Laura and 28th Birthday–part 1

Laura was a 28 today. Her husband was out of town for several weeks; her best girl friend was at her mother’s visiting, so Laura was celebrating alone—so she thought. She was 5’8″ light brown hair with a slender figure. She always wore high heels. She was celebrating her birthday by shopping in the supermarket for groceries at 7AM. All of sudden she ran her cart into in to another person’s cart. They both laughed and apologized. His name was Jay. He was early 50’s, handsome, and witty. After some small talk, they decided to drop off their groceries at home and meet at a small bar for a drink.

J arrived at Toni’s at 8AM and went inside. He figured Laura would not show. He knew she was married. But all of a sudden, she appeared looking so beautiful in tight leather skirt and black high heels. La said that he probably thought she would not show. J agreed and ordered drinks. After more small talk, La asked J how he could make her 28th birthday so wonderful and what were his turnons-kinky or other wise. J said that he would hold her, touch, kiss, and have sex with her any way she wanted to. It is her day to enjoy. J said that he had some strange rules that La may not like. She asked what they were. He said that she could not wear a bra or panties when they went out or when she was at his place. She would only wear dresses or skirts, no slacks. She would have to nylons to her thigh with high heels when having sex with him. More he would tell her later and she agreed. J kissed her and moved his hand to her knee; then down her leg and flipped off her right heel shoe. While still kissing, J moved his hand down her other leg and flipped off the other shoe. Jay then moved his one hand up to her pussy and moved her panties down her legs to the floor. They lips separated after that delicious kiss and she picked up her panties and stuffed them down his pants. They kissed again and Jay moved his hand down her left leg to slide off her nylon; and then did the same on the other leg to remove her other stocking. When their lips parted, Laura said that Jay is an excellent kisser, smooth with the hands, stuffed her nylons down his pants and that she always wanted to have kinky sex. They finished their drinks. Jay picked up her heels and Laura walked out of the bar barefoot with no panties. They went to Laura’s car, kissed, and she said for Jay to keep her heels, nylons, and panties. She stopped at her house, left her car there and picked up several dresses and skirts, and pairs of high heels and nylons to her thighs and other things that Jay requested. When they arrived at J’s, he showed her the layout of his pad, which ended in the bedroom. Laura stepped toward him barefooted and kissed J passionately. J asked her if she was sure that she wanted to do this and would have no regrets. La said that she was not getting sex at home, so she decided it was time to get somewhere else. La was direct and told J that she liked him and wanted J to fuck her. She did not care about the age difference and would have no regrets having sex with him. She said that she would play by his rules and that J needed to check to see if she was wearing a bra and panties. J then kissed her passionately and placed her on the side of the bed. J said that another rule he had was that he would undress her and dress her. She would have to do nothing, but enjoy herself. She also would not be allowed to take her high heels back home—they would remain in the other closet. She agreed to all. He first removed her sweater and found a bra and took it off. Her breasts were just right—not to big or to small. J unzipped her skirt and moved it down her slender body. Her panties were removed at the bar and her freshly shaved pussy was showing. All jewelry was removed including her wedding ring, toe rings and earrings. J said that their first time she would totally naked. He then kissed her pussy and she moaned with delight. He kissed her thighs, ankles, calves, feet, and both of her checks. He motioned her beautiful body into the heart shaped bed. J undressed and got into with her. They were face to face kissing, when La moved her hand down to touch his penis and said, “Be gentle, I know my hole is tight, but I need to be fucked.” J moved on top of her and his stick started to go inside very slowly. Her hole was very tight. When in, J just kept pumping her and she screamed with delight. While still rigid, he turned her body over and inserted his stick inside her ass and she screamed with joy. When done, Laura kissed J and said that she really needed that fucking to become alive as a person. Jay promised that she would be more alive and have more fuckings as the day went on.

J moved La to the edge of the bed and kissed her pussy driving his tongue inside her hole. He placed his hands around her naked waist and body. She laid back on the bed with her legs and feet stradled over Jay’s shoulders. As the intensity increased, her legs began to shake in the air and she had an organism. Finally, she cummed and J sucked her dry. When done, she kissed Jay very passionately. Jay got her nylons and put them on her legs up to her thighs. He kissed her thighs, her calves, feet and each individual toe. He then put her heels on each of her feet and pulled her up. Their lips embraced each other as they held each other tight. Jay moved Laura’s hand down to his penis and she touched his soft stick. As they continued to kiss, La felt his penis getting harder. J said that she should put it inside her pussy. La could not believe how much fun and sex she was having on her birthday. She put his penis in her,and Jay pulled her ass tightly toward him, so that his stick could not fall out. When done, J told La to kneel down in her heels and nylons. This she did quickly. She said to Jay tell me what to do next and I will do it and try to satisfy you. J instructed her to lick his balls. She began licking and really enjoyed it. Finally after his balls were soaked, J told her to start putting her mouth on his stick and then it up and down. When hard, J pulled her head toward him, so that his penis was totally in her mouth. Then he began to cum and she swallowed all of his cum like she had down it before, but she had not ever done this. She just wanted to experiment and have fun.

Jay held her hand and they walked into the bathroom. Jay lifted her on to the table. He started the bath water. He then took off her high heels and kissed her feet. He also removed her nylons and escorted her into their bath. With Jay at one end, he washed her feet. Then he kissed each toe and placed in his mouth to suck on. This really turned her on and Laura got on top of J. Her mouth covered Jay’s mouth as she stoked his penis with other hand. Jay played with breasts and her pussy was on fired. She moved his penis inside her and started humping up and down on his stick for several minutes. When done, J kissed her breasts and stroked her pussy and then pushed his penis into her mouth. Her hands were around his waist, and she just ate his stick and took in all of his cum. When it was over, they laid there touching each other’s body for more satisfaction. Laura said that since she had great sex this morning that she was going to treat Jay to great lunch. They got out of the bathtub. J dried Laura off and they went into the bedroom. Jay powdered her down and put on a new pair of nylons on her legs. He put on her the leather skirt with a new blouse, no panties and black leather high heels. He kissed her feet, he dressed casually for lunch and then they left for lunch.


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