, though she wanted to fuck, she was enjoying what she was doing at the moment. She enjoyed sucking Tom’s cock so much that she did it with particular gusto. She felt him tense but still was not moved to let up the super stimulation of her wet, tight mouth on his pecker.

“Aaarrrgh!” Tom growled like a fucking pirate and let go.

When Erica felt his warm thick cum splash onto her tongue she panicked, not because she was averse to swallowing protein shakes, but she badly wanted Tom to fuck her and he couldn’t do that with a limp dick. She quickly pulled back, and his next burst struck her full in the face except that her eyes didn’t get it, thank God. However her nose, lips and one cheek were splattered. Her mouth remained open, and the man’s third shot went straight in there, hitting the back of her throat. She swallowed.

“I’m sorry, Erica,” he said. “I didn’t mean…”

“Shush,” she said, managing a smile. “It’s all right.” She snaked a finger over her cheek and lips to gather the sticky cum and popped it into her mouth. She did the same with the side of her nose. “You see? All gone.” She chuckled.

Tom obviously was pleased that she wasn’t angry with him, and he bent to kiss her on the lips even though some of his own essence lingered there. She stood, and they pulled their clothes together.

“Let me go to the bathroom and tidy up a bit,” Erica directed. “You can climb into bed. You’re going to spend the night, you know.”


“Now don’t give me any shit,” she said. “I’ve looked over your HR file, and I know you’re not married. But if you need to call a girlfriend or something…”

“No,” he said. “It’s just that I don’t take orders well…away from the office, that is.”

“Okay. I withdraw the order.” Erica smiled agreeably. “You know I need to be fucked, Tommy. You know I need it bad. And that big cock of yours is perfect for the job.” She nuzzled him. “You’re not going to disappoint me, are you?”

“I’ll be in bed waiting for you,” Tom said, and they kissed again.

By the time Erica joined him, padding from the bath to the bedroom in the nude, he was asleep. The rat, she thought. But he looked so young and beautiful lying there asleep that she couldn’t be miffed with him. She merely doused the lights and snuggled down next to his inert form, drawing a silk sheet up over them. After a bit, she fell asleep too.

She awoke with a start when she felt Tom down between her legs, licking and fingering her pussy. A quick glance at her bedside clock-radio told her they had slept for two hours, and Tom was obviously ready to go again.

“Ooh yesss…ooh wowww..” she breathed, petting him and spreading her legs wider.

He skillfully manipulated her pussy lips, poking and tugging, making her all relaxed and open to receive him. When he got onto his knees, she saw his big cock in the subdued light which came from the next room. His lovemaker was poised like a rocket ready to blast off to the heavens, which was where Erica hoped his marvelous dick would indeed take her.

She pressed the bottoms of her feet against the bed, elevating her pleasure zone, and Tom nosed his probe into her slit. His thick, throbbing cock glided up her greased snatch, stretching her passage and sinking all the way to its hilt which filled her love-box to the max.

“Ooh fuck me!” she said, winding her legs up around him, and he began to pump.

He was in good shape now, fit to last
for a long while since he had released his tension earlier. He stroked slowly and steadily, his balls plopping into her cr
otch each time he sank his dick into her.

“Yeah…ooh shit…ooh bay-beee,” she babbled as she fucked with him, slamming her soft crotch against the hairs that surrounded his tree-trunk. She loved the feeling of his thick strong prick deep inside her.

Propped on his arms and gazing down at her, Tom fucked her in slow forceful strokes. “God damn, you feel good!” he grated. “Your pussy is so fucking hot!”

“It loves your cock, you big stud!” she responded. “Don’t stop fucking me, Tommy! Ooh shit, I love it!”

The soft domes of her titties quivered wildly as he put his lightning bolts of passion to her. He twisted and bowed his head, managing to capture and suck a firm, thrusting nipple as he fucked her. But this soon became awkward and he let her titty bob free and grabbed the backs of her thighs, holding them up and wide apart as he pumped his passion piston in her tight wet cunt.

“Yeah…yeah…yeah…” Erica panted, working with him.

“Oh fuck but you’re hot, mama!” Tom declared, and fucked her harder.

She came, jerking and screeching a little, her vagina clutching the young man’s cock as if seeking to milk it. But he held off, having good control now. There was something else he wanted to do to this hot woman before he was through that night.

He pulled his dick out of her hoo-haa and turned Erica over. Her buttocks wobbled to a stop before him, and he had the sudden urge to give her a whack. He did it, enjoying the way her ass-cheeks felt when he smacked them. He also liked the sound and the way her ass quivered.

