Latex and Greek

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He’s the specific sort, two emails, exactly what he wants and I show up on time as he wants me dressed and prepared. He gives every detail ahead of time so I can fulfill his fantasy. And I like it that I don’t have to guess what he wants, because he gives me everything down to the smallest detail. This time, I come in a latex skirt and top, no panties or bra, lubed vaginally and anally at sunset to his room at the hotel. I knock, but I don’t speak, enter and follow directions.

Don’t worry about me, I trust him and I’m a woman experienced enough to know trouble when I see it.

I arrive in the parking lot and open my purse. I’ve got the ultra slick lube because I think he’s horny. I rub some on my pussy and it feels so good I have to concentrate on my orders no to masturbate. Then I finger my ass with it. Now I use some tissue to clean up any extra, get out of my car and adjust the skirt so my ass isn’t hanging out of it as I walk.

I get to his room and knock on the door. He opens it, already naked and hard, and he motions me in. I say nothing as ordered. He closes the door, walks in front of me and spends some time taking me in. Then he makes a gesture with his hand to turn around, saying nothing. I comply.

I don’t speak as instructed, but I smile as I face the door. He comes from behind, pushes me up against the door, grabs my hips and spreads my legs apart with his foot. Then I feel his hot shaft in my vagina. The head of his cock nudged only slightly before he heaved into me. I gasp, still making no sound.

I can feel him using me for his satisfaction and it is only making me hotter. His cock pulses as he makes each stroke in firm, slow motions. And he’s breathing hard as hip grip on my hips intensifies. Then he reaches up and grabs my hair and pulls my head back as he thrusts. I gasp again, still making no sound as an orgasm bristles through me.

He stops, pulls his cock out of my pussy and guides it into my ass with his free hand, still holding my hair. I can feel the head of it stretching my tight asshole, and then the shaft going in makes me break out in goosebumps under the latex.

Now he’s pulling my hair and fucking my ass like a machine. The pain of him ramming so hard is offset by another orgasm. I try to keep my balance in the red high heels, but it is difficult with my knees so weak.

He presses me hard against the door as he rams harder. Then I feel the liquid blast of his manhood in my ass. He pumps again and again, filling me with his essence. Without a word, he pulls out and motions me to the bathroom. I go in and clean up.

When I come out, he’s at the door. He motions me over, hands me a gift and opens the door. I pull my skirt back down and walk out. It’s hard to keep my balance going back to the car because my knees are weak.

I get in my car and start the drive home.

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