Erica wasn’s sure she liked it. “Ooow!” she said, and added, “What was that for?”

“Just for being naughty,” Tom suggested, “and screwing a guy from your office.”

“Yeah?” Erica shot back. “And how about you fucking your boss? Is that a way to get favors?”

“It worked. So now you deserve more spanking for giving in to me.”

They were playing a little game of taunt, and Erica enjoyed it. Tom seemed to enjoy it too, and he slapped her bare ass-cheeks some more – spank-spank-spank, this way and that, one at a time and both together. Her lush curves wobbled, and Tom’s boner jerked with pleasure as he enjoyed the feel, sight and sound of his lady boss getting paddled. He liked the idea of it, too. Oddly enough, Erica enjoyed being taken down a peg by this masterful man, even though her bottom burned. When he was through spanking her, Tom helped her feel better by bending and licking her sweet ass all over.

Now he boosted her bottom in the air and pressed down on her back so that her boobies were smack against the mattress. He gripped his boner and moved up, nosing its snout between her buttocks. He skidded past her tight asshole and re-entered her open pussy, sinking his dick balls-deep and he resumed stroking, now slamming his firm front against her bouncy buns.

“Ooh, yeh…yeh…yeh…!” Erica chanted, almost like a school cheer.

Tom smiled to himself and kept banging her. He could last almost forever, the way he felt right then. But when he moved to the next level in his taking of the lady boss, he would be quick to quit, he feared. With that thought in mind, he wanted to give his lady another cum before he changed inputs.

His hard cock pumped in and out, in and out of her slippery tight joy-hole, filling her with each thrust and making a sucky-sloppy sound before he withdrew almost totally only to come charging in again, slamming her bouncy buttocks with his flat front. His prick totally possessed her.

“Ooh shit!” Erica cried. “Dammit! Oh, fucking GIVE it to me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Tom gave her everything he had, gradually increasing the tempo until he filled her with bolt after bolt of lustful lightning that shook her from heels to shoulders, fast and furious, making her yelp and moan, and she reached orgasmic frenzy, shaking and shuddering as heat spread through her and everything gave way. She lapsed onto the bed, cooing happily, as Tom’s stiff dick flipped out. He remained as hard as ever and scrambled around next to her face.

“Taste it,” he demanded, “and coat me good with your spit.” He offered his cock to her mouth and she took it eagerly, tasting herself on him and licking him all over, believing she knew what was coming next. She could take it. In fact, she wanted it!

After he withdrew his dick from her mouth, he gave her his middle finger to coat with saliva, then clambered back to fucking posture and spread her asscheeks wide apart. Erica’s little rear hole palpitated with anticipation. She wanted this hot young man to stick his big prick into her ass and give her yet another cum if she could make it.

Tom streamed saliva into her crack and used his spit-slickened finger to poke the lube through her nest of tiny puckers, opening her hole and greasing it good. He stroked his finger in and out of her ass while Erica moaned, wanting to receive him there as eagerly as he wished to insert his prick into that hot, tight opening. Now he popped his finger out and used his tongue to lick her asshole quite thoroughly, drooling more saliva in. He felt her soften and loosen up, yearning to receive him.

“Oh, fuck that ass!” she begged, as if there was any doubt about what he had in mind.

He positioned his piston at just the right place, gave a deft twist, and popped the head of his cock into her rectum.

“Ooooowwwww!” Erica cried because the entry was a shock, but one she welcomed. She didn’t want him to stop, and he had no intention of doing so.

He sank his cock deep into her tight rear hole and as he began to stroke, pumping his big prick in and out, she moaned and babbled, urging him on. Her hot ass grabbed him as he stroked, and she moaned louder. Tom managed to twist a bit and, while maintaining his rhythm in and out of her cornhole, he stuck two fingers up her cunt and rubbed her g-spot. That did it. Erica whooped with delight and bobbed against his ass-penetrating thrusts. She came blindingly, and he pulled his fingers out of her, sank his piston deep inside her ass, and let his cum spurt. He flooded her with his warmth as she pulsated around him, continuing to cum and wailing with ecstasy.

Later they laughed together and had yet another drink.

“You don’t need to go to work tomorrow,” his lady boss said. “In fact, I might not go in myself.”

“Suits me,” he murmured, nuzzling her. “God, you are a hot fuck, Ms. Hunt!”

“And you, dear sir, are a mean mother-fucker!” Erica replied.

They laughed and kissed, sharing a warm hug. Both were grateful for a satisfying night.

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